SHARK EVO-ONE 2 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review

SHARK EVO ONE Lithion Dual Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet: Modular

Weight: 6.47lbs; 2.9kg | Warranty: 5 years

Adjustable components: “Auto-up/Auto-down” system that automatically lifts visor while raising or lowering chin guard.

Special features: Optimized chin guard locking system for improved ergonomics and flexibility.

SHARK Helmets EVO-ONE 2 Lithion Review

The Ultimate Evolution of SHARK modular helmet with full-face DOT certification.

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet will determine your safety and comfortability while you ride. This EVO-ONE Dual Modular Helmet review will highlight its key features that sets it apart from its competitors to help you make a guided decision. Aerodynamically designed with thermoplastic shell, this lightweight helmet offers peak performance and safety. 

The EVO-ONE Helmet comes with a full-face DOT and ECE certification. It also has a patented “Auto-up and Auto-down” system that moves the visor automatically with lowering or raising the chin guard. Improved ergonomics and flexibility also come with the helmet due to its optimized chin guard locking system. Experience the freedom of an open face helmet, while feeling the comfortability and security of a full face helmet. 

The Top Benefits of the EVO-One

  • Offers you More Versatility

A modular helmet offers versatility as one can transform it from an open faced helmet to a full faced helmet and vice versa. EVO-ONE 2 Lithion Dual Modular Helmet also comes with an auto up and down system that is altered by moving the chin guard. This versatility can bring a lot of benefits in terms of safety and even convenience. Some riders prefer riding with their visors up as it facilitates a steady stream of air flow. 

On the other hand, some riders prefer keeping the visors down to prevent insects and dust from flying towards their face and impairing their vision. This could be dangerous as in a split second, it can cause the rider to jerk, affecting others around him. With this modular function, you can use both functions according to your liking. As for convenience, riders prefer modular helmets as they do not need to take off their helmets while refuelling or going to the ATM. 

  • An improved chin guard system 

Along with this modular function, the EVO-ONE 2 Lithion Dual Modular Helmet also offers an optimized chin guard system that is ergonomically safe and offers flexibility as well as a reinforced magnetic fastening of the chin curtain. The chin is one of the areas that are most prone to injury during a motorcycle accident, therefore it is important to have protection in that area. 

  • Offers better outer protection 

The component forming the outer shell of the helmet is very important as it is this feature that dissipates the impact to minimize injury to the rider. EVO-ONE 2 Lithion Dual Modular Helmet is made of an injected thermoplastic resin shell. It is a high performance thermoplastic that offers maximum impact protection, durability and heat resistance. 

This particular thermoplastic shell has been certified with 5 stars obtained in the SHARP crash test. A 5 star SHARP rated helmet offers ensured levels of protection from all angles of the helmet.

  • Has an inner anti-scratch sun shield

The purpose of wearing a helmet is not only to protect the head from injury, but also to protect the face. Helmet shields protect rider’s face from hazards such as flying objects and road debris. 

  • Don’t forget the inner anti-scratch shield too!

The EVO-ONE 2 Lithion Dual Modular Helmet comes with an inner anti-scratch sun shield. This built in sun shield is convenient than having to use an extra pair of goggles that usually do not fit well and are a nuisance as they keep falling off while riding. The sun shield will help filter harmful UV rays that might blind riders and cause an accident. To enable a riders a clear, fog-free vision when riding, the helmet also includes Max Vision Pinlock insert lens. 

  • There is also a built-in fog resistant lens

The lens increases fog free endurance to provide 100% max vision for the rider’s maximum comfort. This also prevents the riders from having to stop or manually remove their visors to let air in to clear up the fog, which is inconvenient and dangerous especially while riding on busy highways. 

What You Should Know Before Buying the Shark Helmets EVO ONE

On top of all these, the aerodynamically designed helmet maintains performance – whether it is in open face or full face position. You get maximum noise protection – the noise is minimized for the rider to be more aware of traffic and his surroundings. It’s useful in protecting the rider from the risk of lost of hearing. 

Moreover, the helmet is lined with a removable and washable CoolMax liner that works great especially in wicking moisture away from the skin. This comes in handy as sweat and sebum might build up in the helmet, causing it to have an unpleasant odour. 

However, one downside to the EVO-ONE 2 Lithion Dual Modular Helmet is that it is not compatible with the Sharktooth or Sharktooth Prime Bluetooth system. 


  • Helmet: Modular
  • Weight: 6.47lbs; 2.9kg
  • Adjustable components: “Auto-up/Auto-down” system that automatically lifts visor while raising or lowering chin guard.
  • Special features: Optimized chin guard locking system for improved ergonomics and flexibility.
  • Warranty: 5 years

Final Verdict 

As you can see, this SHARK Lithion Dual Modular Helmet review is a positive one due to its special versatile features. From its rigid and durable outer shell to its special chin lock feature, riders will feel safe and secured. 

For people who like to enjoy both an open-faced and full-faced helmet for different riding conditions, its easy to use Auto up and Auto down system enables easy manipulation depending on the situation. Not only that, its performance is further enhanced by its aerodynamic design as well as offering noise protection to the rider. 

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