Simpson MOD Bandit Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review

Simpson MOD Bandit Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review

Type: Modular helmet (Full face + Half Helmet) Carbon Fiber Technology, Polycarbonate alloy for the chin bar

Weight: 3.73lbs/ 1.69kgs | Finish: Matte

Shield: Smoke tinted internal sun shield, Clear external shield

Certification: DOT, ECE Approved

Additional Features: Adjustable intake vents, Communication system ready, One hand modular function

MOD ‘Bandit’ Helmet Review: Practical, Modular, and Badass

Ever wanted a modular helmet that offers convenience but looks cool? Sounds dreamy, right? Do you want a modular helmet that helps you experiment more?

This Simpson MOD Bandit Helmet Review will show you how modular helmets have joined the “cool” league with this latest addition. If you don’t wish to sacrifice convenience to look badass, then this is the go-to helmet for you.

You will recognize it from leading biking magazines like Rider. After reading this review, you will have all the details to help you decide whether this lid by Simpson is the best fit for you.

Benefits of the Simpson MOD Bandit Flip Up Helmet

When it comes to a Bandit helmet, you know you want a badass looking one. Wondering why this helmet can be the one for you? Here’s why.

  • Quick and Easy Transformation

Switching from a full-face helmet to a half-helmet when you’re wearing a modular helmet is challenging even for experienced riders. But with the Simpson Bandit helmet, the process becomes simpler with its One Hand Modular Function. You read that right – you can make the transition singlehandedly. It uses metal locking components to withstand maximum jolts without shifting. The chin bar raises and lowers with one hand and yet the locking mechanism is solid. 

Should you decide to feel the wind glide past you, just raise the chin bar and enjoy the functionality and freedom of a half-helmet. And on those cold days, lock the chin bar to make the most out of this modular helmet by Simpson. 

  • Internal + External Sun Shields 

I believe that a sun shield is critical when buying a helmet. Let me tell you why. 

A dark smoke sun visor comes in handy when the sun is glaring and a clear shield at night. They expand your field of vision and protect your eyes from foreign elements. Dust, dirt, rain, sunlight–you name it and the visor successfully blocks it away. This allows you to be more attentive to the road when riding your motorcycle across town or for longer trips.

The Simpson Bandit gives you not one but two sun shields. One attached to the exterior and the other attached to the interior. When you use the Bandit as a half helmet the external sun visor cannot cover your eyes. This is when the internal shield comes to the rescue. Simply slide it down and continue riding like the badass that you are. 

Note: You get a smoke-tinted internal sun shield and a clear external shield. If you want to swap the shields, you can do that too!

  • Extremely Lightweight

You’re probably concerned about the weight of this helmet. Modular helmets are not lightweight, but the Bandit is not your average helmet. It is easy to wear and does not give your neck a hard time thanks to the carbon fiber shell and polycarbonate alloy chin bar. The polycarbonate ensures that the helmet remains lightweight even when you use it as a half helmet. For a modular lid, Simpson has done a great job manufacturing this lightweight helmet.

  • Protects You from Noise

Carbon fiber helmets are the epitome of noise protection. They heighten the level of noise protection which is not a common sighting in generic helmets. It is an important aspect to reduce the amount of wind noise allowing the rider to be more observant of the surroundings. As an added benefit this also protects you from the risk of hearing loss.


  • Type: Modular helmet (Full face + Half Helmet)
  • Technology: Carbon fiber technology, Polycarbonate alloy for the chin bar
  • Weight: 3.73lbs/ 1.69kgs
  • Finish: Matte 
  • Shield: Smoke tinted internal sun shield, Clear external shield
  • Certification: DOT, ECE Approved
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Additional Features: Adjustable intake vents, Communication system ready, One hand modular function

Do More with Your Helmet

You will love the ability to transform your helmet the way you want, helping you go on more adventures.

DOT Certified

The DOT and ECE certification means that you can get to try the helmet, without having to worry about safety issues. 

Great Looks and Technology

Combine all of it with improved features like carbon fibre technology and a polycarbonate alloy that brings in more sturdiness. Then, there is the clear external shield – all at a weight of below 1.7 kg!

Other Important Factors

As promised, you will get an all-inclusive review of the Simpson MOD Bandit helmet. We’ve gone through the benefits and features, now let’s see what concerned me the most about this helmet. 

  • Runs a Bit Large

A helmet must fit your head perfectly, without it you are at great risk. If it is too loose there is the added risk of the helmet sliding off your head in an accident. This can result in a traumatic head injury or death. Similarly, if the helmet is too tight, it may cause headaches, double vision, and fatigue. 

The helmet sizes are larger than Simpson’s Ghost Bandit. So, with the Simpson MOD Bandit, the company recommends going a size smaller. Say you wear an M then get an S for this helmet. 

  • Not Very Secure

It is not surprising that the MOD Bandit helmet is not as protective as a full-face helmet. Sure, you can turn it into a full-face helmet, but it downgrades its resistance to hard impacts. It is still secure, but if fully-fledged protection is at the top of your list then a modular helmet may not be the greatest fit for you. 

The Final Verdict

With this Simpson MOD Bandit Helmet Review, it is safe to say that this helmet is one of the “coolest” modular helmets in the market. Though it runs bigger, you can avoid the problem by sizing down. It has a badass demeanor and is great for long trips as it weighs only 3.7 pounds. Overall, this lid has a surprisingly trendy vibe to it in comparison to other modular alternatives like the Nolan N100-5 flip up and Evo-One 2 modular crash helmets. 

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.