9 Best Motorcycle Helmet Lights And Reflective Stickers For Road Safety

A motorcycle helmet is a key to your safety on the road. Aside from protecting your head during a collision, it can also help prevent that collision from occurring by using a motorcycle helmet lights and reflective stickers . Motorcycle helmet lights and reflective stickers increase your visibility at night when making lane changes and hitting the brakes at night or dim-light conditions.Finding the right motorcycle helmet lights and reflective stickers might be slightly overwhelming with all the many brands available on the market today. Fortunately for you, we’ve done all the legwork and reviewed nine of the best motorcycle helmet lights and reflective stickers. We also provide a buying guide to help you make the right purchase decision of buying the right lights or stickers for your motorcycle helmet.

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Lights And Reflective Stickers

1. VFLUO BLACK STANDARD Retro Reflective Stickers Kit

The VLUO BLACK STANDARD comprise of four retro- reflective stickers suitable for all models of motorbike helmets.

These reflective stickers are inconspicuous at day time and bright at night to give car lights in the dark.

It’s the best on the market with its durable construction and 3M Technology feature.

Highlighted Features :

  • VLFUO stickers are black but glossy. They work just as they should in giving you high visibility at night or in dim-light conditions.
  • It integrates the 3M Technology which is the darkest and more potent retro- reflective material. It works by returning the light to its source through millions of retro-reflective micro-prisms.
  • The four retro- reflective stickers have a surface area larger than 18 cm2 to meet the current French legislation.
  • Adhesives are easy to install on the surface and can last up to eight years.
  • It’s designed to be used outdoors, in all weathers including wind, rain, and snow.


  • Lit up well at night
  • Barely noticeable at daylight
  • Looks very good on black helmets
  • Can be used to any brand and models of motorcycle helmets
  • Easy to put on and set on the helmet
  • Can last up to 8 years in any weather conditions


  • Only comes with 4 small stickers

2. Lumenflex LightRider 360 for Motorcycle Helmets

The LightRider 360 is another interesting motorcycle helmet light which suits all types and models of motorcycle helmets.

The LED lights encircle your helmet to create a dazzling field of light.

Its subtle LED band design is unobtrusive and keeps the safety features of your helmet.

Highlighted Features:

  • LightRider sticks to your helmet with a non-solvent very high-bond (VHB) adhesive backing. It can be taken off without impacting your helmet’s warranty.
  • The continuous LED strips offer an evenly diffused light so there’s no blinding light to appear in other driver’s rear views.
  • It weighs around 1.3 oz, which is pretty lightweight for an LED strip design. It won’t affect the fit and feel of your motorcycle helmet.
  • High-intensity LEDs offers a total visible light output of 245 lumens. This brightness is enough to alert the other drivers up to 600 feet away.
  • It’s great that the joints are flexible because you can layout the LED in different patterns.
  • It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. It offers 10 hours of run time when fully charged for six hours.


  • The lights aren’t blinding for other riders ahead
  • High-intensity LED lights
  • Long run-time of 10 hours
  • Low-profile design
  • Easy to apply on any helmet


  • The battery pack needs to be tucked away

3. Dewangli Motorcycle Helmet Light

The Dewangli motorcycle helmet light has the best waterproof design because it can’t be easily corroded when exposed to rain and storm.

It’s universal meaning that it fits for all types of motorcycle brands and models in the market.

This package includes two light-emitting strips, double joints, a 3V driver, 1 m extension line, and 1 double-sided adhesive.

Highlighted Features :

  • Dewangli offers three modes: Always On, Flash, and Fast Flash. You can select the mode on the controller switch.
  • It uses 3M double-sided adhesive making it easy to stick and clean even after peeling off from the helmet.
  • It’s waterproof and shockproof. It’s thinner than coins so you can barely feel it on the helmet.
  • The lights are powered by 2 AA batteries. The lifespan is around 5,000 hours.


  • Easy to stick to the helmet surface
  • Offers three modes
  • Looks good in any helmet
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Lights up well during the night


  • Batteries aren’t included

4. CustomTAYLOR33 Reflective Warhawk/Mohawk Decals

If you want to look unique, then try the customTAYLOR33 reflective decals. It has a Warhawk or mohawk design that looks stylish on the road at night.

A rubber helmet Warhawk is sold separately.

It gives some color at daytime and brightness during at night.

Highlighted Features :

  • The decals are precisely cut to fit perfectly on every blade of the rubber Warhawk.
  • It’s available in many colors: red, black, orange, blue, green, baby blue, hot pink, lime green, pink, purple, white/silver chrome, and yellow/gold.
  • UV and solvent-resistant coating makes sure that the decals remain in good shape for a long time.
  • Extremely strong adhesive keeps the decals in place in any weather, like rain and strong winds.


  • Easy to peel and install
  • Unique Warhawk design
  • Available in many attractive colors
  • Can withstand against any weather
  • Reflects the headlights really well during nighttime


  • You need to buy the actual spikes separately

5. B Reflective Reflective Stickers Kit

The B Reflective stickers kit works great in sending car lights during the dark as they need to be.

These reflective stickers are barely visible during the day, but very reflective at night.

You can stick them on any type and brand of motorcycle helmets making them one of the best multi-purpose motorcycle helmet lights on the market today.

