HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: HJC Helmets | Model: Iron Man

Advanced P.I.M. Plus (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus)

~5 pounds

Gloss Red and Gold

Anti-fog lens shield

DOT Certified

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet HJC RPHA 70 ST Review

The superheroes we grow up loving are always a part of us in spirit. Do you want Tony Stark to be your constant companion in your daily life? While you may not be able to zoom past the sky wearing the Iron Man suit, there is a way of making it happen. The collaboration between Marvel and HJC gives you the opportunity of snagging a helmet by HJC that truly captures the spirit of Iron Man. 

All the helmets in the range strike the perfect balance between excellent graphics and innovative technology. Our review of the HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Helmet will tell you everything you need to know before purchasing the product.

Benefits of the HJC Ironman Motorcycle Helmet

There is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to this helmet. It is packed with features that will make your journey easier. 

  1. Rapid Fire shield replacement system

The helmet allows for a quick and tool-less method of shield removal and installation. You will have no problem trying to figure out how the mechanism works. The system will seem easy to install, even if you do not have any professional skills when it comes to dealing with a helmet. You will find that the ratchet system ensures easy and secure installation so that beginners do not find the process frustrating.

  1. Advanced P.I.M. Plus construction

The helmet has been constructed with the help of a special technology called the Advanced Premium Integrated Matrix Plus, which makes it strong and durable. You will not have to worry about the helmet falling apart because it is made with carbon fiber and carbon-glass hybrid fabric that increases shock resistance. It will provide you with a snug and secure fit so that you feel safe when you are riding down the street. 

  1. Easy pad removal

If you run into an emergency, you will find yourself being able to take off the crown and cheek pads easily. Not only are they removable, but they are also washable so that you can always maintain your engine. 

  1. Rebar vent switch

When you are wearing a helmet, it is important that you are able to breathe comfortably. The 70 ST design will allow for an easy control of airflow. It comes with intake and exhaust top vents, which make sure that there is as much air circulation as possible. You will not have the warm air heating you up, and that will allow you to breathe easily. 

Helmet Features

  • Type: Full-face helmet
  • Technology: Advanced P.I.M. Plus (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus) construction
  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Model: Iron Man
  • Weight: Weighing just 5 pounds, this helmet will make it easy for you to ride without feeling heavy and suffocating.
  • Finish: Red and Gold, just like the actual Iron Man helmet you see on the big screen.
  • Shield: Anti-fog lens prepared shield
  • Certification: DOT Certified

Additional Features: Proper air-flow, easy vent system, removable pads, impeccable graphics.

While there are many different options on the market when it comes to full-face helmets, this one will give you the additional boost of feeling close to your favorite Iron Man. You will value the following features:

  1. Anti-fog smoke tinted sun shield

The anti-fog shield will make sure that you always have a clear vision when you are riding your bike. It will be deployed quickly, and you will be protected from the Sun at all times. Riding during the day will become easier with this helmet in tow. 

  1. DOT approved

This helmet has the necessary DOT certification, which means that it meets all the minimum standard requirements for helmets. You can use it in public without any worries.

  1. Beautiful graphics

The helmet has been designed to emulate Iron Man’s outfit. The red and gold metallic finish makes it lifelike. The lens is fitted perfectly to accommodate the design without risking your safety when you are riding.

  1. Multi-cool interior

The interior of the helmet feels luxurious and provides you with many benefits. The anti-bacteria fabric allows for enhanced moisture-wicking and fast drying so that you are no uncomfortable because of sweat. The fabric will be able to soak up sweat even on hot summer days. The anti-bacterial fabric is effective but soft on the skin so that you can use the helmet even if you have sensitive skin. This helmet will not give you any rashes. 

  1. Anti-fog lens prepared shield

The helmet comes with an anti-fog insert lens so that you can ride in all kinds of weather without risking your life. You will not face a problem even if you are riding in a foggy area when you are wearing this helmet. 

  1. .Glasses-friendly EPS design

This helmet is flexible and can be used by different kinds of users. The removable pads and liners ensure that you are comfortable, while the glasses-friendly design will prevent you from having to take off your glasses when riding.

Other Factors

We promised you a well-rounded review, so we must mention that the latch on the face shield might feel rather flimsy. While the fit of the helmet is secure and snug, the latch might come off if you are not careful. The padding could also have been better, and that’s something that might put you off from making this helmet one that you would wear out every time. That being said, it’s still a great collector’s buy.

The Final Verdict

Armed with some brilliant features, the HJC Iron Man helmet will give you value for your money. Not only will you have Marvel memorabilia that you will be able to use daily, but you will also enjoy the benefits provided by hi-tech HJC helmets. The pros outweigh the cons – and did we add that you are sure to turn eyes as you go?

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