How to Install Cat Ears on your Helmet

Now that you have an awesome new set of Cat Ears for your motorcycle helmet, we need to install them!


Step by Step Instructions:

1. Clean your helmet

2. Peel back small corner and mark placement on helmet

3. Remove sticky backing and firmly press down on helmet

4. Insert finger in rear vent and press down on all contacting surface

That's it!

Video Transcription: 

"I wanted to quick walkthrough just how easy it is to install them on a motorcycle helmet. I've got a Matrix Matte Black Alpha Helmet, it's got a mohawk installed in the center.

One important point that I want to highlight - it needs to be clean! So you can see just a little bit of dust and a little bit of grime on the top of the surface of this helmet. It just has to be really dust free and really clean. I got this (I use this for my bike) Wizards Wipe Down for matte paint. There are all types of different cleaners, I don't want to get into the pro's and con's of each - I like Wizards. Use your own. Just make sure that it (the helmet) is good and clean and dry.

So while this is drying up, inside the box is a set of five colored decals. You can see the lines stamped out on each one of them - Blue, White, Pink, Yellow, and Red. These are pretty easy to install too. If you want to do it in the box while this is flat before you put them on the helmet - that's what I recommend. These just peel right off, these decals just stick right on down.

These being flexible rubber, they do flex and bend and they do adjust to different helmet radius'. You're going to want to get the decals stuck down before you get them stuck down to the helmet.

Flexin - Flexin - Flexin,......

With those being rubber, there is a little bit of adhesion promoter included in the kit. So you're gonna want to do the same thing - you're going to clean the surface of the ears that you want to stick the decal down to with the adhesion promoter. Because this flexible rubber doesn't really like stuff stuck down to it, it'll kind of open up the pores - open up the cells to where the decals will stick down.

This has got a flip up visor, and l will recommend getting it open.

I'll show you what I'm doing on the next one. The back rubber vents are flexible, and that's the bottom piece attachement. So what you can do is take your finger and insert it here and press down on all the edges of the adhesive edge. Just kind of run your finger all the way around the edge while pressing down.

We had a member of the Facebook community attache these to her helmet last week and she sent in some pictures - she hit 130 mph. If you want to check out her story check out at: to see just how she did it.

So what should we call this helmet - the CatHawk? Or the Hawkitty?

This is Kayla Marrero of Pinkstroke opening the Cat Ear Upgrade and installing them on her Scorpion motorcycle helmet:

Here's Famouslastwords64 on YouTube Installing them (with decals) on her HJC Helmet:



Can be installed on Matte or Gloss finish helmets.

Rubber bends to fit helmet radius

Copy of Instructions (who reads these things anyways??)