TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet Review

Torc T15B Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Full-face

Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval

Outer Shell Material: Advanced Thermo polymer alloy shell

Weight: 5.15 pounds/ 2.33 kilograms

Safety Standard: DOT and ECE 22.05 Approved

Other Features: Built-in spoiler, Blinc Bluetooth Communication System

The Newest Member of the TORC Family: TORC T15B Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

As you know, TORC manufactures one-of-a-kind Bluetooth helmets. The latest addition to their long list of helmets is the TORC T15B.

This race-inspired graphics lid comes with more than a few features and in this TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet with Graphic review, we’ll talk about them all.

Thinking about getting your hands on TORC’s sleek new helmet but worried it may not be good enough? The odds are very low considering TORC’s stellar reputation. If the features have left you confused, here is something that will help. 

Advantages of the TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Helmet 

What will you like the most about the TORC T15B? Here is a look.

  • Leaves No Wiggle Room

The fit of the helmet is a critical factor to keep your head protected during an accident. If it is too loose, chances are it may slide off leaving your head exposed to the impact. And when the helmet is too tight, it may lead to blurred vision and headache making it difficult to ride. 

This masterpiece by TORC fits your head perfectly, given you order the right size. You can choose from sizes ranging from extra small to XX-large.

The inner liner ensures that the helmet stays in place even when the road is bumpy without wiggling too much.

  • Adjustable Top and Chin Vents

Many full-face helmets have very poor air ventilation. The T-15B is not your average full-face motorcycle helmet, it keeps you cool with superior ventilation, unlike its competitors.

Though the helmet does not sport multiple holes for proper ventilation, the airflow is commendable, nonetheless. It is good to wear when riding your motorcycle on hot summer days. 

An additional advantage of its superior ventilation is you don’t have to wash the interior that often. It keeps the inner liner from stinking by drying off the sweat that gets accumulated in it. It also makes sure that your face stays covered during cooler winter days.

  • Minimizes Noise

Another added advantage is the noise protection feature. When riding a motorbike, you can get distracted from the road due to any sound that you hear.

The built-in rear spoiler minimizes wind noise keeping your ears intact. It eliminates wind buffeting and helps the rider be more aware of his surroundings.

This minimizes the possibility of accidents when you’re riding across town or on a long road trip. In short, the T15B improves stability by eliminating wind noise.

  • Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

The biggest advantage of this helmet is perhaps the integrated Bluetooth. You can connect your phone to it and improve your riding experience significantly.

You can answer or decline calls and communicate with other riders using any TORC Bluetooth helmet. Your incoming calls will override any audio that is playing (music, GPS navigation, or radio). 

Answering or declining the calls using the one-touch system (a button on the lid) is very straightforward and does not require you to stop the motorcycle every time you get a call. 

Features and Specifications 

  • Helmet Style: Full-face
  • Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval
  • Outer Shell Material: Advanced Thermo polymer alloy shell
  • Weight: 5.15 pounds/ 2.33 kilograms
  • Spoiler: Rear Spoiler 
  • Shield: Scratch resistant and fog-free tinted visor
  • Safety Standard: DOT and ECE 22.05 Approved
  • Other Features: Built-in spoiler, Blinc Communication System


The TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a futuristic helmet that gives you a badass look when riding your motorcycle. The outer shell made from advanced Thermo polymer alloy.

It is one of the most reliable materials used by leading helmet manufacturers. This helmet sports graphic details and comes in two finishes – matte and gloss. 

It comes with a fog-free, scratch-resistant, and tinted sun visor that protects your eyes from the elements of nature. The T15B comes integrated with a preinstalled Blinc Bluetooth system. It allows you to connect it to your device via Bluetooth and includes a communication system.

While the T15B is not the lightest helmet out there, you will love the added protection. The advanced thermo polymer alloy shell and the communication system are two other things to love.

Why the TORC T15B Helmet is a Good Choice? 

Here is a look at some of the things that make it a good choice. 

  • It’s Safe and Convenient

TORC T15B is a full-face helmet and the shell is made from advanced Thermo polymer which is very strong and durable. The whole point of a helmet is to protect your head from injuries.

Head injuries can be fatal which is why compromising on the quality of the helmet is not a good choice. With this high-quality helmet, you are safe, and it is also convenient to carry.

  • Comes with an Anti-fogging Shield 

The tinted visor protects your eyes from dirt, dust, wind, and many other factors. However, these shields are prone to fogging in foggy conditions. The anti-fogging mechanism in the T15 helmet allows you to ride safely without worrying about your field of vision being compromised. 

  • It Looks Cool, No Matter What Size You Need

The helmet comes with a beautiful graphic design that is sure to make heads turn. With the TORC T15B, you can say goodbye to a dab looking helmet.

From the minute you put it on, you will feel more self-confident and badass. Plus, you will get it in a size you want, from X-small to XX-large. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, the TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full-face motorcycle helmet with graphics is a good-looking helmet.

A successor of the TORC T14 helmet, this newly released helmet looks badass, comes with many jaw-dropping features and is very promising. The built-in spoiler is a great addition too, and helps you avoid win noise when riding at higher speeds.

If you want a full-face helmet with Bluetooth integration, this helmet is a good choice.

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