Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2022 (All Types)

Here at Pick My Helmet, we’re here to – just as the name suggests – help you pick the best motorcycle helmet for you. We have weighed the pros and cons, searched high and low for the best products, and did the research so you don’t have to.

All you have to do is consider what kind of helmet you are looking for. Just like there are many different motorcycles, there are also a number of different types of motorcycle helmets. Each with its specific purpose. 

At a glance, we’ll be taking a look at the following helmets:

When picking out your motorcycle helmet, you need to figure out what kind of rider are you. Yes, you can be a mix of a different kind of riders, but each kind of ride needs a certain kind of motorcycle helmet.

Are you going out into the country for a cruise? Or flying across the track strapped to a rocket? If your motorcycle is more of a workhorse for you, then you’ll need something fit for everyday use. 

After considering all of these things, take a scroll down these motorcycle helmets we’ve featured, and we’re sure you’ll find the lid perfect for you.

10 Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2022 (All Types)

Here is our lineup of all the best motorcycle helmets currently available in 2022.

Pick any motorcycle helmet from our best 10 motorcycle helmets and you can be sure that you will have a quality lid for your next ride. If you want to be more informed we’ve broken down each helmet and provided more links on each helmet. Helmets are listed in no particular order.

1. Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

  • Full Face Racing
  • Pin-Lock Visor
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System) CWR-1 Shield System
  • DOT and Snell M2015 Certified

The first motorcycle on our list is RF-1200 from Shoei. This racing helmet is the successor to a helmet that was already a huge hit in the motorcycle gear market, the RF-1100.

The RF-1200 built upon the highlights of the RF-1100 and even improved on the helmets comfort and wearability. A high-end motorcycle helmet for good reason, the RF-1200 does everything you want a racing or a street touring motorcycle helmet to do.If there one thing to define this spectacular helmet it is the comfort.

The RF-1200’s inner lining is just as high quality as you would come to expect from a Shoei made helmet. Every piece of the hypoallergenic inner lining is removable and washable. The helmet also features an amazingly soft and comfortable lining in the lower half of the helmet.

What also makes this helmet very comfortable is that the RF-1200 is no doubt the lightest Snell certified helmet on any track today. Some users even say that they almost forgot that there is even a helmet sitting on their shoulders with the low level of wind noise.

This level of comfort makes Shoei’s RF-1200 a definite frontrunner for the best full-face motorcycle helmet on the market. Long touring rides will be much more comfortable with the RF-1200 on your noggin. Racers will also benefit from the added comfort, as it is one less distraction while they’re zeroed in on each turn. 


  • The most comfortable helmet you will ever find
  • Light weight
  • Aerodynamic
  • Pin lock visor prevents fogging


  • Pricey
  • Pin lock visor has a tendency to starring at night
  • Some may find it too tight

2. Arai XD4 Helmet

  • Full Face Dual-Sport
  • Adventure Touring and Motor Sport
  • Fully removable, replaceable, and washable interior
  • DOT and Snell M2015 Certified

Best Adventure Touring 

Much like the previous helmet, the XD4 from Arai is a high-end and high-quality motorcycle helmet. Being on the high-end of the spectrum, the XD4 also brings with it a high-end price. The price tag is well earned as many consider the XD4 the summit of dual-sport motorcycle helmets.

From top to bottom the XD4 hits the highest marks from what a dual-sport motorcycle helmet can hit. Amazing vision with its wide vertical and horizontal clearance for a full view all around, exactly the kind of helmet you want for an adventure tour.

The whole build on this helmet is put together in a sturdy and strong manner. Handling this motorcycle helmet in your hands you can tell why there is so much good praise for the XD series from Aria. Aria has set the bar for what adventure touring motorcycle helmets should be.

All round safety, quality, and comfort the XD4 leads the way for all adventure touring helmets. And is the lid of choice for ADV tour enthusiasts.The price tag is nothing to cough at, but if you are taking adventure touring seriously. Then you can place your bet on the XD4.


