HJC RPHA 70 ST Wolverine Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC RPHA 70 St Wolverine Street Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: HJC Helmets | Model: RPHA 70 St Wolverine 

Design: The Wolverine Graphic 

Shield: Anti-fog Sunglass Visor | Dual Lock shield system

Certification: DOT, ECE Approved meets FMVSS 218 Standard

HJC Wolverine Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review: Stocky, Muscular, Savage

Are you a devoted aficionado of Marvel Comics? Love collecting Marvel merchandise and want a helmet that screams Marvel all over it? 

If you are a biker, you might just complement your love for the MCU with a Wolverine themed full-face helmet. 

Get your hands on the recent addition to the Marvel HJC collection, the HJC RPHA 70 St Wolverine. If you adore HJC, you probably know of the collaboration between HJC and Marvel. The two are collaborating to create some amazing graphic helmets. This Wolverine helmet is a level up in the collaborative helmets by HJC and Marvel.

Here is a review on the HJC RPHA 70 St Wolverine Helmet. 

Benefits of HJC RPHA 70 St Wolverine Helmet 

One must always lookout for a helmet with proper ventilation, reduced aerodynamic design, maximum stabilization, and minimum vibrations and noise, here’s list the benefits that this helmet has to offer!

  1. PIM plus 

The HJC helmets are known for their Premium Integrated Matrix Plus technology that uses reinforcement materials like carbon and carbon glass hybrid fabric in their helmets. This amour is the combination of the highest level of advanced materials that help in increasing comfort and lightness. 

With the combination of materials, you won’t feel the weight of the helmet. It also protects your head from impact because of its strong and flexible twill reinforcement material. 

The helmets have an increase in the carbon fibre percentage and intact even if you’re riding at 200 km/hr! 

  1. Ventilation System

With the dual purpose top-vent, your head is completely ventilated and cool. It has a two-stage intake and exhaust valves each working simultaneously to maximize the circulation of air inside the helmet. 

The newly added feature is the lower vent that has a maximum opening for the most air intake. The rear vent serves as an opening for air to flow front and back in the interiors of the helmet. 

Wearing helmet makes you sweaty and the helmet stinky? With the anti-microbial fabric, the helmet wicks moisture and dries quickly. 

  1. Anti-fog Shield

The HJC RPHA’s Wolverine has a shield equipped with an anti-fog and smoke feature that avoids the accumulation of fog, offering you clear vision. The blazing sun hurting your vision? Here’s when the integrated sun shield comes into play. 

The two-stage sun shield can be operated with a positive lock, that quickly switches between the clear and the sun shield giving you the choice to change the shield according to your comfort and need. 

The shield is also eyeglass and sunglass friendly, so if you are a bespectacled guy worrying about wearing a helmet with your spectacles on, go ahead and don’t let the spectacle stop you from enjoying your safe ride. 

  1. Removable cheek pads

The cheek pads cocoon around your jaw, making the helmet stay firm in your head. The cheek pads are washable and removable. The feature makes the cheek pads long-lasting and doesn’t wither even after repeated washing. It comes with interchangeable cheek pads so that you can change your cheek pads according to your size! 

  1. Quick Release Helmet

The helmet comes with a quick-release technology that allows you to remove your helmet quickly and easily when it comes to an emergency or accident. 


  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Model: RPHA 70 St Wolverine 
  • Weight: At about 3.3 pounds in weight, you will probably find there are a few other lighter options out there for you. However, when it comes to the make and design, you wouldn’t have that many options to choose from. 
  • Finish: The Wolverine graphic design is sure to tickle the Marvel fan inside you, and give that little bit of added oomph to your rides. 
  • Shield: Sports all the standard features, from an Anti-fog Sunglass visor to an eyeglass friendly and dual lock shield system
  • Certification: DOT, ECE Approved meets FMVSS 218 Standard
  • Additional Features: You also have a multi-cool interior, and a max airflow top vent, as well as interchangeable cheek pads.
  1. Cool Graphic

The helmet has interesting graphic details. It has claws of the Wolverine around the shield, the X-Men and Marvel logo at the back. The helmet is coloured in shades of yellow and metallic blue giving the effect of a Wolverine’s head!

  1. Noise isolation

With its performance reinvented, the helmet cuts down the noise around you so that you stay focused on your ride and not the chaos around. 

  1. Three different cheek pad size

The cheek pads come in three different sizes so that you can wear the one that fits you perfectly-neither too tight nor loose. One can always choose the size that fits them perfectly allowing the helmet to stay firm in your head and it doesn’t wobble in rough terrains. 

Other important factors 

So, what else should you think of while buying these? Here is a look.

  1. Available in only one color 

The Wolverine helmet has only one colour combination available i.e. blue and yellow. Although the metallic blue and distress yellow does look appealing we would have loved to see a different colour combination.

That being said, if you’re in love with the design, there isn’t a reason why you would hesitate while buying this one. 

The Final Verdict

A bit pricier the HJC RPHA 70 st Wolverine helmet has additional features and graphics that provide optimum comfort to the rider. It even has a rapid-fire replacement system that enables you to change the shield according to the color you like! 

The HJC RPHA 70 st Wolverine is the perfect mixture of style, performance, and design that takes professional motorcycle racing to the next level.

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