HJC RPHA-11 Marvel Captain America Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC RPHA 11 Marvel Captain America Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: HJC Helmets

HJC RPHA-11 Marvel Captain America

~5.4 pounds

Gloss Red, Blue, and White

Anti-fog 2D flat-racing shield

DOT and ECE Approved

HJC Captain America Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you are a fan of Marvel superheroes, we are sure you absolutely adore Captain America. The charming and brave superhero has managed to win hearts in every corner of the world. Do you want something that will infuse you with the spirit of Captain America in your daily life? The collaboration between HJC Helmets and Marvel might be just what you need. 

The helmet, inspired by Captain America, is textured and highly detailed. It looks authentic because it has the Cap’s legendary “A’ on the top and a rendering of the polished ‘vibranium shield’ on the back. You might be able to trick people into thinking that you are Steve Rogers himself. 

Perfect for the racetrack, this helmet is equipped with an aerodynamic shell structure that will keep you stylish and protected. Our review of the HJC RPHA-11 Marvel Captain America Motorcycle Helmet will give you all the information you need.

Benefits of the HJC RPHA-11 Marvel Captain America Motorcycle Helmet

So, what will you love about this Captain America helmet? Here is a look.

  1. Strong Construction

This helmet stays true to the legacy of Captain America when it comes to being incredibly strong and tough. If you love riding in rugged conditions but cannot find a helmet that will survive your journey, then this is the one for you. It has a unique aerodynamic shell structure that makes it perfect for racing tracks. Get better performance even when you are riding your bike at maximum speeds.

 With this helmet, you will not have to place any restrictions on yourself in terms of speed. You can let yourself go. Created with a matrix of Aramid, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, and Organic Non-Woven Fabric, this lightweight shell can prove to be remarkably strong when it comes down to it. It will provide you with a superior fit and provide you with the comfort with the help of advanced CAD technology. 

  1. Rapid-fire Shield Replacement System

The helmet comes with an easy but secure shield ratchet system that will allow for super-fast, tool-less removal. The installation will also not take a long time, and you will be able to accomplish it efficiently. The best part is that you will not need any kind of professional skills in order to use the ratchet system. If you are a beginner, you will truly appreciate the simple and secure installation.

  1. Dual Shield lock System

The helmet comes with a unique center one-touch open/close locking system that is truly innovative. This locking system has been designed to provide an extremely secure seal when you are racing at high speeds. The automatic center shield lock is equipped with a spring controlled lever, and you can achieve up to 5mm initial shield position when you release the shield lock.


  • Type: Full face
  • Technology: Advanced CAD technology and aerodynamic shell structure.
  • Brand: HJC helmets
  • Model: HJC RPHA-11 Marvel Captain America
  • Weight: The helmet weight around 5.4 pounds, and is a little on the heavier side. However, the intricate design is worth the trade-off.
  • Finish: Red, Blue, and White
  • Sizes – Get it in a size you need, from small to XX-large. 
  • Shield: From the superior anti-fog 2D flat-racing shield to the 2D Dark smoke flat-racing shield there is a lot to love in this one. Plus, there is the anti-fog insert lens that helps you ride even when the weather doesn’t seem that clear.
  • Certification: DOT and ECE Approved.

Additional Features: The helmet offers different features to help you ride with ease. You get an emergency helmet release, removable cheek pads, a wide eye-port, and a rapid-fire shield Replacement system. We will take a look at them in detail below. 

The Top Things to Love About this Marvel Motorcycle Helmet

This model manages to stand out in a sea of motorcycle helmets because of the following features.

  1. Emergency helmet release:

If you find yourself in an emergency or rescue situation, you will be able to remove the helmet safely and quickly because of the removable cheek pads. This will save you valuable time, and you will be able to get more done to help yourself and others. 

  1. ECE & DOT approved

HJC is known to make high-quality helmets that are guaranteed not to fail you. However, if you want that extra bit of reassurance, you will be able to know that this helmet has both ECE and DOT certification, making it ideal for public usage. 

  1. Glasses-friendly

If you are not comfortable with the idea of giving up your glasses when you are riding, then you will appreciate the design because it accommodates both regular glasses and sunglasses. 

  1. Effective shield system

This helmet will provide you with the protection you deserve. It has an installed Anti-Fog 2D Flat-Racing Shield that is optically superior and will give you a clear vision if you are racing. It also comes with a 2D Dark Smoke Flat-Racing Shield and an Anti-Fog insert lens. You can install them as per your requirements. 

  1. Large eye port

This helmet will give you a wider and better peripheral vision so that you are minutely aware of your surroundings when you are riding. 

  1. Easy air flow:

The helmet has an optimized shell design that offers excellent airflow allowing you to breathe properly when you are on your motorcycle.

Other Important Factors

The sizing of the HJC RPHA-11 Marvel Captain America Motorcycle Helmet is not consistent, especially because it is a unisex model. Take a look at the measurements of the helmet before you make your purchase. 

The Final Verdict

The HJC RPHA-11 Marvel Captain America Helmet is an exciting piece of memorabilia to collect and use. You will fall head over heels in love with it if you love Captain America. It will also satisfy the rational buyer in you because of its arsenal of benefits. If you love racing, or riding at high speeds in general, then this helmet is a great investment.

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