  • The best visibility you can ask for
  • Comfortable
  • Good chin ventilation
  • High-end shell feel


  • Pricey
  • Not so strong top ventilation
  • Chin strap can be short for some

3. Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Full Face Racing
  • Accommodates the Bell Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom
  • Photochromatic (light transitioning) face shield
  • “Click Release” face shield
  • DOT and ECE Certified

First-time racers can rejoice with this motorcycle helmet. Our favorite budget racing helmet from Bell. The Qualifier DLX looks great and feels great, while also including a number of great features. Definitely one of the best racing motorcycle helmets below $250.

The Qualifier DLX sit comfortably with the cream-of-the-crop budget racing helmets. Bell did a great job with this motorcycle helmet. There is no mystery to why Bell’s Qualifier line is such a common site on race tracks all over the United States and Europe.

Bell has been a trusted brand for so long and it now deepens its trust with this beauty of a motorcycle helmet. We’ll start with what Bell does best, the face shield. Each Qualifier DLX come standard with a ‘Transitions Photochromic’ face shield. Which means it will darken in the presence of UV light. Usually, at all points in the day, the Qualifier DLX will dark, even during overcast.

So don’t expect it to shift back and forth when you go under cloud coverage and back into the sunlight.Another great feature with the face shield is Bell’s special “Click Release” technology. With a number of different face shield setting at the click of a button.

The Qualifier DLX is also out of the box compatible for an intercom system. A removable panel on the left-hand side of the helmet reveals a hole that can be used for the Cardo Q1/Q3 intercom, Cardo Qz, or the original Sena SMH10.

The biggest complaint about the Qualifier DLX is that it has a tendency to be noisy. Some users have reverted to duct taping or simply just covering vent holes which allow in quite a bit of wind. The intercom hole is said to be especially noisy if there is no intercom system installed.


  • Very affordable
  • Great Face Shield that Bell is known for
  • Amazing ventilation


  • Noisy
  • Sizing isn’t perfect

4. O’Neal Unisex-Adult Full-face Style Sierra II Helmet

  • Full Face Adventure Touring
  • Drop Down Sun Visor
  • Includes Complimentary Chin Pad
  • DOT and ECE 22.05 Certified

To follow up that last adventure touring helmet is O’Neal’s Sierra II, unlike the Arai XD4, this helmet won’t break the bank after purchase. Here at Pick My Helmet, we understand different level riders can be looking for a different kind of product.

As well as that life-long riders will go through a number of different helmets, sometimes helmets for particular purposes. That is why we at Pick My Helmet have added budget helmets to our 10 best helmets, and why you have been brought to the O’Neal’s Sierra II.

While there may be a number of adventure touring helmets under $250, you won’t be quick to find that is as good as the Sierra II. It does everything right inside and out, while at the same time boasting a kick-ass shell design.

The hard edges are something straight out of a sci-fi novel, and the helmets out of the graphics series look like something you would see a star traveler wearing when they’re jumping through dimensions.

All-in-all this helmet is pretty damn cool. Our favorite feature on the Sierra II definitely has to be the drop down sun visor. With a nob on the left-hand side of the helmet, you can release an inner visor for some extra sunlight protection. Then just flip it right back up when you’re done. Great addition for those riders who don’t always like wearing riding shades or goggles.

The only real blemish on the Sierra II is the mesh inner padding. Which will only effect riders who either don’t like the feeling of mesh or are allergic to it entirely. Besides that, there really isn’t a lot to hate about the Sierra II.

Basically, O’Neal has firmly set the bar of what an adventure motorcycle helmet should be. It checks all the boxes and does everything an adventure rider wants it to do, while at the same time adding in some great features.

If you’re just getting into adventure touring, or need a spare when bringing along some friends. The Sierra II is exactly the helmet you’re looking for. 


