Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Tips

The helmet of a motorcycle is crucial for the users. Frankly speaking a helmet provides protection and safety, so there is no way to ignore it.

Many helmets of different designs are now available in the market but the target should be to find a helmet that could actually provide protection.

Helmets are usually made of plastic materials which do not break in if the user experiences minor impacts. Inside the plastic material all helmets contain foam to give protection in case of accidents.

Some helmets cover full face whereas some are the flip up type; some are half which only cover the head etc. It may not sound important but do you regularly clean up your helmet?

Because I have seen many riders who do take care of their helmets but it is very important not only because of the looks but also for the protection.

Key things to remember while cleaning

If not taken care of, the inner foam lining gets dirty, smells bad and it can cause hair fall. Suppose, if you come from the rain the helmet gets wet and if you keep it in that way the foam will retain a smell and after that when you will wear that again, it will cause not only uneasiness but also may lead to illness.

So, the helmet should have been made dry without any delay. Now the best way to dry it is to use a dryer or keep it in an open place where there is enough air to make it dry.

Then another important thing of a helmet is the glass cover or visor. It is really crucial to keep the glass clear so that your sight doesn’t get affected. Obviously you do understand the importance of keeping the glass clean as untidy glass will lead to accidents and more injuries.

It may happen that your glass may get broken partly and you are not giving it that much importance but this lack of consciousness may get you into trouble. So, whenever you see a broken glass, do not hesitate to replace it because the replace won’t cost you much and will ensure your protection as well.

Though full black helmet is more popular to motorcyclists but it was observed that black glass put some hindrance in the sighting and leads to more accidents than motorcyclists wearing clear glass. S

o, it is better to black glasses and even if you want to have the black glass, don’t forget to keep it perfectly clean and clear.

To clean the foam lining you need to remove it from the outer plastic frame. In most cases, the foams can be removed easily and then can be attached easily as well. So, to make it clean, wet the foam in warm water or in neutral shampoo and then rinse it thoroughly.

You will be amazed to see the amount dirt that gets out from there. Now to make the visor clean, at first remove it and then clean it with a soft cloth or with something that is not abrasive because if the cleaning material is abrasive, the visor will get scratched and this will lead to sighting obstructions.

Now the outer plastic or the shell needs to be cleaned too. It should also be cleaned with a non abrasive material.

Just dip that non abrasive material into some soap water and clean the shell thoroughly.

Sometimes for some sort of scratches, it is better to use cotton as the absorbing power of cotton gives great results!



So, buying a helmet doesn’t mean that you will keep using it without taking any care of it. It is as important as taking care of your motorcycle. This helmet can save your life in times of emergency and if not taken care, it will not provide any protection.

It is not that difficult to clean it up, all you have to do just spend some time on working on it. If you follow the above mentioned tips, it will be easy to clean it up.

Depending on design of the helmet, it is better to separate as many parts possible because then your cleaning will be easy and more effective. Besides cleaning, you have to maintain certain rules regularly for the good keeping of the helmet.

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