Qwart Phoenix Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: QWART | Model: Phoenix

Type: Slick or Standard

Technology: 8 Grade Carbon Fiber

Weight: The Slick model weighs just 1.1 kg while the Standard model weighs about 1.2 kg. 

Certification: ECE safety certification

Qwart “Phoenix” Helmet Review

There are some helmets that are versatile enough to suit everyone’s needs – the QWART Phoenix Helmet happens to be one of them. From the stunning design to the CE-certification, there are a lot of things to love about this one.

As a brand, QWART Labs has proved its mettle over the past few years, and they are continuing to release modern helmets that are convenient to use. The Phoenix is one of their most popular models, and it comes in two forms- standard and slick.

We have compiled a complete review of the QWART Phoenix Helmet so that you have all the information you need.

Benefits of the QWART Phoenix Helmet

The QWART Phoenix Helmet gives a tough competition to other models in the same price range when it comes the following benefits.


Looking stylish when you put on your motorcycle helmet definitely feels great. QWART wanted to create a helmet that looks aesthetic but is tremendously functional at the same time. The Phoenix combines aesthetic value and safety because the brand does not believe in compromises.

This helmet feels light and can be worn for extended periods of time. It offers adequate protection so that you feel secure when riding down the street. The helmet is scalable when it comes to its configuration. 

The design of the helmet is sophisticated and sober, but it will stand out in a crowd. You might consider the design to be vintage or futuristic, depending on your own interpretation, but nobody can deny that it is timeless.

The outer shell, made with carbon fiber, is strong and durable. If you take care of the helmet, it will surely last you for years to come.

Highly customizable

Motorcycle helmets are very personal, and you should be able to make your own choices. QWART allows you to make adjustments to the helmet in every aspect.

Whether you want different measurements, colors, or finishes, you are free to express your wishes so that the final product is everything you wished for.

The brand believes in strict quality control, and you can be sure that the product you receive is crafted to perfection. Personalize the design of your Phoenix so that it reflects your spirit.

Multiple variations

The QWART Phoenix comes in two different variations so that you can choose the design that works the best for you. You can either go for the Slick design or the Standard design. 

Ultimate protection

While the design of the Phoenix is impeccable, it does not make any compromises with the security and protection offered by the product. All the raw materials used in the making of the helmet are of premium quality so that they do not fall apart easily.

The outer shell is made using grade 8 carbon fiber, which is weaved in such a way that it retains absorption and resistance capacities.

The inner EPS lining provides further cushioning to protect your head. The screws used to put the helmet together are made with galvanized steel.

Helmet Features

  • Type: Slick or Standard
  • Technology: 8 Grade Carbon Fiber
  • Brand: QWART
  • Model: Phoenix
  • Weight: The Slick model weighs just 1.1 kg while the Standard model weighs about 1.2 kg. 
  • Finish: Multiple choices
  • Certification: ECE safety certification

Additional Features: Comes with a travel bag and an anti-scratch protective cover, Double D closing.

  1. Plush interior

It is very important that the helmet you choose feels comfortable when you wear it during long rides. The interior of this helmet feels plush and soft because of the suede lining.

You will feel comfortable because the suede does not cause friction with the skin. You can also opt for a lining that combines suede and leather to give a more luxurious finish to the helmet.

  1. ECE Certification

This helmet has been made to undergo strict quality-control tests so that you can wear it without any fear. It managed to satisfy all the standards set for gaining the ECE certification and has now been formally certified as safe and secure. 

  1. Wide choice of accessories

QWART emphasizes on the importance of personalizing your helmet. You must have chosen a motorcycle to represent you after a lot of thought and deliberation, so you should allow your helmet to continue in the same vein.

The brand offers multiple accessories that you can integrate into your helmet and make necessary modifications.

Moreover, as mentioned before, you can opt for a complete customization experience and create a unique helmet through the brand’s Custom Shop.

  1. Ventilation

The primary internal shell is constructed with double density polystyrene and has several components with combinative shapes that offer maximum absorption during impact.

The vents work as the entry and exit points into the shell through ventilation channels that are meant to optimize the airflow.

They create a vortex effect to renew the air in the helmet and cause a cooling sensation.

Other Important Factors

This helmet is not equipped with cutting edge technologies that will fascinate you. It offers the full functionality of a regular helmet but may not satisfy you if you are very tech-savvy.

However, its versatility largely makes up for it. 

Also, the ECE certification is only valid when you are using the helmet in its entirety. In other words, if you take the chin piece off, it might look great but you wouldn’t have the certification valid.

A lot of do decide to take it off, given how cool the Phoenix looks. If you’re one of them, you may just want to use the helmet on special occasions, and not for every day wear. 

The Final Verdict

The QWART Phoenix is a unique choice because it gives you ultimate control. You can make adjustments to the design without any hassle.

The helmet is tough and protective so that you are safe even when you are riding in rugged terrain.

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