HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: HJC helmets 

Type: Full face 

Shell material: Made of fiberglass, it’s durable and sturdy. 

Visor: Anti-fog and Sun protection

Certification: DOT and ECE certified

The F70 is the new “finest” line of HJC that packs in both style and comfort.

This budget-friendly helmet comes in a lot of different colors. Starting off with five options in solids, to variable options in not only Feron graphics but also Mago graphics as well. The helmet is the junction of technical design and materials at an affordable price point. Ranging from sizes XS to all the way of 2XL, this helmet is winning hearts. This full-face entry-level lid has approved both the DOT and ECE standards.

Choosing the right helmet for your requirement might just sound like a difficult task, but to help you bridge this gap we have for you the ultimate guide and review to get your hands on the ideal helmet. 

Why should you go for an HJC Helmet? 

The brand HJC is universally acclaimed for manufacturing specialized exclusive motorcycle helmets. Being in the manufacturing business for 45 years, HJC has made superior helmets for users all over the globe. With good quality helmets fitting for every range, HJC is known to offer top quality, stylish and yes, comfortable helmets that are preferred by riders all over.

Coming to the HJC F70, this helmet has an optimized aerodynamic performance that helps improve the airflow within. Comprising of sliding double top and chin vents, the air channels are top-notch and also moisture and heat are pulled out accordingly. There are five exhaust ports that help in pulling air through the top of the helmet so that the rider stays cool during a rise in temperatures.

To protect the rider from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, there is an integrated drop-down internal sun visor that provides lots of coverage. Add to it a large outer shield that helps give riders a wide peripheral view. The smooth mechanism and small defense protect the rider from sunny days. There is an anti-fog coated drop-down sun side on the interior as well.

 HJC now has its own proprietary communication systems, and have the 10B and 20B unit. And as per fact, this helmet is also smart HJC compatible and can be used for Bluetooth communication.

Top Reasons to Buy the F70 

Now let us look into the benefits of the HJC F70 Motorcycle helmet.

  • Shell

This sport touring helmet is a full-face motorcycle helmet and is also a compact one. Made from a very lightweight woven fiberglass shell, this helmet provides an exceptional fit to the riders. The use of an advanced channeling ventilating system has upgraded its level of comfort.

  • Ventilation

 The aerodynamics of this helmet is uncanny. Provided with an advanced channeling system, this helmet has not only the chin but also crown vents for all-round airflow inside the helmet. It also has a back vent and a breath guard. The breath guard ensures that there is no rush of air when the motorcycle takes up high speeds.

 During the occasional rise in temperatures, to maintain the airflow and keep a cool temperature, there are five exhaust ports designed in the helmet. Also, the breath guard helps in maintaining a steady vision by keeping the visor fog-free.

  • Visor

The visor or the face shield of this helmet has a very smooth operating system. But however, this helmet does not come with a rapid-fire release system, but in order to attain that one has to take a screwdriver out to release the visor from the body. This outer visor comprises an anti-fog coating.

Secondly, if you are someone who loves to ride during the daytime, there is a drop-down sun visor on the inside that provides coverage from the UV rays.

  • Double D ring-

The helmet is fastened by a double D-ring enclosure to the retention strap. This helps in preventing the straps of the helmet from flapping around in the air.

  • Contoured cheek pads- 

 To help ensure that your face is protected and well intact, there are contoured cheek pads provided that sit nicely on the bottom of your cheeks, helping keep the head intact and, also minimize the amount of air that will enter the helmet. The inner lining is removable as well so that it can be washed and clean, to prevent bacteria build-up. Apart from this, there is a chin curtain that helps prohibit air rush around the neck and chin hence, creates an air blockage


  • Type- Full face 
  • Shell material- Made of fiberglass, it’s durable and sturdy. 
  • Brand- HJC helmets
  • Visor- Anti-fog and Sun protection
  • Fastener- Double D ring
  • Lining- Comfort (removable)
  • Certification- DOT and ECE certified

Additional features:

  • Glass grooves- 

 The helmet has cutouts that help accommodate glasses and sunglasses used by riders. It also has cutouts for speaker communicators.

  • Availability in different sizes- 

Most of the motorcycle helmets in the market, don’t come with a lot of sizing options and hence leave users disappointed but the new HJC F70 is known to come in sizes from XS to 2XL. 

  • Compatible with Smart HJC Bluetooth-

This helmet is compatible with Bluetooth communication headsets. But it has to be purchased separately.

  • DOT and ECE certification- 

The HJC F70 comes with a DOT and ECE certification and is ready to hit the road.

Final verdict:

If you are someone who is keen on full-face helmets and is looking for a top-quality helmet, the HJC F70 will be a good choice for you. It’s got more of a snug fit and can feel a bit tight at times, so it may not be a great choice for riders who are looking for more of leeway on that front. 

With extensive as well as exclusive features, the helmet will meet up to its expectations. You can choose from eight different sizes and tons of different colors, giving you the choice of customization you are looking for.

Coming at an affordable price range, this helmet will be a fresh and worthy addition to your life.

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