ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Review

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Modular full-face helmet

Weight: 4.4 pounds/ 1.995 kilograms

Technology: Bluetooth 3.0, One-touch control, 2 Built-in high-quality speakers with full stereo sound

Batteries: 1 Lithium metal batteries

Safety Standards: DOT and ECE certified

ILM Bluetooth Flip Up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review–Sturdy, Stylish, and High-Tech

Not many full-face helmets offer an integrated Bluetooth feature. The ILM Modular Flip Up does. The minute you put on the ILM Bluetooth integrated helmet; you get a confidence boost. ILM helmets are sleek, contemporary and are designed to give you a badass makeover. 

Plus, it is easily one of the Best Bluetooth integrated lids you’ll find in the market. This ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet review will highlight its top features and gear you up with all the information to make the purchase. 

The Top Reasons to Love the ILM Modular Flip Up Helmet

Here are some of the things you will love about this modular flip up helmet.

  • Integrated Bluetooth

This helmet comes with a fully integrated Bluetooth system and is easy to install. It includes built-in headphones and a microphone to answer calls without having to stop your motorcycle or taking off the helmet. This is a convenient add-on for people who get calls often and cannot help but stop the motorcycle to answer every call. 

The helmet also comes with a one-touch panel for answering, rejecting or redialing calls. You only need to press a button – done without stopping the bike.

Let’s say you’re riding while playing any audio via Bluetooth. If you get a phone call, it overrides the audio (FM, GPS Navigation Audio, Music or Intercom) so you don’t miss it. It is compatible with most BT units and features glove-friendly waterproof controls. 

The helmet offers one of the better sound stereo options we have seen around too, and the full stereo sound can be quite immersive. 

  • Effective Communication

When traveling in groups, it becomes difficult to communicate with your fellow riders. The wind noise cuts through your voice leaving no room for communication. So, there is no alternative other than taking multiple pit stops. The ILM Bluetooth Helmet offers a 1000 Feet Intercom service from rider to rider. This requires the other rider to be connected to the same service (any ILM Bluetooth helmet) as well. So, you need not shout frantically on the road to get your friend’s attention. Simply speak to them via the helmet’s intercom.

  • Suppresses Wind Noise

If you’re worried the wind noise will mess with the sound experience, this helmet manages that aspect as well. With 2 Built-in speakers with full stereo sound the helmet also offers DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise suppression technology. This allows you to enjoy the Bluetooth feature without much disturbance. The aerodynamic design works beautifully to minimize wind noise. 

  • Suitable for Different Conditions

The helmet offers the comfort of both a summer helmet and winter helmet, packed into one. How? There are three adjustable air intakes to ensure the best ventilation. That’s right, adjustable air intake vents. So, you can adjust the vents to allow more ventilation on hot summer days and close them to keep you warm during winter. These adjustable air intakes for proper ventilation make this helmet comfortable to wear in all weather conditions. The ILM Bluetooth Integrated modular helmet is great if you like taking long rides or tours. 

  • Great Field of Vision 

This modular helmet by ILM comes with two visors–internal and external. The external shield lifts right up when you flip it open. However, you can slide down the internal shield very easily using a switch on the side of the helmet. The external visor is scratch resistant making the ILM Flip-Up helmet one of the best lids in the market. The installation of the shields works in perfect sync with the helmet’s aerodynamic nature.

Features and Specifications

  • Helmet Style: Modular full-face helmet 
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds/ 1.995 kilograms
  • Technology: Bluetooth 3.0, One-touch control, 2 Built-in high-quality speakers with full stereo sound
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium metal batteries
  • Safety Standards: DOT and ECE certified

What else should you know?

This is a great helmet, but the Bluetooth feature is operable using batteries. If it is not used for a long time, the battery enters sleep mode. This means you must charge the battery for half an hour to avail of the benefits of the integrated Bluetooth feature.

The DOT and ECE certification means that you can use them without a worry, while the latest Bluetooth version ensures seamless connectivity. With the one-touch control, it’s easy to access too, no matter what you are doing. 

What Customers Love About this Helmet?

It’s clear that this Bluetooth helmet is a sensation among motorcyclists. Let’s see why people are loving the ILM Bluetooth modular flip-up helmet so much.

  • Super Stylish and Modern 

This helmet is pristine and beautiful. It gives riders a superb look no matter which shade they pick. ILM gives you three color options– Matte Black, White, and Red. All three variants are ultra-trendy, but you can always get it customized if you want a different color. With the Bluetooth 3.0 technology integrated into the super chic exterior, the helmet is not less than a showstopper.

  • Keeps Your Head Protected 

As a helmet, it is the objective of this lid by ILM to protect you from a head injury. Sifting through the reviews I found one that showed just how strong this helmet is. In the review, the buyer shared a nerve-wracking accident that could have turned fatal if they (the buyer and his wife) didn’t have on this sturdy helmet. After a heart-wrenching accident, the helmet succeeded in protecting them both from a head trauma thus saving their lives. The helmet survived the incident with only a few scratches. 

The Bottomline 

With the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review, hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the advantages and features of this helmet. These insights will help you make an informed decision based on your requirements. Overall, the ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet is a great choice if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted ride.

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