  • Affordable
  • Looks Great
  • Flip down internal sun visor
  • The bar for adventure tour helmets


  • Mesh inner pads
  • Not as ventilated as a dirtbike helmet

5. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Half Helmet Cruiser
  • Removable Neck Curtain
  • Drop-down internal sun shade visor
  • Includes Bell’s Speed Dial Fitting Tool
  • DOT Certified

After 4 full faced motorcycle helmets, we get to our first open face or half helmet. Referred to many as cruiser helmets. These helmets can be a little tricky since they aren’t feature packed like their full-faced cousins. They aren’t meant to burn rubber down the highway, but for those riders who take their ride leaning back on a chopper.

Our favorite cruiser out there on the market is the Pit Boss, released by Bell. With a brand like Bell, you know you’re getting quality, as you can see this is not their first helmet on our Best Motorcycle Helmets line-up.

So you can tell, we here at Pick My Helmet really trust Bell to make great motorcycle helmets.The first thing that most riders looking for a cruiser helmet is the look. The Pit Boss has a genuine vintage look, with a great looking shape, and a beautiful set of decals to choose from.

Our personal favorite is the solid matte black paint job. We’re sure you will like the look on this helmet on your noggin. As we have many personal rider buddies who swear by the Pit Boss and use ‘em every ride. The biggest feature that most Pit Boss users swear by is its “Speed Dial” fitting tool. A nob placed on the back part of the interior that helps fit the helmet exactly to your head.

Providing for a perfect fit and hold on every ride, you won’t have to worry about this half helmet moving around while out on your ride. Most users suggest getting the next size smaller to your usual fit, to get the Pit Boss nice and snug without it Another great feature with the Pit Boss is easy to use, drop down sun visor.

Meaning you don’t need to get yourself riding shades or goggles, but could always use them without any hassle. Although there are a lot of other cruiser helmets out on the market for a much lower price than the Pit Bosses, Bell’s Pit Boss fully deserves the $100-$200 price range. As well as a strong contender for the absolute best cruiser helmet on the market.


  • Bell quality shell
  • Perfect fit for everyone with the speed dial tool
  • Handy drop down sun visor and removable neck curtain
  • Neck curtain can be used for a communication device


  • Slightly pricey for a half-helmet
  • Drop down vision does not work well with riders with glasses.

6. Shoei Solid Neotec 2 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

  • Full-Face Modular Racing Helmet
  • Drop-down internal sun shade visor
  • In-Helmet Audio & Communication Via SENA SRL
  • Anti-Fog Pin-Lock
  • DOT Approved and DMVSS 218 Standard

The only helmet to receive a perfect score on Pick My Helmet, but before you move on, you should understand this helmet is E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E.

Expensive, the flagship motorcycle helmet coming from Shoei’s impressive line. The Neotec II is everything and a bag of chips. Shoei put all their cards on the table and it looks like they stacked the deck.

The kind of quality you expect from a Shoei helmet with enough bells and whistles from an entire parade. The Neotec II from Shoei is no doubt the best modular helmet and generally the best motorcycle helmet on the market.

A culmination of everything that Shoei has innovatived throughout its history. Aerodynamic enough to be seen streaking down the track, but also just as comfortable that it would be a dream on a long tour.

I could go on and on about how great the build on the helmet is, or how Shoei built upon the already innovative design of the original Neotec. But what it’s going to come down to is if you are willing to put in over 700 big ones for a motorcycle helmet. If the answer is yes, then there is no question you should get the Neotec II.

If price is no concern, you may want to see these carbon fiber motorcycles helmets.

It’s a helmet you’re going to want to wear every day of the week. Maybe just as comfortable as the first helmet we feature, the Neotec’s older cousin RF-1200, while being modular and better for everyday use.

The biggest concern most users and reviews have is that the audio and communications system makes use of only the Sena SRL Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System that is built for the helmet. Other systems can be installed but with some slight jerry-rigging involved.

This adds another pretty stack of bills to already expensive helmet, but the specialized system allows the Neotec II to be quieter and making the most of a communications system by integrating it directly into the helmet.


