HJC RPHA-11 Boba Fett Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Boba Fett RPHA-11 Pro Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Style: Full Faced 

Material: Premium integrated matrix plus (PIM+) outer shell

Weight: 3.45 pounds/ 2.9 kilograms 

Sun-Visor: Anti-scratch face shield

Interior: Fully removable and washable advanced anti-bacteria fabric

HJC “Boba Fett” Motorcycle Helmet Review; Get the confidence of a bounty hunter.

Star Wars fans assemble! Have you always wanted to look like a badass bounty hunter like Boba Fett? Strap on this iconic helmet and you will instantly get a confidence boost! A man of few words and known for never taking off his helmet, you might feel the same way once you’ve tried on this HJC RPHA-11 Pro Boba Fett Helmet.

What are the features of the Boba Fett Helmet? Why is this the one for me? Will it protect me? Will I be hired by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo?

These are the questions that we will be answering in this review, and more! But before that, let’s look at the reasons why wearing a helmet is important. 

Wearing the RPHA-11 Pro Boba Fett helmet can save your life.

‘It messes up my hair’, 

‘It doesn’t fit my style’,

‘I’m only going a short distance’

Just some reasons from people who do not like to put on a helmet while riding their motorcycle. However, studies have shown that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries by 69% and minimize the risk of death by 42%. 

Here’s how the Boba Fett helmet can save your life:

  • With a rigid material for its outer shell, any impact will be absorbed and dissipated so that the rider experiences minimum impact. 
  • At 3.45 pounds, this lightweight helmet allows you to be flexible and have maximum mobility. Its so light that you do not even have to take it off while refuelling or going to the atm. A light helmet also means that your neck and spine will not be strained under the heaviness, which sometimes occurs with heavier helmets.
  • This Boba Fett helmet is also designed with multiple air vents and even a forehead vent so that the riders will not feel hot and sweaty while wearing the helmet. 
  • Anti-fog and Anti-scratch face shield ensure full vision and safety while you are riding your bike.

Next, we will take a look at the amazing features of the Boba Fett helmet.

Features of the RPHA-11 Pro Boba Fett Helmet 

Style: Full faced 

Material: Premium integrated matrix plus (PIM+) outer shell

Weight: 3.45 pounds/ 2.9 kilograms 

Sun-Visor: Anti-scratch face shield

Interior: Fully removable and washable advanced anti-bacteria fabric

Other features:

  • DOT and ECE approved
  • RapidFire II Shield Replacement System 
  • Max Air-flow top vent and Brand new forehead vent
  • ACS Advanced Channelling ventilation system 
  • Enlarged eye port and eyewear friendly EPS shape
  • Superior automatic shield locking system
  • Optically superior Anti-fog lens

Still not sold? Keep reading to find out about the benefits of these features!

Advantages of the RPHA-11 Pro Boba Fett Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet 

Here is a look at some of the top features that make the RPHA-11 Pro a class apart from many of its competitors. 

  • Premium Integrated Matrix Plus (PIM+) shell

A unique woven blend of Carbon fiber, Aramid, Fiberglass and organic non-woven fabric gives you a remarkably rigid and durable helmet that is surprisingly lightweight. With such rigid outer shell, the force of collision will be dissipated, protecting you from the massive force of impact and keeping you safe from any damages to the head. A lightweight helmet also means that you will be able to wear it comfortably while having great mobility. It also relieves pressure on your neck and spine.

  • Aerodynamic Shell

This Boba Fett helmet is also designed aerodynamically to give you a boost of speed for maximum performance.

  • Amazing Ventilation – ACS Advanced Channelling Ventilation System

HJC developed the ACS system that allows for maximum airflow and ventilation that moves from the front to back, pushing heat and humidity up and out. This will give the rider a smoother airflow while suppressing wind resistance which brings maximum ventilation.

  • Max air-flow top vent

Adding to the superb ventilation system, the helmet is also equipped with a forehead vent that allows for effective cooling of your crown. Each vent control has dials that can easily be adjusted according to your liking, even if you’re wearing gloves.

  • RapidFire II Shield Replacement System with superior automatic locking system

The Ultra Quick, tool-less system allows you to toggle the shield effortlessly fast and efficient. You can also lock the shield as easily with a spring controlled lever.

  • Optically superior anti-fog lens prepared 2D flat racing shield

With this helmet, you also don’t have to worry about your vision fogging up due to its built in anti-fog lens and insert. It also includes a 2D Dark Smoke Shield to protect you from direct sunlight that further protects you while riding in sunny environments. Not to mention, the dark color also enhances the aesthetic of the helmet, making you look mysterious and cool.

  • Enlarged eye ports and eyewear friendly

Your vision is maximized while wearing this helmet with its enlarged eye ports. Do you wear glasses? That won’t be a problem with this HJC helmet as it is designed to fit any type of eyewear comfortably.

  • Recessed area for speakers

Another added feature of the helmet is the flexibility of a speaker placement for a custom fit. 

Decisions, decisions

If you are looking for a helmet with all the benefits, and more, while looking cool like a bounty hunter, then this is the helmet of your dreams! The helmet is designed with the rider’s in mind as you can tell from the ease of use and flexibility to adjust most components with ease. It is a sturdy choice and is your go-to helmet if you are looking for one that you can use for the longer run.

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