SHARK STREET DRAK Motorcycle Helmet Review

SHARK STREET DRAK Green Matte Motorcycle Helmet

Style: Modular full face helmet 

Material: Advanced Polycarbonate shell

Weight: 3.6 pounds/ 1.6 kilograms 

Interior: Micro-tech with antibacterial properties under AEGIS license

Visor: Ultra-thin frame with Full vision goggles

Adjustable features: Face mask and goggles Quick release system

SHARK DRAK Matte Helmet – High Tech Dual Material with Great fit.

Inspired by streetfighter, you can look totally badass while being safe and protected by the STREET-DRAK Helmet. When it comes to riding a bike, know that without a rigid outer shell containing or absorbing the impact, the rider is exposed to injury upon first impact. 

Often times, a second impact has the rider getting separated from the bike and hitting another surface. During these accidents, the head is usually the part that suffers the most injury. 

Not all helmets have to be uncomfortable or mess up your hair. With the STREET-DRAK Helmet, not only will you look good, its superb fitting will keep your hair in place.

This SHARK helmet STREET DRAK Helmet review will uncover the benefits of this streetfighter inspired helmet that extends beyond its cool design.

Why is the STREET-DRAK Helmet the one for you?

With more people opting for motorcycles as a form of transportation due to increase in traffic jams, you cannot overstress how important wearing a helmet is. Do you think wearing a helmet is uncomfortable and it makes you look uncool? This DRAK Helmet is for you – look better while ensuring more protection and stability.

Benefits of wearing the STREET-DRAK Helmet

What are the top things to like about this matte helmet? Here are a few.

  • Advanced polycarbonate shell protects the drivers by absorbing and dispersing most of the impact so that the riders receive minimum impact and are saved from serious trauma.
  • The superb fitting of the STREET-DRAK will not make you complain about being uncomfortable as it fits perfectly
  • At only 3.6 pounds, this super lightweight helmet will give you full mobility even when wearing it. It will be comfortable to wear even off your bike – for example to the ATM machine or for refuelling. Wearing a lightweight helmet also prevents pressure on your neck and spine, which could lead to serious long term injuries.
  • Being a modular helmet, you can also easily toggle it into an open faced helmet to communicate properly.
  • With an ultra-thin frame and full vision goggles, you will have full visibility of your surroundings even when wearing the helmet. This visor will also protect you from any harmful insects or particles in the air that might fly in your eyes or mouth that might cause you to be distracted while riding. 

These benefits and more were considered when designing this do-it-all STREET-DRAK helmet. Keep reading to find out the special features of the STREET-DRAK.


  • Style: Modular full face helmet 
  • Material: Advanced Polycarbonate shell
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds/ 1.6 kilograms 
  • Interior: Micro-tech with antibacterial properties under AEGIS license
  • Visor: Ultra-thin frame with Full vision goggles
  • Adjustable features: Face mask and goggles Quick release system

Other features

  • DOT approved, just as it should be
  • Great customer service, and a brand you can trust
  • Ready for installation of SHARKTOOTH or other Wireless entertainment systems

Why choose the STREET-DRAK Blank Matte helmet?

Here is why you will love wearing this helmet.

  • Superb fit with slim-fit shell designed to match the skull shape

How many times have you got a helmet only to see that it’s a tad bit too tight? A helmet that fits perfectly yet comfortably means that it will protect your head securely. If its too lose, there will be space for impact between your head and the helmet. If its too tight, you will be complaining that the helmet is too uncomfortable, and you might refrain from using it. 

  • Lightweight, balanced, and aerodynamic design

Made with a unique composition of crystal alignment, the shell is extremely strong for its weight. A light helmet is more comfortable to wear and also allows for more flexibility and mobility. It also alleviates tension on the neck. On top of that, the lightness and aerodynamic design will make you go faster.

  • Micro-tech antibacterial interior with AEGIS license

Smelly helmet? This state of the art technology will prevent bacteria and unwanted debris build up in the interior of your helmet, preventing it from smelling!

  • Ultra-thin frame and full vision goggles

Visibility is enhanced with ultra-thin frame, and further maximized with full vision goggles. This can also protect the rider from injuries during impact or even light scratches. You will also be protected from pesky insects that might fly into your mouth or just unwanted particles in the air. 

  • Double anti-fog visor

This feature is especially important in places with colder climates. Fogging up of the visor can cause serious accidents as it impairs visibility. Anti-fog visors will also prevent riders from having to stop their journey to un-fog their visors. This can also be dangerous especially on busy highways.

  • SHARKTOOTH installation

These days, it is very common for helmet manufacturers to include a SHARKTOOTH compatible helmet. This means that riders can install either the SHARKTOOTH or any other wireless internet system which could be used for listening to music or even just listening to GPS directions. This way riders do not have to be distracted by having to look at the GPS screen.

Yay or Nay?

Deciding on this all-rounded helmet will be an easy one. It offers so much from high-tech dual material and dual color on the outside, to micro-tech technology on the interiors. With so many safety features such as the ultra-thin visors and releasable goggles, you get better protection. Add to it the antimicrobial properties, and you can put it on for longer hours without a worry.

On top of that, it looks good with incomparable style and design. If you want to feel safe while looking badass, this SHARK STREET-DRAK is the one for you.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.