  • Shoei’s flagship helmet, and they brought everything.
  • Pinlock anti-fog visor
  • The best modular mechanisms on the market.
  • Comfy
  • Amazing Noise Dampening
  • Modern everything, quality everything.


  • EX – SPEN – SIVE
  • Helmet is intended to have a specific audio and communication system, so using a different system will be a little more complicated.
  • Did I say expensive?

7. Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style

  • Multi-Form Cruiser Helmet (Half-Shell, Open-Face, Full-Face)
  • Removable Sections along Helmet
  • Drop-down Sun Visor that fits Muzzle
  • ​Includes Bell’s Speed Dial Fitting Tool
  • DOT Certified (Top Half)

I’ll come right out and say it, some helmets are “louder” than others, and sometimes when a helmets style is too loud it can be hard to handle. If you can pull off the look, then good for you. If not, maybe get a more conventional looking helmet.

The Covert from Scorpion is loud. Like world bending loud. “The Covert from Scorpion,” it even sounds cool. Everything from the Scorpion decal to the muzzle is all fire fueled fan-fare.

Then there comes the white model (WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART), be careful with that link, looking at the Covert white gloss may inspire you to join G.I Joe and give you the confidence to take down Cobra. I’m just saying scorpions taking on cobras isn’t so uncommon.

I know this article has it as Best Multi-Form Motorcycle Helmet, but really it should be Best in Style, like a loud kind of style that is still tastefully done, but still an effort to pull off. Anyways, multi-form function helmets. All this means is that the helmet has detachable parts to turn this into a different ‘form’ of helmet.

Take off the muzzle, now it’s an open face. Take off the side flaps, now its a half-shell. The Covert definitely did it the best out of everything on the motorcycle helmet market in 2022. The biggest concern is that the Covert’s muzzle is not exactly ventilating, so colder weather rides will need some extra face protection.

Only the top part of the helmet is DOT certified, which still pretty good for a half-shell. Then, of course, if this helmet isn’t looking good on you, it really won’t look good.


  • Literally, the coolest looking helmet ever, looks like they got it off a movie set.
  • Listed as #23 of the  Coolest Motorcycle Helmets here.
  • Drop down visor sets into the muzzles curve.
  • High-quality mechanisms all around the helmet.
  • Will give you the confidence to take down HYDRA.


  • Style may be too much for people to handle.
  • Not the cheapest helmet in the cruise category.
  • Actually is cooler than you.

8. Bell Custom 500 Helmets

  • Open Face Cruiser
  • DOT certified

Best Open Face

This next helmet is for the rider who wants to get a little bit more personal with their helmet. The Custom 500 from Bell is literally called “Custom,” because you’re going to customize this helmet.

The 2014 re-vamp of Bell’s vintage helmet line, making use of all the accessories that can be attached. The Custom 500 is a classic, it’s vintage, it’s tried and tested, and it really is up to you on how you wear it. This motorcycle helmet from Bell is, put simply, a canvas.

With so much smooth and glorious helmet space all around the Custom 500, you can rep whatever you want to rep. Personally, I’m getting mine to rep my Dallas Cowboys. Put whatever you want on the side of that helmet.

Sports teams, colleges, TV-shows, or whatever. Better yet, find yourself a local artist and both of you come up with something awesome. Then find the right shield visor to match, or don’t, it’s really up to you. A lot of praise for this helmet comes from how Bell updated the fitting of the Custom 500.

It’s snugger on the noggin and there are 5 different liner types for each size, ensuring that it will sit on your head properly.Overall, the Custom 500 from Bell knows exactly what it is, and it’s doing it perfectly. A DOT certified customizable helmet at around $120 bucks.


  • Lots of space around the helmet, think of it as a helmet based canvas.
  • DOT certified.
  • Can use all accessories available from older models.
  • Fits great. Bell quality.


