Simpson Street Bandit Motorcycle Helmet Review

Simpson Street Bandit Helmet Review

Brand:  Simpson   

Model:  Street Bandit

Type– Full Face helmet 

Shell– Very lightweight composite shell

Lining– Plush, removable lining 

Shield– detachable shield 

Certification – DOT and ECE certification

Featuring Simpsons classic drag and vintage racing style, the Simpson Street Bandit stands out when compared to most of the competitors in the market. With side vents and prominent knows, this full-face helmet is surely winning hearts.

Keeping in mind that this company has been designing safety gears for major race cars since 1959, this is yet another safety ensured helmet which is not only DOT but also Snell M2015 approved.

If you’re looking for a new helmet to adding to your collection or for your daily use, and are finding it difficult to choose one then; you need not worry because we have listed for you a complete review consisting of all features and benefits of the Simpson Street Bandit helmet so that you can make a correct choice. You can go through the process and keep in mind the requirements that you desire, and it will surely help you to get a clearer image of what you have been looking for. So let’s get started, shall we?

The Simpson Street Bandit helmet fits into all the requirements that you would expect from the Simpson motorcycle helmet. It is basically described as a helmet that has been designed as if it prowls the streets with it’s totally unique and stand out style. With major improvements in the model, Simpson has really stepped up their game while designing this.

Therefore let’s not wait any longer and list down the features that might make this helmet the one for you.

Benefits of the Simpson Street Bandit Motorcycle Helmet:

The bandit motorcycle does a lot more than just have blazing exteriors. Here is what makes the ride comfortable when you are wearing one. 

  • Large port area- 

When compared to the other models of the Simpson motorcycle helmets, most specifically the outlaw bandit (as it belongs to the same category as the Street Bandit) the port area that the Simpson Street Bandit offers is quite enlarged so as to help in giving the rider a better peripheral vision.

  • Ventilation

The Simpson Street Bandit is designed with both top and chin vents to ensure all-round ventilation. The top vents have 15-millimetre vents holes and are also equipped with a shut-off option, but it is not the same in case of the chin vents. The chin vents are on either side of the helmet in the chin area.

  • Shield– 

The shield of this helmet is three millimetres thick, optically correct and hence is more moto centric. There is adequate room between the top and the shield therefore if you are in a three-quarter position with the shield, then you are not supposed to be facing any kind of problem with the placement. 

But you have to keep one thing in mind that the visor is not enabled with a Quick Release Button. Yes, following the classic Simpson build, you will have to manually remove a screw in order to detach the shield.

  • Antibacterial cheek pads- 

The inner lining On this helmet is made so as to ensure a good fit, and comfort to the rider. Also, the cheek pads are attached to the body with velcro and therefore is detachable so that it can be washed and the buildup of bacteria can be prevented.

Simpson also provides you with the second batch of cheek pads that are a little bit narrower than the one that is fitted in the helmet. This is because you might be a little bigger in the facial area, and the given cheek pads might not be the most comfortable one for you. So as to help ensure that you have the perfect fit and comfort a second set is added with your box. 

  • DOT and SNELL approved:

This helmet is designed to provide you absolute protection on the road and also if you accidentally face any scenario. It has been DOT, and SNELL approved, meaning that it has qualified the test of safety standards and is ready to hit the road.


What’s the top things we love about this one? We made a list. 

  1. DOT and SHELL approved, just as you would want. 
  2. Top vents have shut off options, which is sure to give you more flexibility
  3. Classic design and a stylish look 
  4. Larger port area for better peripheral view
  5. Chin air ram vents to ensure you can ride farther, easily. 
  6. Comes with a 3mm thick shield to protect you better 
  7. Replacement shield options are Amber, Smoke, Iridium and Mirrored.
  8. Comes in three shell sizes, sure to fit you perfectly. 

Things to keep in mind before purchasing The Street Bandit:

The shield does not have an anti-fog coating- Unlike the majority of the motorcycle helmets, the Street Bandit does not have an anti-fog coating on its visor. This might come as a drawback because you will have to keep your shield in a sitting position and not totally closed or else your helmet will have fog development, and it will hamper your clear vision.

There is an elongated front. The frontal portion of this helmet is a little elongated as compared to the other models by the Simpsons. This isn’t totally a drawback because this provides a little more room for the rider inside the helmet.

It cannot be used in all climates- Given the fact that you are riding whilst heavy downpour, there is an eighty percent chance that water might seep through into the helmet. 

Final verdict:

If you can look past the little drawbacks and concentrate on the positive aspects of this helmet, then I might be quite sure that this is the hell meant you would want to opt for. Coming at a not so expensive price point, this helmet is a classic Simpson product and will surely find its way up in your favourite charts.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.