Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

Cat Ear Helmet Accessory

Cat Ears Helmet Accessory

Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmets – Turn any brand of motorcycle helmet into a Cat Ear Helmet with this accessory.

Flexible rubber forms to any shape of helmet and colored decals are included with the large set.

Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet Accessory

Black Racer Cat Ears Accessory

Designed for high speeds, the flexible rubber ears form to any standard shape of helmet.

Turn any brand of motorcycle helmet into a Cat Ear Helmet with this accessory. 

White Racer Cat Ears Accessory

Designed for high speeds, the flexible rubber ears form to any standard shape of helmet.

Turn any brand of motorcycle helmet into a Cat Ear Helmet with this accessory. 

3t sisters helmet hair ponytail pigtail addon

Pigtails + Ponytails

Helmet Hair anyone? Stick on some colored braids to the back or sides of your helmet and you know,…. wave it around like you just don’t care. 🙂

Bluetooth Communication

Talking with your friends and passengers is easy with the help of a bluetooth comms accessory.

Just add it to the side and connect up with your passenger or friends and on the road.


Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk Accessories with Colors

Helmet Mohawks

Showing off your style and speed with a simple flexible rubber mohawk on your helmet.

Sometimes called the “Sawblade” – the craze started years ago and still lives on today. Comes in multiple color options. 

Motorcycle Helmet Spikes and Crystals

Helmet Spikes

Another stying motorcycle helmet accessory – the Spike.

A single spike or multiple spikes arrange in a pattern can really give your boring helmet a custom, badass look. 

Motorcycle Helmet Bow Accessory

Helmet Bows

Put a Bow on it. 

LED Lights for motorcycle helmet

LED Lights

Lighting up the night with a creative design using LED light wires and strips can really increase your footprint and be seen at night.

Helmet Audio

Gone are the days of trying to stuff earbuds in and actually keep them in place while riding.

Adding on an Audio device turns your whole helmet in a vibrating speaker. Nice. 

Helmet Horns

Different colors and shapes of helmet horns are available.

Motorcycle Helmet Visor Decal Set

Visor Decals + Stickers

Bikers just love their decals. You can put see-through visor decals on the front visor too, yes! 

Motorcycle Helmet Camers Sena10c

Helmet Cameras

Ride it, record it. Share it? Sena has been in business and leading the way in bluetooth helmet accessories and helmet cameras, because they make the best. Period. 

motorcycle helmet covers

Motorcycle Helmet Covers

Add a cool helmet cover to your favorite lid for a quick transformation.

Holiday rides, themed parties, and all round fun and furry helmets! 

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Accessories for You To Get Today

Let’s face it, motorcycle helmets keep you safe from impacts and collisions. However, you probably have another reason to want to wear them – to look badass. Cannot find the right choice for you though?

Don’t worry – you can always customize the normal looking helmets into something that turns eyes around. (Like these Custom Motorcycle Helmets)

Helmet Crystals, Gems, and other Bling

Can’t make up your mind? Why not incorporate all of these interesting accessories all over your helmet? they are a creative and cost-effective way to spruce up, not just your helmet, but also your boots, gloves or jackets for maximum bling.

Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks

The Mohawk has been around since between 392 BCE and 201 BCE and today, it is used by different groups of people as a way to rebel from the norms of society. Mohawks are a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

That being said, there are many easy-to-install mohawk accessories on the market. For example, the “Sawblade” is a versatile rubber strip with adhesive on the back that peels off and you can simply stick it on any surface you desire, which in this case is your helmet.

The “Sawblade” also comes in different variations. You can also make it glow in the dark by adding reflective stickers on each side.

You can also go for brighter mohawks such as the dreadhawk that is usually worn by punks and ravers and are usually in bright colors. These will get people’s attention for sure!

Helmet Audio and Communication

Cruising on your bike without your favourite tunes is a sad and boring way to ride. You can definitely feel even more badass while riding along to some hard rock or rap music. Or any kind of music you desire for that matters. 

It can be a pain to manually install speakers into your helmets as some helmets do not allow for such space. All the unnecessary wires will also be a pain as you will need to adjust them each time you put on your helmet. 

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth installed are a great way to stay connected while you ride. You can listen to music, podcasts, and also stay connected with people, and these helmets nowadays are also designed for prolonged usage and convenience.

Helmet Spikes & Spike Strips

Do you think a mohawk is not enough to make a statement and you need something that looks more steel-ey? Whether it’s the Pickelhaube or just random spikes on your helmet, with so many spike options available on the market, you will spend hours picking the right one! Thankfully, they’re super easy to install and can transform any bland helmet into a badass one in no time!

Not only will you look badass, it can also be used as a makeshift tool or weapon in case of a zombie apocalypse or an emergency joust. Want to spike up your mohawk? You can also do this by adding spikes in a mohawk manner to get a spikey mohawk. You can also add crystals or other accessories to give your look a little more bling.

Some of these spikes might require you to drill a hole in your helmet as they are screw on accessories, the final look will be worth it though!

Motorcycle Helmet Bows

If you’re feeling a little extra, bows are also a great way to add personality to your favourite helmet.

With so many different colors and patterns available, some are made even more extra with glitters, caricatures, or even your own name. You can even get helmet bows on Etsy! 

You won’t have to worry about using messy and sticky glue on your helmets as the bows can be fixed onto your helmet with good ol Velcro. There will be no damage or sticky residue.