  • Nada

9. Bell Moto-9 MIPS Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

  • Full Faced Motocross Helmet
  • Easy to adjust Helmet Visor
  • Bell’s MIP impact technology
  • Magnetic cheek Liners for Emergency Removal
  • 7 Rears Vents
  • Snell M2015 and DOT Certified

As you can tell, I appreciate the quality of Bell’s motorcycle helmets. This being the fourth Bell helmet to make the list. No surprise it is their newest flagship helmet for motocross riders.

Now, remember, this list is for the best motorcycle helmets, so everything on the market is on the table, and we really don’t disqualify price or give a great “bang for your buck” comparison.

We’re looking at what is the best possible helmet out on the market, motocross included. The Moto-9 from Bell is most certainly not the cheapest motocross helmet, but I believe it is the best you can get in 2022. A successor to an already industry favorite model. Knocking down all the marks of ventilation, comfort, safety, and style.

The number of vents in the front and back of this helmet means that cooling really won’t be a issue. Along with the high-quality inner liner, this helmet is a very comfortable workhorse. That you will be happy to be geared up in when spending a hot afternoon on the track.

Many, many safety features on the helmet. Most notably the MIPS technology being innovated by Bell. Taking off the top liner will reveal a special crown that allows the head more protection from angular impacts. The cheek liner and chin strap are held in place with special magnets, that can be removed easily during a time of emergency. As well as a special implant in the crown of the helmet that allows for a pump to be used to remove the helmet to protect the riders head from further stress.

All in all, the Moto-9 is the flagship motocross helmet from one of the industries most trusted names. It does everything great and is the helmet of choice for many professional riders. So if it’s good enough for them, it really should be good enough for you. It might make a dent in the wallet, but this case really shouts, “you get what you pay for.” With the Moto-9 you’re getting a lot.


  • Bell flagship helmet, the best out of the best.
  • Great ventilation.
  • A lot of safety features.
  • Comes in many great designs.
  • Comfey
  • Professional Grade. 


  • Very Pricey

10. Scorpion Covert X Hybrid Motorcycle Helmet

  • Multiple configurations
  • Ultra-TCT fiberglass technology, Dual density EPS
  • Everclear no-fog treated face shield
  • DOT Certified

Additional Features: Easy air-flow, Integrated Bluetooth speaker pockets, Double D-ring chinstrap system.

The Scorpion Covert X has a range of useful features that will improve your riding experience with a unique design that allows it to offer three riding configurations for your needs. You can opt for full-face, half-helmet, or three-quarter mode. You can adjust the placement of the molded polycarbonate face mask and the drop-down visor to change the appearance of the helmet drastically.

EPS is a type of crushable foam that is used to make helmet liners. This model comes with a dual-density EPS liner making it more efficient. Your head will be cushioned and protected well. 

With this helmet, you will have access to a detachable front mask that you use based on your convenience. The front mask is attached with neodymium magnets so that you find it easy to adjust the mask when you want to put it on. 

This helmet is available in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. You can check the measurements against the sizes to find the perfect fit for yourself. 

This helmet has received the DOT certification after meeting all the standard requirements for a helmet. It is a safe purchase for sure. 

You never have to be cold again! You can use cold weather ear covers with this helmet that have integrated Bluetooth speaker pockets. Listen to music while fighting the cold!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Helmet

When attempting to find the best motorcycle helmet, it will be absolutely essential to do your research and consider a wide array of factors. Many will examine the price tag and nothing else.

Never do this, as price should never be placed above your safety! Be sure to consider the factor below, so you can find the best helmet for your individualistic needs and desires.

Testing And Certification DOT

Testing And Certification: The United States Department of Transportation, DOT, has put measures in place to ensure all motorcycle helmets sold within the country as tested thoroughly.

Motorcycle helmets much meet all set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 guidelines. Helmets, which have met these qualifications, will have a stick on the outside.

The sticker will have the letter “DOT”, so it should be easy to spot. Although it is rare to find a helmet without this label, if you do, you should not purchase it.

