Sena Momentum Pro Bluetooth & QHD Camera Integrated Motorcycle Helmet Review

Sena Momentum INC Bluetooth with Integrated QHD Camera Motorcycle Helmet Review

Style: Full face w/ Bluetooth & Camera

Material: Fiberglass composite

Weight: 7.5 pounds/3.4 kg

Sun-Visor: Pinlock face shield

Interior: Removable and washable quick dry liner 

Sena Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth Helmet with QHD Camera – Going one step further

At the forefront of innovative integrated Bluetooth technology for motorcycle helmets, we thought Sena had done it all with the high-tech Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet.

First, they gave us their reliable integrated Bluetooth technology, and then they spoilt us with their amazing noise-cancelling technology. 

Now, we find they have something more up the sleeve – a helmet that does a lot more than just offering you the protection you need while riding your bike. 

In this review, we will discover how they went one step further to give us the Sena Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth and QHD Camera Integrated Helmet. Bringing us the best of Sena technology inside a sleek and safe fiberglass shell.

This cleverly engineered helmet is ready to use right out of the box. Advanced Noise Control technology are applied to optimal speakers’ positions allowing you to conveniently make incoming and outgoing calls, listen to music, GPS, podcasts, even the built-in FM radio station. 

You can also effortless chat with fellow riders or passengers through the built-in intercom up to 7 other riders and up to a distance of 1.6km (1 mile). Keep reading to find out how this integrated QHD camera feature can take your experience even further.

Features of the Sena Momentum Pro 

  • Style: Full faced
  • Material: Fiberglass composite
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds/3.4 kg
  • Sun-Visor: Pinlock face shield
  • Interior: Removable and washable quick dry liner 

Other features:

  • DOT Certified. CE, FCC, IC Certified.
  • Top and Chin vents
  • Rear exhaust port
  • Double D-ring closure
  • Includes breath guard and chin curtain

Bluetooth specifications: Bluetooth 4.1

  • Talk time – 20 hours
  • Charge time – 2.5 hours
  • Headset profile (HSP)
  • Audio multi-tasking
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
  • Advanced noise control
  • Built-in SBC codec
  • Working distance – 1600 meters (1 mile) in open terrain
  • Supports up to 8 riders
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS AF (Radio Data System Alternate Frequencies)

Camera Specifications

  • 135 degree field of view
  • 1440p: 30 fps (Quad HD)
  • 1080p: 60 fps (Full HD)
  • 1080p: 30 fps (Full HD)
  • Video recording time: 2 hours
  • 64 GB MicroSD memory card

Features and Benefits

What’s the top features of the Sena momentum? 

Full faced fiberglass composite helmet

A full faced helmet offers you maximum protection covering your neck, ears, face, and head.

Although not the most rigid, fiberglass composite helmets protect you by evenly distributing the force of impact, protecting you from serious trauma and injury, or even death.

Pinlock face shield

The Pinlock gives your shield an anti-fog technology with a double glazed like feature and efficient absorption properties.

Easily attachable to your helmet visor, it is the most effective, durable, and affordable anti-fog solution in the market. The insert is made out of moisture absorbing properties that acts like a sponge to effectively soak up any moisture. 

Top and chin vents

This intelligent vent placement allows air to pass through the helmet shell into the helmet. The rear exhaust vent also allows for warmer air to be pushed out of the helmet, keeping your head cool and sweat-free.

Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth 4.1 allows you to efficiently connect any of your Bluetooth devices including your phone, GPS system, MP3, etc with great power saving abilities.

This is great for multitasking while you ride, without putting yourself at risk! With just 2.5 hours charge time, you can talk up to 20 hours. You can also connect up to 8 riders up to a distance of 1,600 meters in open terrain.

There is also a built-in FM radio feature where you can listen to music or keep up with your favorite radio show.

Integrated Noise Cancelling technology (INC)

With this technology, you can toggle your helmet into ambient mode or noise cancelling mode by just the push of a button.

Ambient amplification is great when you’re at a rest-stop or just trying to communicate with your passenger or other riders without taking off your helmet.

Noise cancelling creates white noise to drown out any sounds such as loud wind, bike engine noises or even traffic noises.

QHD Integrated Camera

Having an integrated camera into your helmet can be beneficial for several reasons. If you’re on the road most of the time, it can give you a peace of mind in case anything happens, you will have proof.

If not, they can just be used for fun to record footage from your outdoor pursuits, which you can even turn into an action video. The QHD camera can be activated with a single touch on the top of the helmet. the streamlined design allows you effortlessly capture QHD and HD with a 135 degree field of view.

Capture anything up to 2 hours and save it on your 64GB micro usb card. Equipped with Wi-Fi, you can also preview and download the footage on to your smartphone.

The only thing to worry? At over 7 pounds, this is one of the heavier options out there. Would you mind that too much though? Maybe not. 


The Sena Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth and QHD Camera Integrated Helmet has all the great safety features of a basic motorcycle and goes even further.

Sena’s innovative Bluetooth 4.1 technology is seamless as ever, and I personally love the use of hands-free communication and music, both of which I use on a daily basis. 

As for the integrated QHD camera, it comes in handy when you go on tours as it lets you document your experiences and you can keep them forever. It is also great as everything is built into the helmet and it doesn’t require any assembling of parts.

You’ll never know you need such a robust all-in-one helmet until you get the Sena Momentum Pro Smart Helmet.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.