TORC T1 Motorcycle Helmet Review

TORC T1 Full-face-Helmet Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Review

Type: Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Technology: Carbon Fiber Shell

Weight: This one weighs just 4 pounds

Shield:  anti-fog & anti-scratch shield

Certification: DOT-approved

Additional Features: Variety of color combinations on offer, as well as a multi-density EPS

TORC T1 Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Review: Bold, Retro, and Lightweight

Ever dreamed of a helmet that is lightweight, has proper ventilation and at the same times, comes in a color choice you like? 

Or, are you looking for a helmet that doesn’t feel heavy on your head and also provides high protection?

The TORC T1 unisex helmet is just what you have been waiting for. Read on the review and find out more about this beastly helmet. 

Benefits of TORC Unisex-Adult Full-Face Helmet

So, why should you get your hands on one of these? Here is a look. 

  • Carbon fiber shell

The Carbon fiber shell provides high-level durability and holds all the parts and distributes the impact forces evenly. It also provides high scratch and Cracks resistance than the fiberglass helmets. It is light and easy to wear hence giving you a hassle-free and comfortable fit. 

The shell imparts the structure to the helmet and keeps your head protected and safe. Although carbon fiber is expensive compared to polystyrene and fiberglass it provides more strength and durability to the helmet. 

With the carbon fiber shell you won’t even feel the heaviness of the helmet and can thoroughly enjoy your ride.

  • Front Chin Vents

The front chin vents are attuned to regulate the airflow inside the helmet offering better ventilation for the rider. The metal mesh intake and exhaust vent improves the airflow inside and keeps the interior of the helmet cool. 

It also helps in keeping the visor fog-free, in case the snow clogs on your helmet. The front vent reduces misting. The front vents provide extra ventilation around the jaw area. 

  • Removable shield

You need to have an optically clear shield to allow you a proper and clear vision. It’s impact resistant and easy to swap between clear and dark. If the sun’s shining too bright, wear the dark one, or go for the clear one. 

  • Add various tinted shield if you like wearing the tinted ones. 
  • Easily change your shield when you want. 
  • Padded chin strap with D-Ring closure

The padded chin strap gives extra protection to your chin keeping your chin safe. It also keeps your head firmly in it’s a place, in case of sudden heels or impact. The padding the helmet keeps your head intact in case of accident. In some cases the padding is removable. It also helps your helmet fit to your head snuggly. 

The D-Ring is simple to use and does not rely on complicated mechanisms. It is safe to use and kept in place by metal rings connected to a tough strap and keep the helmet in place. The D-ring provides precise fit every time you wear a helmet, so you wouldn’t have to adjust your helmet every time. It is also very reliable because of the fit it provides to the rider.


  • Type: Solid Full Face Helmet
  • Technology: Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Weight: This one weighs just 4 pounds. Honestly, you can’t find many full-face helmets at that range.
  • Finish: You have a choice between matte black, gloss and other variants. We particularly liked the matte black one, simply because it’s got just the right level of shine. 
  • Shield: Comes with a removable shield as well as an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield. 
  • Certification: DOT-approved just as you would like.

Additional Features: You have a variety of color combination on offer, as well as a multi-density EPS

  • Multi-density EPS

You get a crushable foam. EPS is in the form of beads that’s widely used in helmet liner. They are lightweight and effective across a wide range of temperature conditions, making them rider-friendly. 

The EPS helps convert energy into heat, keeping the interior warm in cold climatic conditions. The beads collapse once the helmet has impacted in an accident, so they require periodic changing and checking after every impact. 

  • Anti-fog, Anti-scratch shield

This TORC helmet comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch shield for a more efficient ride. The shield is resistant to fog and scratches, making it possible to wear in cooler conditions as well as after any mishap or accident. The anti-fog property of shield reduces misting and hence does not block the rider’s vision.

The anti-fog shield prevents accumulation of fog giving you a clear vision in cooler climates. The scratch resistance protects the shield from snow that falls on your shield in winters. The anti-fog and anti-scratch shield provides extra clear vision; in case your shield is full of scratches then it impairs the vision on a dull day. So the anti-scratch property of shield acts beneficial in such times. 

  • Unisex

Effortlessly sport the TORC helmet for the next biker’s trip you’ve planned. This chic, sleek beauty can be worn by both genders and yet gives the same retro, classic vibes. Anyone can wear the helmet.

Other important factors

What are the other things that you should know when buying one? Here is a look.

  1. Find the right size

You must wear the right size of helmet to enjoy your ride. To choose your correct size, measure the widest part of your head and select the size according to the size chart. If you have a big skull, then go for a larger size. 

Choosing the correct size can be problematic, but finding your apt size is necessary for your protection. Wearing the incorrect size helmet has its own disadvantages, for starters it won’t provide the protection you need. The helmet won’t fit you snuggly on your head also it can causes headaches, double vision and fatigue.

Also, go down on your size. If you’re a regular user of XXL opt for XL. 

The Final Verdict 

As the brand tagline says, “you can’t spell motorcycle without TORC” the brand lives up to our expectations and provides you with the best possible comfort along with a color option for you to choose from. 

It provides the best comfort and convenience, and doesn’t make your head look like a mushroom! 

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.