Simpson Ghost Bandit Motorcycle Helmet Review

From a company that is globally known for its vintage-inspired lids since the ’60s, the new Ghost Bandit Helmet from Simpson is quite an admirable next step from this company.

Brand– Simpson | Model– Ghost Bandit

Type– Full Face helmet 

Shell– Very lightweight composite shell

Lining– Plush, removable lining 

Weight – 3.1lbs (1.4kg) approximately. 

Shield– Adjustable Internal sun visor and detachable shield 

Certification – DOT and ECE certification

Although offering a modern look, the old styled vintage roots of the company were a bit different. With an addition of a more convenient aerodynamic design and a handful of new features, the new Ghost Bandit is headed towards the top position in the charts of the Simpson produced helmets.

While choosing a new helmet, you need to take a look at the weight, design, price, look, strength, and durability. With significantly new additions in the market and a variety of features, though, it isn’t easy. We have done all the research work for you and prepared a full-fledged review of the new Simpson Ghost Bandit helmet, and whether it is worth your penny or not. 

This newest addition to the Simpson group is a full-face helmet and has a quintessentially tough American design, meaning it is tough, utilitarian, and has the Simpsons original authentic look of drag yet retro.

Making up to a large portion of the demographic, the fitting of the helmet is an intermediate oval. Available in sizes through XS and XXL, the Simpson Ghost Bandit comes in 4 colors; Black, White, Carbon Fiber, and Matte black.

Now coming to the benefits and features of this helmet, we have thoroughly reviewed the characteristics and listed them all down below, so as to give you a clear image of why you should be opting for the Simpson Ghost Bandit.

Benefits of the Simpson Ghost Bandit:

Here is a look at what you will like about the Ghost Bandit helmet. 

  1. DOT and ECE certified- 

This standard shell of this helmet is produced with a composite material and comes in at a mere weight of 3lbs, flat. It has surpassed the DOT and ECE certification examinations and is safe to be used on the road and will hold up really well under high-stress conditions.

  1. Antibacterial Internal Padding-

The interior padding of this helmet is moisture-wicking and washable as well. Remove it by pulling out the snaps they are attached with and washed accordingly, to prevent bacteria build-up. The chin guard is also removable and can be adjusted as per your comfort.

  1. Improvements in the Face shield or Visor-

Simpson has most certainly stepped up the game of their face shields. You can remove the face shield of the new Ghost Bandit tool-free. Apart from this, there is also a quick-release system for the shields.

  1. An internal sun visor offering more flexibility

Apart from this upgrade, the Ghost Bandit also has an internal sun visor that protects your eyes from the glares. It can be operated easily by the slider present on the left side. Now, a question might arise in your mind that does this internal sun visor affect the rider if he wears glasses?

The answer to this question is no. No, the internal Visor doesn’t affect the bespectacled riders. Even if your glasses are big, the Visor won’t be touching it. There is adequate space for comfort.

  1. Ventilation

Allowing for excellent airflow, the dual chin vent system of this beauty permits appropriate ventilation. The air circulation is incredible, and it helps to keep you cool when there is a rise in temperatures. It also has top and rear venting exhausts for maximum airflow.

  1. Noise reduction- 

If you purchase this helmet, you will not regret your decision to ride without earplugs as apart from the traditional wind noise, as due to the addition of a plush lining, there is very little to almost no noise in this helmet. Because of the vent placement on either side of the helmet, the noise is reduced to almost nil. The helmet, therefore, cuts through the air with almost zero resistance.

Features of the Ghost Bandit Helmet:

Here is a look at a few things you would love about this ghost bandit helmet. 

  • Type- Full Face helmet offering optimum protection 
  • Shell- Very lightweight composite shell, but known to be extremely durable.
  • Brand-Simpsons
  • Model- Ghost Bandit
  • Lining- Plush, with a removable lining that is both great to look at and comfortable to wear 
  • Weight – 3.1lbs (1.4kg) approximately. Not the lightest out there but doesn’t feel heavy either.
  • Shield- Adjustable Internal sun visor and detachable shield 
  • Certification – DOT and ECE certification ensure you don’t have to worry about the quality.

Additional features:

That’s not all there is to the Ghost Bandit helmet. Here are a few other things you will like. 

  • Integrated speaker and boom mic pocket- 

This model of the helmet has an integrated speaker and a boom mic pocket. This is not a common feature to ninety-nine percent of the helmets available in the market.

  • Comfort liner- 

The comfort liner of this helmet is in a 3D shape, meaning that it prevents creating pressure points on the rider, which is an absolute win.

  • Double D ring-

 The double D-ring enclosure helps secure the helmet onto your head so as to ensure maximum safety.

Final Verdict:

If asked, I would not think twice before recommending this beauty to anyone. Without asking for an exorbitant amount, this helmet by the Simpsons provides the most value for the money with not only features and designs that not many other helmets can talk about, but also safety. 

And if you are someone who wants safety on the road and not compromises something you love, the Ghost Bandit is the perfect option for you as its primary objective is to ensure that the user is safe in case of a sudden accident. You can be assured that your head will be safe and sound. Then why wait any longer, get your hands on this beauty today.

The Simpson MOD Bandit Helmet is the modular version of this helmet.

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