Velcro helps the bows stay in place even at high speeds of 75 and above. You can also switch up your bows any time, depending on your mood for the day. Bows are also designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Motorcycle Helmet Lights

What is another great way to kick up the safety notch on your helmet? Lights. Adding lights onto your helmet doesn’t only look fun, it will also keep you safe! They are especially useful in darker areas that do not have street lighting or during bad weathers.

Not to mention, you will get a futuristic, sophisticated look. Motorcycle bodies sometimes come with reflective material as an added safety feature but the same can’t be said about all helmets. Therefore, installing lighting systems helmets are a great way to improve visibility.

There are a few ways that you can light up your helmet. You can opt for an EL (electroluminescent) tape, LED lights, or helmet strip kits.

EL is the simplest way to light up your helmets as they are versatile, and you can even get creative with the designs. LED lights also a great option and you can form cool designs that make you look futuristic.

There’s a new LED kit coming out from Lightmode called the “Night Shift” too, launching on Kickstarter here this summer 21′

Motorcycle Helmet Horns

Horns are a great way to establish dominance. Whether you want to look like the devil with horns on the top of each side of your head or look like a Viking with massive horns on each side, both will definitely get you some attention.

You can definitely also get creative by lining the horns up in the middle for a horn-y mohawk, or let your creative juices flow and come up with your own funky arrangement. Or if you want to be simple, just add one horn on the top to look like a unicorn!

Horns can be added easily onto any helmet with smooth surfaces via suction cups and they can withstand high speeds. However this might not work for matte helmets as they won’t stay put too well.

Motorcycle Helmet Pigtails & Ponytails

One of the reasons girls, especially, do not like putting on helmets is because it doesn’t allow them to show off their gorgeous locks. However, with Pigtails and Ponytails, you can now ride while flaunting some hair!

Although the hair is fake, you can custom design them into any way you want! Any hair color, any style. The hair can also be curled, straightened, even braided to your liking. 

Pigtails and ponytails are a great way to show off some hair such as these Proxvost ponytails that come in a myriad of colors and styles. You can affix them any way you want either temporarily or using gluing them down for good.

Motorcycle Helmet Face Shields/Guards

Adding a shield or guard to helmets is an added safety feature. They can protect your face from wind, sunburn, and even protect your orifices from bugs or unwanted particles entering them. It is also an alternative to turn your open-faced helmet into a full face one.

Full faced helmets always make you look more badass anyways as it adds a sense of mystery by hiding your face.

With these decorated, accessorized face shields and guards, say goodbye to the boring old plastic ones. You can find them in other materials such as leather and multitool cloth. Elevate your helmet style whether you want to look like a ninja, or a skeleton riding a motorcycle.

Some of these even come with holes or a slit at the mouth so that you can communicate clearly without taking them off. Some are also designed with material that will keep you cool and prevent your sweat or sebum to stick on it.

Motorcycle Helmet Visor Decals and Stickers

Decals are a great and inexpensive way to add some of your personal touches onto your helmet. They are easy to find and easy to install. They are considered to be one of the cheapest ways to accessorize your helmet.

There is also a high chance of finding the exact decal you are looking for as the designs are endless. From offensive sayings to inspirational quotes, let your helmet reflect your personality,

Some of them even provide an added UV protection if you install them on your face shields, perfect to keep you safe from sunburn or being distraction from harmful rays while you ride. 

Cat Ear Helmet Upgrade

Feeling cute and frisky? Cat ears can make anything, or anyones helmet look sexy. They usually come as flexible rubber strips with a strong 3M double-sided adhesive that will securely stick to any smooth surface.

How to use them? Just the adhesive cover and stick them on to your desired surface like a sticker, easy. The 3M adhesive stickers will not leave any annoying sticky residue. The ears are designed to create minimal wind drag and withstand high speeds and even tough weather conditions. 

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Helmet cameras are a great way to document your rides especially if you spend a lot of time on the road. If you’re going on a tour of the countryside, it’s a great way to document the scenic moments you encounter and share it with your loved ones.

It is also a great safety tool as you can use the footage as evidence should anything unfortunate happen while you ride. 

Motorcycle helmet cameras are getting more and more popular these days and are designed for easy installation. Most of them also come in HD and have long recording hours so you can document for hours. They also come with a memory card that you can load into your computer to conveniently review them after.

Motorcycle Helmet Locks

It used to be safe to just leave your helmet anywhere you like and still find it after. It’s sad to think that there might be someone who is looking to steal your helmet, but it does happen. Not to fret! A helmet lock and protect you from petty thieves and give you that peace of mind that your helmet will still be where you left it. 

The locks have a combination locking system and a rubber coated loop that uses a carabiner style lock.

A quick note..

Motorcycles are becoming an increasingly popular option for people as a mode of transportation as they are fairly cheap (compared to cars) and convenient. Although they aren’t the safest mode of transportation, wearing a helmet does a fairly good job of protecting the rider in the event of an accident.

Helmet design has come a long way in terms of aesthetics as well as safety features, and even Bluetooth and camera connectivity. All these features can elevate your riding experience while keeping you safe. On top of that, with so many available decal and accessories, you can have a multitude of options to give your helmet some personality.

Finding the right helmet for you will require some research and time. But it will definitely pay off to find a helmet that fits comfortably. Whether it’s for daily use or a long tour ride in the countryside, you’ll be able to find a helmet for every occasion.

Once you’ve found the right helmet, discovering the other tools and accessories that you can add to it will give you an added benefit and comfort.

Of course, you don’t have to get them all at once as you might not have the need for all of them. Instead, take some time to get familiar with your helmet and pick up pieces as you go. Once you get used to being a rider, you will have a collection of accessories like a pro in no time. 

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.