HJC CS-MX II X-wing Fighter Dirt Bike Helmet Review

HJC CS-MX II X-wing Fighter Dirt Bike Helmet Review

Type: Dirt bike  | Brand: HJC helmets

Advanced polycarbonate shell and cutting-edge CAD technology.

CS-MX 2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet

Orange and Matte Black

DOT Approved

HJC CS-MX II X-wing Fighter Helmet Review

Who doesn’t want to feel like a warrior hero while riding down the street on their motorcycle? This beast sports improved ventilation, a wide eye port to help you wear your glasses with ease and a nylex interior you won’t mind wearing. It’s just the helmet you need to reflect your adventurous spirit, and you should settle for nothing less. 

HJC Helmets has long been known as a brand that manufactures premium helmets at a relatively affordable price. The HJC CS-MX 2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet will surely capture your attention with its eye-catching design. It has been built following the schematic for an X-Wing Fighter. It also features the Rebel Alliance logo that will make you feel as if you are flying through the streets.

The HJC CS-MX 2 Rebel X-Wing is the perfect model for you if you want a helmet that strikes the perfect combination of innovation and design. It does not restrict your view of the surroundings so that you are always safe. Instead, it offers a broad field of view that you can adjust based on your needs. 

We have compiled a review of the HJC CS-MX 2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet so that you can learn everything you need to know!

Benefits of the HJC CS-MX 2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet

What works for this X-wing helmet? Here is a look at a few things we fell in love with.

  1. Polycarbonate composite shell

With this helmet, HJC wanted to create a lightweight product that can provide all the functionalities of a regular helmet. Made with polycarbonate, the shell of the helmet is durable but light so that you have no problem wearing the helmet when you are going on a long drive. The shell will also provide your face with maximum protection at the same time.

 You will not feel any pressure on your face that could cause discomfort. HJC keeps a strict eye on the construction of their helmets to ensure that they are premium, and this one is no exception. It is made to be high impact resistant and will keep your head from damage if you are ever in an accident. The polycarbonate shell fits the shape of the head well and feels comfortable.

  1. Brilliant design

As mentioned before, this helmet will make you feel as if you are a warrior charging forward. The unique visor will offer a wide field of vision so that you can keep your eyes on everything happening around you. HJC has perfected their X-Wing Fighter design, and you will find nothing like it on the market. The Rebel Alliance logo is prominent and stands out. The combination of black and orange suits the design well.

  1. Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

Breathing comfortably is a major part of riding on your motorcycle. This helmet is equipped with the ACS, also known as the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System. The execution is flawless, and you will remain dry and fresh for extended periods of time. The system causes full front to back airflow so that the heat can be flushed out of the helmet. This also keeps the humidity in check inside the helmet.


  • Type: Dirt bike helmet
  • Technology: Advanced polycarbonate shell and cutting-edge CAD technology.
  • Brand: HJC helmets
  • Model: CS-MX 2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet
  • Weight: This helmet is unbelievably light, weighing just 1 pound.
  • Finish: Orange and Matte Black 
  • Certification: DOT Approved

Additional Features: Revolutionary design, Large eye port, Comfortable Nylex interiors.

Equipped with many modern features, this HJC helmet is worth your attention.

  1. DOT approved

The helmet has undergone vigorous tests before being released in the market. It has been deemed for public use and awarded the DOT certification because it met all the standard safety requirements. The DOT certification is proof of the helmet’s reliability.

  1. Excellent fit

The comfort provided by this helmet is unmatched. Manufactured with the help of many cutting-edge technologies, it has been crafted to sit snugly on your head. The advanced CAD technology ensures that the fit of the helmet is just right- not too heavy, not too light. It does not lay excess pressure on your head. You will be able to ride in rugged areas without feeling weighed down.

Plus, you can choose a size you want – there are as many as seven options to choose from here, right from X-Small to XXX-Large. 

  1. Lightweight

Made with polycarbonate, the helmet weighs just about 1 pound. It is as lightweight as it gets, and makes it to our list of the lightest helmets you can wear. 

  1. Plush interiors

While the exterior of the helmet is tough and rigid, the interior is plush and comfortable. Made with Nylex, the interior feels soft against your head while also providing it with adequate protection. You can also remove the lining and wash it when you think that it has become dirty.

  1. Large eye port

The wide eye-port is one of the best features of this helmet because you will have maximum visibility. If you wear glasses, then you will also appreciate the superior goggle fit provided by the helmet.

Other Important Factors

This helmet is largely flawless, but we must point out that the sizing is rather off. It shows a tendency of sitting too snugly on the sides. You might find the helmet to be too tight on your cheeks if you choose the wrong size. Go by the measurements instead of the sizes.

The Final Verdict

The MX 2 Rebel Helmet is perfect for both Star Wars fans and avid riders. While affordable it is equipped with a range of modern features that you are sure to love. It feels comfortable on the inside but has a tough exterior that can help protect you when needed. The efficient airflow keeps you comfortable, making it a long term investment you wouldn’t regret.

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