Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips

Motorcycle helmets are mandatory things for every motorcycle riders. There are many brands that producer helmets and therefore you should know it very well which particular helmet is the best suit for you.

While using your helmet there are few tips you should always keep in mind. This article will pour its light over those issues.

Care tips of motorcycle helmets:

There are numbers of things that a person should keep in mind while taking care of his/her motorcycle helmet. Here are those as follows.

  • Clean your helmet occasionally
  • Always keep your helmet with you
  • Don’t allow water to stay over
  • Don’t allow to have scratch over your helmet
  • Don’t throw your helmet
  • Change the glass if that is broken
  • Use appropriate helmet as a rider and as a driver

Clean your helmet occasionally

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Occasionally you should clean the helmet so keep that from dust and other things. You can use warm water and soft soap to do that. But always remain careful about internal cushion. Don’t allow water to tough that portion. Clean your helmet in way so the electronic cables such as Bluetooth feature remain enabled. In that way of cleaning you can get a shiny helmet. It is good to clean your helmet at least once in every fifteen days.

Always keep your helmet with you

It is good to keep the helmet with you always. In that way you can avoid being stolen your helmet! If you can buy a helmet that is less in weight, carrying it would not be that tough. But in case when you are in rush, you can always hang the helmet with your bike. At those cases it is good to cover the helmet. In case you don’t have separate helmet cover, you can cover the whole motorcycle and in that way your helmet will remain protected too.

Don’t allow water to stay over

Staying water over the frame of the helmet is not good at all. This can bring rust. As most of the helmets are made of stainless steel those are basically a good place to generate rust in that is exposed with water for long period. You might fall into a rain or something like that. But after that period it is good to clean the water. You can keep a dry towel with you always. In that way, you can make helmet dry easily.

Don’t allow to have scratch over your helmet


This is not something that can bring accident, but it is good to ensure if you want to use a clean and new looking helmet. Accidental scratches are sometimes unavoidable, but if you keep your keen eyes over your helmet, you can easily avoid scratch.

Don’t throw your helmet


To keep your helmet free from scar, it is always recommended not to throw your helmet by any means. After the use of your helmet take that with you and keep that in a safe place of your house.

Change the glass if that is broken

Glass of the helmet is sensitive. So deal with adequate care with the glass in case of cleaning and washing. If you find the glass is broken, it is not good to continue using that. Rather you should change this accessory and then start reusing.

Use appropriate helmet as a rider and as a driver

As helmets are of different kinds and types, you should use appropriate helmet that is specially made for riders and for the drivers. Forcefully using a small helmet in a large head is not good at all.

If you remember the mentioned steps while taking care of your helmet, it is possible to use the helmet for a long period of time.

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