HJC RPHA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet Review

RPHA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Style: Full faced 

Material: Premium integrated matrix plus (PIM+) outer shell

Weight: 5.6 pounds/2.5kg 

Sun-Visor: Anti-scratch Pinlock face shield with UV protection

Interior: MultiCool 

HJC RPHA 90 Helmet – Darth Vader Motorcycle Review: Rule the galaxy

Been a Star Wars fans and were always looking for something more than the usual accessories? What if you could get hold of a real cool Star Wars helmet that you can actually ride on your way to work?

HJC has always been reliable in creating high quality and affordable helmets for all types of riders from motorcycles, off-road, to snowmobiles. With so many years of experience in the helmet industry, they have developed and designed their own wind tunnel system, aerodynamics and ventilation systems. The RPHA helmets are one of their finest yet. 

With the announcement of Star Wars branded motorcycle helmets with RPHA, fans are going crazy. In this review, you can find out why its important to put on a helmet and why this HJC RPHA Darth Vader helmet is the perfect one for you!

Why go for the HJC RPHA 90 Helmet?

The Star Wars Darth Vader helmet might be the one for you. This specially designed Darth Vader helmet will make you feel like ruler of the galaxy, while keeping you safe with maximum comfortability.

  • Specially designed with HJC classic PIM+ outer shell is extremely rigid and durable and can withstand any impact. It protects you by absorbing and dissipating the forces of impact so that you only experience minimum trauma or injury.
  • With an ergonomically designed interior, this helmet is one of the quietest helmets around. This is rare for most helmets but very beneficial to the riders as it allows them to be more vigilante about their surroundings. For example, a noisy helmet might prevent riders from hearing honking from other vehicles or even police and ambulance sirens.
  • With a MultiCool interior, you won’t have to worry about sweat and sebum sticking on the interior of your helmet which might cause bacteria build-up and eventually a foul smell after a long time. Removable and washable, you can also keep it clean whenever you need to.

Features of the HJC RPHA 90 Helmet

Style: Full faced 

Material: Premium integrated matrix plus (PIM+) outer shell

Weight: 5.6 pounds/2.5kg 

Sun-Visor: Anti-scratch Pinlock face shield with UV protection

Interior: MultiCool 

Other features:

  • DOT certified
  • RapidFire II Shield Replacement System 
  • Enlarged eye port and eyewear friendly EPS shape
  • Innovative center, one touch open/close locking system 
  • 3D engineered, ergonomic interior
  • Integrated SunShied
  • Double D-Ring chin strap

Still not impressed with these impeccable features? Let’s take a look at how and why these features make the HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader helmet the ultimate gear for you.

HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader helmet features and benefits

Here is a look at some of the top benefits and features about this Star Wars themed helmet.

  • Advanced P.I.M Plus (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus)

This iconic feature of HJC helmets produces a helmet that is both extremely strong and exceptionally lightweight at the same time. This fiberglass composite is made up of carbon fiber, aramid, and fiberglass that makes it rigid and light. Not to mention the aerodynamically designed shell structure makes for maximum speed and performance. 

  • RapidFire III Shield replacement system

Switch out your shield effortlessly with this clever tool-less system.

  • 3D engineered ergonomic interior

This creative design gives the HJC RPHA helmet models the title of one of the quietest helmets around. Noise reduction in a helmet is an added safety feature to reduce tunnel wind noise so that the rider can be more vigilant of his surroundings. 

  • One touch open/close locking system

One touch is all you need to open or close the chinbar and face shield. The dials are also designed to be adjusted if you’re wearing gloves.

  • Multicool

The features are amazing on the outside and inside of the helmet. Lined with MultiCool removable and washable interior, this clever technology is not only cooling for the rider, but also has anti-bacterial properties. This technology prevents moisture retention in the fabric and also has quick drying properties. With this added feature, you can be sure to prevent the inside of your helmet from foul smells and keep it hygienic.

  • Pinlock technology

For the ultimate anti-fog system, this technology adds to the safety features of this HJC Darth Vader themed helmet. Inserting a Pinlock will create a sealed chamber of air between the inside of your shield and the Pinlock. This provides insulation to normalize the cold temperature from outside and the hot temperature inside the helmet to prevent it from fogging. The Pinlock basically acts like a second lens between yourself and the outer shield. 

  • Integrated SunShield (HJ-V9)

An anti-fog, anti-scratch, smoke-tinted SunShield that you can deploy quickly and easily. With all these safety features to maximize your visibility, you won’t have to worry about having to stop at the roadside to relief shield from fogging up. With improved vision, you can also be safe from being distracted while riding your motorcycle. 

  • Eyeglass friendly

The HJC RPHA helmet is also designed to fit any type of eyewear for better vision.

  • Double D-ring chin strap

Although considered to be a low tech mechanism as compared to the other ultra-high tech factors above, the double D-ring chin strap are very secure helmet fasteners. Using very few movable parts, they are a simple and effective way to secure a helmet. 

The only downside? It’s one of the heavier helmets out there, so you might want to weigh that in!


With the 9 features and benefits listed above, I think you could guess my verdict on this cleverly designed helmet. Not only will you look like the ruler of a galaxy, you also would not be so easily defeated with its myriad of safety features.

From the specially designed outer shell, to its simple and clever chin-strap, this helmet checks all the boxes in terms of style, safety, and comfortability.

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