SHARK EVO-ONE 2 ‘Slasher’ Modular Helmet Review

SHARK EVO ONE 2 Slasher Matte Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Style: Modular (Full faced + Open face) 

Material: Injected thermoplastic resin shell

Weight: 6.47 pounds/ 2.9 kilograms 

Sun-Visor: Integrated inner Auto-up and down visor

Interior: Removable and washable CoolMax liner

EVO-ONE 2 Slasher Matte Modular Helmet Review – Evolution as its best

Compatible with the Shark Bluetooth system, this helmet carries in the right amount of oomph. Offering the same protection as a full face helmet when closed, the DOT-approved helmet carries on the good work from its predecessor and delivers an even better fit for you. You will love it for the chin bar that can flip to the back, ensuring that you get an open helmet. You will love it for the matte dark colors. Or, for the different size options. There is plenty to talk about. 

Keep reading to find out why the SHARK helmets EVO-ONE 2 Slasher might be the perfect one for you. With great design and style, while offering great safety and flexibility, you will find everything you are looking for in this helmet.

Here are some general reasons of why the Slasher is the helmet for you:

Helmets are designed to literally save your life. Today, popular helmets do more – like adding in great colors and finishes. With the evolution helmet design, this EVO-ONE 2 Slasher is designed for ultimate style, safety, and comfort. It’s lighter than the previous generation too.

  • The unique composition of the EVO-ONE Slasher shell will protect your head from serious injuries including brain damage that can leave you in a vegetative state.
  • Its modular design allows you to have the comfort of both a full faced and open faced helmet. With this convenience, you do not have to take off your helmet each time you need to talk to someone or even when refuelling or using the ATM.
  • Auto integrated sun-visor protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which might distract and cause you to jerk while riding. Having a visor also protects you from insects or unwanted air particles from flying into your mouth or eyes. 

Features of the SHARK helmets EVO-ONE 2 Slasher

  • Style: Modular (Full faced + Open face) 
  • Material: Injected thermoplastic resin shell
  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 6.47 pounds/ 2.9 kilograms 
  • Sun-Visor: Integrated inner Auto-up and down visor
  • Interior: Removable and washable CoolMax liner

Other features:

  • DOT approval
  • 5 stars obtained in SHARP crash test
  • Optimized chin guard locking system for improved ergonomics and flexibility
  • PINLOCK ready

Still need help making up your mind after running through these exquisite features? Here are the benefits of the SHARK helmets EVO-ONE 2 Slasher Matte.

  • Flip-up modular helmet

Toggle between a full face and open faced helmet depending on the situation! Whereas some riders prefer having a full faced helmet for maximum protection, some also prefer the open faced for its convenience. With this modular style, you can have the best of both worlds! A full face helmet will ensure your whole head and face is protected during an impact. In terms of convenience, riders also prefer a modular helmet as they do not have to take off their helmets during refuelling or going to the shop or ATM.

  • Auto-up and auto down system and integrated sun visor

With an auto up and down system, you can easily move the chin guard and adjust the helmet to your liking. Riding with the visors up will ensure a steady stream of air flow, which will let you ride smoothly and comfortably. On the other hand, having it down will prevent insects from entering your mouth and eyes or dirtying your face. 

With an integrated sun visor, you will also be protected from harmful UV light that might distract you while riding. 

  • Rigid outer shell

Helmet shells are made with different components with different characteristics. The outer shell is important as it dissipates the impact and minimizes injury to the rider. The EVO-ONE 2 Slasher shell is made with an injected thermoplastic resin shell, making it very durable and heat resistant. This high performance material has also been certified 5 stars with the SHARP crash test. This means that it has ensured levels of protection from all angles of the helmet.

  • Lightweight and aerodynamic

Having a lightweight helmet will be more comfortable for the rider. It is also less pressure for the rider’s neck and spine, which will prevent long term injuries. A lightweight helmet will also allow more mobility and flexibility for the rider. On top of that, its aerodynamic design adds to giving a smoother and more streamline ride.

  • Removable and washable CoolMax liner

With a CoolMax liner, you don’t have to worry much about your sweat sticking into the interiors and causing that foul smell. Removable and washable, you can also easily detach, and have it washed for maximum freshness.


Visors tend to fog up and this causes the rider’s vision to be affected. This is dangerous as it usually happens while the rider is on the road and might have to stop at the side to clear up their visors. The PINLOCK uses a double shield principle. The shield is secured with pins and moisture-absorbing material to ensure an air-tight chamber. The pins also ensure convenience for riders as you can easily adjust the and replace it easily.

What Should You Note?

The only thing that users didn’t like has been the modular mechanism, which sometimes does not work as expected, especially when you are riding the bike. That being said, the auto visor does work as expected most of the times.

Final Verdict

Helmets can protect both your head and face. Statistics show that wearing a helmet can significantly reduce head injuries by 69% and reduce the risk of death by 42%.

The Shark EVO-ONE 2 Slasher is one of the most evolved helmets on the market. Get the ultimate safety without compromising comfort and style. The flexibility offers riders room to toggle the helmet and ensures a better ride experience.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.