Scorpion Covert X Hybrid Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: Scorpion | Model: Covert X

Type: Multiple configurations | Matte Black

Ultra-TCT fiberglass technology, Dual density EPS

Everclear no-fog treated face shield

DOT Certified

“Covert X” Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you are scouring the market for a new helmet, then you might want to take a look at the Scorpion Covert X helmet. As a brand, Scorpion has managed to establish a solid reputation over the years, and you can be assured of getting a quality product. 

This battle-ready helmet is a part of Scorpion’s Covert range, which consists of helmets and rider wear. The original Covert helmet set the benchmark for the configurable utility that Scorpion wanted to incorporate in the Covert range.

The Covert X looks sophisticated, urban, and refined. Equipped with a wide variety of new features, this helmet will definitely catch your attention.

Our review of the Scorpion Covert X will inform you of every detail that you should know!

Benefits of the Scorpion Covert X Helmet

This recent release has taken the market by storm, and it lives up to the hype.

Ultra-TCT fiberglass technology

This helmet has been built with the aid of the latest technologies on the market. It comes with a lightweight shell that is also rigid at the same time.

As a result, it offers improved impact management. The multi-layered Ultra-TCT® shell is unique and gives you the ultimate protection when you are riding at high speed. The shell is manufactured by combining fiberglass, poly-resin fibers, and aramid so as to minimize the weight of the helmet.

The helmet retains maximum strength this way and provides efficient impact dispersal. You will be able to wear the helmet for long periods of time without feeling too much pressure. 

KwikWick 3 Liner

If you wear the helmet for extended periods, you will be likely to sweat. This accumulation is unhygienic and can cause damage to sensitive skin.

The KwikWick 3 anti-microbial fabric liner that comes with this helmet ensures that you remain dry throughout your ride. Not only will it absorb the sweat quickly, but it will also keep the germs from causing health problems.

As a result, you will be comfortable and not have to clean your helmet every time before you ride. 

Efficient ventilation

You should be able to breathe without any problem when you are riding. The Covert X comes with an aero-tuned ventilation system that ensures adequate airflow within the helmet.

You will not feel suffocated in case you decide to go for a long ride. There are front vents and internal air channels on the helmet that allow better flow. 

Range of visors

Your helmet should be flexible so that you can wear it no matter where you go riding. The visor plays a very important role in keeping you aware of your surroundings. This helmet is compatible with a variety of visors.

There is a dark smoke SpeedView internal sun visor that will protect your eyes from the glaring rays of the sun.

It comes with the EverClear no-fog coating, which means that the visor will provide you with a clear view even when you are riding through a foggy area. You can also use a clear visor with the helmet for night-time riding.

Helmet Features

  • Type: Multiple configurations
  • Technology: Ultra-TCT fiberglass technology, Dual density EPS
  • Brand: Scorpion
  • Model: Covert X
  • Weight: This lightweight model is easy to wear for long periods of time.
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Shield: Everclear no-fog treated face shield
  • Certification: DOT Certified

Additional Features: Easy air-flow, Integrated Bluetooth speaker pockets, Double D-ring chinstrap system.

The Scorpion Covert X has a range of useful features that will improve your riding experience.


The Covert X Helmet has a unique design that allows it to offer three riding configurations for your needs. You can opt for full-face, half-helmet, or three-quarter mode. You can adjust the placement of the molded polycarbonate face mask and the drop-down visor to change the appearance of the helmet drastically.

Dual-density EPS

EPS is a type of crushable foam that is used to make helmet liners. This model comes with a dual-density EPS liner making it more efficient. Your head will be cushioned and protected well. 

Removable front mask

With this helmet, you will have access to a detachable front mask that you use based on your convenience. The front mask is attached with neodymium magnets so that you find it easy to adjust the mask when you want to put it on. 

Size inclusive

This helmet is available in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. You can check the measurements against the sizes to find the perfect fit for yourself. 

DOT approved

This helmet has received the DOT certification after meeting all the standard requirements for a helmet. It is a safe purchase for sure. 

Cold weather ear covers

You never have to be cold again! You can use cold weather ear covers with this helmet that have integrated Bluetooth speaker pockets. Listen to music while fighting the cold!

Other Important Factors

There is a lot to celebrate about this helmet, but you should keep in mind that the sizing pattern might not be consistent.

You should check the size guide and go by your measurements instead of choosing your standard size. 

The Final Verdict

The Scorpion Covert X Helmet is impressive and a great deal for the price. The brand markets it as a single product that can do it all, and we have to agree. T

he build of the helmet is tough and durable, which means that you will be able to use it for quite a few years. You will vibe with the sophisticated matte design if you are a hardcore rider.

The improved impact management thanks to the multi-layered ultra TCT shell and the dual density EPS makes it a must-have. There is also a double D-ring chinstrap system that offers improved comfort, making it one of our favorites.

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