LS2 Women’s Motorcycle Helmet Review

LS2 Helmets Half Motorcycle Helmet Review Rebellion

Type: Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet

Weight: For a half helmet, this one weighs a decent 3.6 Pounds

Finish: Gloss with Pinstripes

Shield: Adjustable twin shield system, UV and scratch-resistant

Certification: DOT certified

LS2 Ladies Motorcycle Helmet Review: Comfortable, Lightweight, Chic.

Ladies, want a helmet that looks chic and at the same time doesn’t feel too heavy under the sun? Does that sound too far-fetched? Does your head feel heavy after wearing the helmet for long hours or does the heat bother you too much? 

With the LS2 Ladies motorcycle helmet, you are going to enjoy every bit of your bike ride. With this review you are going to grab the next LS2 helmet you can get your hands on. 

Benefits of LS2 Ladies Motorcycle Helmet.

Choosing the right helmet can be a bit of trouble, want to find your perfect helmet find out why,

  1. Adjustable Twin Shield System

Trouble lifting the shield when the sun’s on horizon and again placing it to its original place? LS2 solves this problem with adjustable twin shield system. You can adjust the shield according to your comfort and need. You can easily switch between half shield in case the sun rays hurt your eyes or keep it fully open to feel the wind passing by. 

The visors are built in 3D optically correct A class polycarbonate which gives the rider a clear vision, is resistant to scratches and Ultraviolet rays.

While most helmets do not provide ample space for wearing spectacles and sunglasses, with this helmet you can definitely flaunt your new pair of sunglasses or wear spectacles. 

  1. Flow-through Ventilation

Feel too sweaty and suffocated after wearing helmets while on a road trip with your biker friends? This helmet comes with flow-through ventilation that provides a continuous flow of air giving comfort to the bikers. With an inlet as well as exhaust port you will always provide a light flow of air to keep you cool and enjoy every bit of your ride. The onboard venting is a welcome feature, offering channeled ports. 

  1. Comfortable and Washable

These helmets come with an easy removable and washable liner that helps you clean your helmets the next time it is covered in muck and sand. The hypoallergenic fabrics used are less likely to cause any allergic reaction. Enjoy wearing your helmet for long hours of travel. 

It is also lightweight, so the next time you are under the sun and feel all clammy and sticky, you don’t have to remove the helmet. Instead, just switch to the half shield mode and you are good to go.

  1. Bluetooth linked communication system

Can’t hear while riding and have an urgent call to make? This helmet comes with a Bluetooth linked communication system that allows hassle free communication between rider to rider and rider to passenger. 

  1. Micro release chin strap

If you are someone who always faces trouble removing the chin strap, with LS2 helmets you get a swift release chin strap that won’t cause you inconvenience the next time you struggle with chin straps.

  1. Choose from a size you need, with two shells

The sizing isn’t going to be an issue with this one. With different size choices, from X-small to XX-Large, you are sure to find the right fit for you. It’s not a one-size fits all here, and with the kinetic polymer alloy, there are two shells instead of one, for more protection. 


  • Type: Half helmet.
  • Weight: For a half helmet, this one weighs a decent 3.6 Pounds
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Shield: Adjustable twin shield system, UV and scratch-resistant
  • Certification: DOT certified

Additional features: Ventilation, Bluetooth linked communication system, Micro release chin strap

  1. DOT certification 

A DOT certified helmet sets the minimum standard for helmets to meet the public standards. Since the helmet comes with DOT certification, you can flaunt your helmet while in the streets.

  1. Amazing colour and gloss finish

Get over with matte finish helmets and try this gloss finish helmet that is a modernized version of the traditional ladies helmet. It has beautiful asymmetric lines all over the shell breaking the monotony of the black. 

  1. Bluetooth communication system

One of the issues while riding a bike is not being audible to the passenger, with this Bluetooth linked communication system you can now converse easily without the wind bothering you much.

Other Important Factors

While this helmet is the perfect fit for any enthusiastic biker but here are some drawbacks that we would like to point out. 

  1. Separately sold Bluetooth linking system.

While the Bluetooth system is very handy and useful, you have to spend an extra few bucks to get your hands on the Bluetooth communication system. If paying a little extra doesn’t bother you much you will definitely enjoy wearing this helmet. The installation for the Bluetooth system is quite easy and will a few minutes to get started. 

  1. The top vent is sometimes of no use.

The top vent sometimes makes no difference open or closed. It has no airflow through and hence is as good as none. The vents also cause trouble in cutting noise effectively.

  1. A bit too large

You need to wear the right size of the helmet to ensure proper safety. If it’s small then you’ll feel suffocated and choked, if it’s too big then it will keep falling on your nose disturbing your sight. Choose the right fit for a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

Hence, while choosing LS2 helmets make sure you buy a size down. If you are size L, the buy size M.

The Final Verdict

While this helmet has its own share of pros and cons, this is the perfect fit for people struggling to find their perfect helmet. It’s lightweight and isn’t too large for daily use. Apart from the size issues, you won’t find much of trouble wearing this helmet. So the next time you wear a helmet, you will look sleek and smart and not end up looking like Megamind.

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