Torc T14B Bluetooth Mako Motorcycle Helmet Review

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Full-face

Helmet Shape: Intermediate Oval

Shell:  Advanced thermal polymer alloy

Weight: 5.158 pounds/ 2.34 kilograms

Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth System

Liner: Dual-density EPS

Shield: Clear sun shield, dropdown visor system

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic Review: Badass and Solid.

The T14B Bluetooth integrated helmet by Torc is generating quite a buzz. Most motorcyclists are naming it their go-to helmet for durability and strength with the added benefit of Bluetooth integration.

It is securing high ranks in the list of best helmets by experienced motorcyclists. So, in this Torc T14B Bluetooth Helmet Review you’ll find out what the hype is about.

Fun fact: The Mako is a species of sharks recognized for their body lines–a sharp nose with a rounded face. Thus, becoming the inspiration behind this helmet’s design. 

5 Reasons Why People are Loving the New T14B Graphic Motorcycle Helmet

When it comes to this bluetooth motorcycle helmet, there is a lot going on for it. Here are a few things you will love.

The Face Shield

If you’ve not heard of Torc’s recent locking dropdown internal sun visor system, then it’s about time you did. Smooth Lock is a quick way to adjust the visor’s placement.

This new system makes it easy for people to use the sun visor. The exterior of this gorgeous helmet features a flat panel clear shield that is optically correct. 

A face shield plays an important role in keeping you safe while riding your motorcycle. It keeps away any foreign particle (dirt, dust and so on) to compromise your vision.

This helps you concentrate on the road and avoid accidents better. Also, they shield you from the wind you are more likely to encounter during rides.

Boasts a High-tech Bluetooth Mechanism

A Bluetooth integration adds value and convenience to the helmet, no doubts there. This makes it much better for riders to communicate when cruising on their motorcycles. You can answer, reject, or redial calls with a tap using the buttons on your helmet.

If you’re enjoying your favorite tracks and a call comes through, don’t worry, you will not miss it. The call overrides the audio so you can answer it right away. It’s that straightforward.

The helmet lets you communicate to other riders nearby who use the same Blinc Bluetooth technology. 

Ridiculously Comfortable

The soft inner liner is thick and padded giving the Torc T14B additional comfort that the riders will enjoy. It features a laser contoured comfort liner padding that leaves you speechless letting you soak in every moment that you spend on the motorcycle.

Once you put the helmet on there is no chance that you will be disheartened by the quality or feel of the liner. It is soft, thick, and better than the liners used in competing helmets. 

Easy Maintenance

The T14B Bluetooth Integrated Helmet by Torc has yet another surprise for you. The inner liner I just boasted about, it is completely removable and 100% washable. So, you can bid adieu to the stinky liners that make it difficult to ride your bike without being distracted by the constant smell.

This means it is a lot easier to maintain the hygiene of this helmet after multiple uses. Whether you sweat a lot, or the hot temperature has left you all sweaty, this inner liner absorbs all of it. With other helmets, you don’t have a choice.

But with this helmet, you can get rid of that sweaty interior by simply washing it in a machine (or by hand).

Visually Appealing

I’d be lying if I say that we don’t care about our appearance and style as riders because we do. After putting it on your impression of the helmet changes and you suddenly feel 80% more badass than you previously were.

It looks great and futuristic thanks to its oval shape. The helmet comes in many colors and sports various designs like the flag on this one. If you ask me, this is one good looking helmet. 


  • Helmet Style: Full-face
  • Helmet Shape: IntermediateOval
  • Shell:  Advanced thermal polymer alloy 
  • Weight: 5.158 pounds/ 2.34 kilograms
  • Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth System 
  • Liner: Dual-density EPS
  • Shield: Clear sun shield, dropdown visor system

Consider These Factors When Buying the Torc T14B Helmet

Still wondering if this full-face helmet is the right choice for you? Here are a few of the things that you should know. 

  • It’s Safe and Sturdy

The helmet is very safe and protects the motorcyclists from traumatic head injuries. And that is the purpose of wearing a helmet, isn’t it? Multiple buyers sing praises of this helmet’s tough nature online.  

The helmet is phenomenal for its price range and will provide maximum protection if an unfortunate incident occurs. 

  • On the downside – it’s Heavy

The T14B is on the heavier side as far as helmets are concerned. It weighs a swooping 5kgs that’s not very light. There are lighter options available. But this is a premium helmet with integrated Bluetooth and a good track record.

It is known for its protective abilities which is the most important characteristic when buying a helmet. So, if you ask me if it is a little heavier than the competitors that’s alright.

You are still getting a good-looking helmet that can save you from taking nasty blows to the head.


I hope this Torc T14B Mako Full Face Helmet review has given you enough insights to decide whether the helmet is for you or not.

It may weigh more than average helmets but for the quality, features, and protection you get it is hands down the best helmets in the market. It’s easy to maintain and is sure to last long.

Plus, the integrated Bluetooth feature, offering seamless integration means that you don’t have to spend more on another Bluetooth device.

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