Head Size, Fit, And Comfort: Although safety should be put above all else, it is also essential to ensure that the helmet to remain comfortable throughout the duration of the ride. Helmets are worn for an extensive period of time, so it needs to remain comfortable and should be ergonomically designed to fit the shape of your head.

The helmet should fit as snuggly as possible to increase its effectiveness. If the helmet is uncomfortable, you’ll be much less likely to wear it. If you’re not sure what size you should wear, it is essential to get your head sized, so you can get the perfect fit.

Head Size, Fit, And Comfort Helmet

Visibility: It would be very risky to wear a helmet, which would obscure your vision. The helmet should provide you with a clear view of the roadway ahead, as well as all other vehicles beside of you.

Remember that some helmets are equipped with shields and it also possible to purchase goggles. This is recommended and will give you additional protection from insects and weather elements.

Helmet Ventilation: Ventilation is absolutely pertinent. Ventilation won’t have much impact on the overall effectiveness of the helmet, but proper ventilation will help to make the helmet much more comfortable. A properly ventilated helmet will be less hot and won’t feel like a sweat box.

The helmet should have a snug fit, but it should also have plenty of ventilation ports, so wind can freely flow in and out of the helmet, so you remain comfortable and sweat free throughout the duration of your ride.

Design And Aesthetics: It is undoubtedly true that you’ll want to look cool and stylish while wearing your helmet. With this in mind, you should take a close look at the overall style, design, and aesthetics of the helmet. Do you have a specific color that you prefer?

Although the style won’t impact the effectiveness of the helmet, it is still recommended that you give this factor some credence. Also, remember that you can always add graphics to the helmet at a later time. This isn’t a necessity, but it will help to personalize the look of the helmet to your beck and call.

Chin Strap: Remember that your helmet needs to be secured to your head at all times. Therefore, the helmet’s strap will be very important. The chinstrap should have solid rivets, so that it won’t come lose, during your ride. Always be sure to tighten the chin strap to leave a minimum amount of space between your skin and the strap.

Additional Features: As technology has improved, motorcycle helmets have gotten more and more innovative. One of the latest additions is the helmet speaker and microphone.

Some helmets are now fitted with Bluetooth technology, which allows the driver to answer telephone calls while out on the highway. This will increase the price to some degree, but it can also provide additional reassurance and peace of mind.

Price: When it comes down to it, price will always be a vital factor to consider. In fact, most consumers will look at price and nothing else. This is not recommended. Nonetheless, you should make sure you get the most value for your money. Take your time to research carefully and get the most protective helmet possible, so you can rest assured knowing your money has been well spent.

Warranty: Finally, you should remember that some helmets come with a warranty. This can be a good addition and will ultimately increase the overall value of the helmet. If something happens out of the ordinary, the warranty will give you the ability to rectify the problem, without paying for anything else.

Summarizing these Decision Factors:

1. Durability and Safety


  • Sticker on the back of the Helmet with the standardized rating.
  • DOT
  • ECE
  • Handling the Helmet


  • To protect your noggin.
  • More important for full face helmets.
  • Racing helmets
  • Adventure Tour
  • Motorsport

2. Comfort and Ventilation


  • Wearing the helmet.
  • Feeling the inner lining.
  • Taking the inner lining off and observing the air channels.
  • Checking the front and back vents.


  • Wearability.
  • Long rides, touring.
  • All full-face helmets.

3. Vision and Noise


  • Wearing the helmet and looking through.
  • Driving with the helmet on and going fast.


  • Touring and long drives.
  • Racing
  • All types of full-face helmets.

So What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

The helmet that protects you from injury in the event of an accident. If you made it this far in the article then I’ll congratulate you. Congratulations! 

Here at Pick My Helmet we want to get you closer to choosing the right helmet for you so you can get back on the road, the track, or the mound.

There is no single metric in which to judge all the various helmets on the market and label just one the “best,” unfortunetly. It’s a preference on your style and budget.

 Keep connected to us so you can find out more with everything motorcycle helmets.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.