TORC T3 Retro Motorcycle Helmet Review

TORC T3 Retro Classic Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: TORC Helmets

Model: T3 Retro Classic

Weight: At 4.6 pounds, this one’s light.

Finish: Gloss or Matte

Shield: Removable

Certification: DOT, ECE Approved meets FMVSS 218 Standard

TORC T3 Retro Classic Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review: Glossy, Classic and Retro

Want a retro, classic helmet with killer looks? Want a helmet that channelizes your inner biker mode? Your wait is finally over! 

The retro classic TORC T3 motorcycle helmet is what you have been looking for! This crash helmet will protect your head in case of a crash or severe head collision, it gives you incredible ventilation. With its ultra-plush interiors, it gives an aesthetic appeal to your helmets. 

With this review, you will find out more about the helmet in a detailed manner.

Benefits of the TORC T3 Retro Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a helmet reduces the severity of an injury and the trauma one has to suffer. It designed with cushion to protect our head from any collision that can otherwise prove to be fatal.

The helmet improves the comfort of the rider by reducing the wind noise and shields the eyes from any flying objects such as stones, gravel etc.

Front chin and forehead vents 

The TORC T3 Retro Classic helmet is designed with front chin protection that provides cover not only to your face but also to the chin. The forehead vents are customized to impart total protective covering to your face.

The forehead vents also have a metal mesh intake and exhaust vents that allow the circulation of air inside the shell. The exhaust vent is rightly placed allowing the breeze to circulate within the shell. 

The front vent is beneficial to keep the visor fog-free and helps reduce misting. The front chin vents are attuned to regulate the airflow inside the helmet and provide proper ventilation for the rider.

It has a metal mesh intake and an exhaust vent that work on improving the airflow inside and keeps the interior of the helmet cool. It also helps in keeping the visor fog-free, in case the snow clogs on your helmet.

Removable Visor and Faux suede liner

If you don’t feel the need to use a visor, you can easily remove it and use the helmet without one. It also has a faux suede liner that is soft, hence doesn’t cause any allergic reaction to your skin.

The material is soft and feels nice to touch. Another advantage of a removable visor is that it is easy for you to swap from clear to dark in no time.

The liner protects your head and ensures that the helmet fits comfortably on your head. The liner is made with an anti-bacterial and sweat absorptive material that keeps your skin safe and rash free. The key benefit of the liner is that it can be removed and washed when dirty or smelly.

Padded chin strap with D-Ring closure

The padded strap imparts extra support to the chin so that in case of jerks the head remains intact. It is made with a multi-density EPS, that has been proven to retain their performances over the years. 

The EPS or expandable polystyrene has a crushable foam that is widely used in helmet liners. Considering its lightweight and is effective across temperature variations, helmet manufacturers and bikers prefer a helmet with EPS.

The EPS doesn’t get damaged by common chemicals and it converts energy to heat. It also is known for effectively reducing the amount of energy, but once its beads collapse, they do not retain their shape. So the EPS liner must be changed after your helmet has suffered a heavy impact. 

The D-ring provides precise fit every time you wear a helmet, so you wouldn’t have to adjust your helmet every time. It is also very reliable because of the fit it provides to the rider.

Composite shell construction

The composite shell construction reduces the weight of the helmet, which in turn protects the motorcyclists. The shell has materials like a polycarbide that provide ultimate strength.

A composite helmet is composed of a variety of materials, commonly it is a mix of fibre glass, Kevlar and sometimes carbon fiber. So you get the mix of both spheres, like durability, strength and abrasion resistance. 

The composite shell is made with the perfect blend of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar hence gaining all the important properties of various materials adding more definition to the shell. The polycarbonate material makes the shell resistant to impact so that in case of jerks or sudden accidents the helmet protects you.


  • Brand: TORC Helmets
  • Model: T3 Retro Classic
  • Weight: At 4.6 pounds, this one’s light.
  • Finish: The glossy is your choice if you like to get a shiny helmet that’s sure to catch others’ eyes.
  • Shield: Removable
  • Certification: DOT, ECE Approved meets FMVSS 218 Standard

Other Important Factors 

While the helmet has numerous benefits here are a few factors that make the helmet stand apart in terms of design, performance and comfort.

  1. The D-Ring

The D-Ring in helmets is easy to use and doesn’t count on complicated mechanisms. Who wouldn’t want an easy and hassle free helmet and not with all the complex mechanisms! It is also safe to use and has metal rings that are connected to the tough strap, that easy to access. 

  1. DOT approved

This helmet is only DOT approved. A DOT certified helmet sets the minimum standard for helmets to meet the public standards.With the certification you can use the helmet without any worry!

The Final Verdict

A classic retro helmet that has a removable visor, and a soft liner, this helmet and gives off the vintage vibes is definitely going to cost you.

But if spending a few bucks isn’t a big deal for you then, this majestic beauty is your ultimate buy.

With features like removable visor, EPS liner, composite shell, this helmet gives you a smart and classic look, so that the next time you enjoy your ride, you won’t have to bother making the extra efforts. 

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