Highlighted Features :

  • The B Reflective kit includes 10 reflective stickers with the dimensions of 7 x 1.8 cm.
  • Not only on motorcycle helmets, but the reflective stickers can also be used on saddlebags, baby strollers, and any smooth surface that needs high visibility.
  • The stickers are colored black. They only look silver when light strikes them.
  • The bright effect of the reflector is visible from 1-80 m.


  • Easy to stick and maintain
  • Comes at a great value
  • Strong adhesion capability
  • Can stick to any smooth surface
  • Very visible at night


  • May be difficult to peel off from the helmet.

6. Rider Gadgets Wireless Helmet Light

The Rider Gadgets Wireless Brake Light gives you enough visibility when you apply the brakes.

This device will light up to ensure your safety in harsh weather conditions, such as rain and storm.

This wireless brake consists of one transmitter and one thermoplastic rubber (TRP) receiver.

Highlighted Features :

  • The transmitter contains 12 LED light bulbs or a black box of positive and negative wires. It can be used as a replacement to your old brake light device.
  • The TRP receiver contains 18 LED light bulbs. It’s soft and bendable so it fits perfectly on any helmet surface. It turns off the power automatically if you don’t hit the brakes after two hours.
  • When you apply the brakes, this unit will send a signal to the TRP receiver. The receiver will illuminate to ensure your safety on the road even in harsh weather conditions.
  • The low power indicator will flash to tell you that the battery needs to be replaced.


  • Easy to install
  • Approved by FCC and CE
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatically shuts off after 2 hours
  • Works fine on any weather conditions


  • A bit expensive

7. Whistler WHL-40 MotoGlo

For half helmets, your best choice is the Whistler WHL-40 which sends visible signal lights when hitting the brakes and changing lanes.

It places the turn signals and brake lights at the eye level of the driver.

Other drivers can see you better when you stopped at a light.

Highlighted Features :

  • The WHL-40 works in several modes: red lights on, brighten and flash when hitting the brakes, and turn amber and flash on either side for turn signals.
  • A wireless connection between the transmitter and motorcycle helmet.
  • It contains 10 ultra-bright LEDs for brakes and turn signals.
  • It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that’s locked inside the console.
  • It comes with the transmitter and the 3M tape for easy installation.


  • Easy to install and mount on half helmets
  • Quite visible at night
  • Has a long battery life
  • Charges very quickly
  • Convenient wireless operation


  • Barely visible at direct sunlight

8. Street FX 1044081 Motorcycle Helmet Light

Street FX offers a motion-activated motorcycle helmet light that fits just right in your budget.

The 1044081 fits all size and shape of helmets, making it a great universal helmet.

It’s a simple and affordable way to gain higher visibility at night even in severe weather conditions.

Highlighted Features :

  • It’s motion-activated meaning that it only turns on when motion is recognized. This ensures that your battery doesn’t go wasted when you forget to turn it off.
  • Energy friendly ElectroPods consume less power.
  • The red light flashes for 10 seconds then times out. It turns off when it’s not used for 20 seconds.
  • Wires are linked directly into the battery or the unit’s power distribution module.
  • Weather and shock-resistant. This red motorcycle helmet light can withstand any cruel weather conditions such as rain and storm.
  • It requires two replaceable batteries.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Low power consumption
  • Fits on all types of motorcycle helmets
  • Auto-off function
  • Motion-activated to save power


  • Feels a little heavy on the helmet

9. JahyShow Motorcycle Helmet LED Light Strip

This JayhShow LED light strip is inspired by Tron to provide a futuristic appeal to your boring motorcycle helmet.

It’s suitable for all types of motorcycle helmets. The package includes two helmet light strips, one extension wire, one connecting wire harness, and one controller.

Highlighted Features :

  • It works in three modes: Always On, Slow Flash, and Fast Flash. You can select the mode in the controller.
  • The controller uses ABS material that doesn’t easily wear. It’s durable, portable, and can be fixed using a clip. It requires two AA batteries to function.
  • The double-sided tape makes the installation easy and secure. It’s easy to clean after taking it off from the helmet.
  • It’s waterproof so it can be exposed to rain without any problem.
  • The turn signal light offers a warning during harsh weather conditions, such as fog, rain, and snow. It effectively ensures preventing rear-end collision.


  • Consumes less power
  • Has a long service life of around 5,000 hours
  • Waterproof and weather-proof
  • Fits to all types of motorcycle helmets
  • Shines brightly in dark environments


  • The controller is a bit bulky

Buying Guide For The Best Motorcycle Helmet Lights And Reflective Stickers

Motorcycle helmet lights provide both style and safety. They offer you high visibility at night and during harsh weather conditions.

To make better purchase decisions, here are some things you need to consider.

Types Of Motorcycle Helmet Lights

1. Reflective stickers

These stickers only light up when energized with a light source. They’re barely visible during daytime but magically illuminates at night when irradiated by headlights. This suits for riders who want a low-profile design that doesn’t affect the safety feature of the helmet.

When applying reflective stickers on your helmet, make sure that it’s positioned precisely on the surface before taking off the backing. It would be a bit difficult to reposition the sticker once it sticks to the surface.

However, if you want to reposition the decal, you can apply a tiny amount of soapy water mixture to lubricate the surface.

2. LED Strip Lights

LED lights are less aesthetic than decals but they can help you keep safe in dark areas. These lights are usually powered by batteries or can be connected directly to the motorcycle battery.

Their color is usually red and it shines brightly without consuming much energy. There are different types of LED lights: a single bulb and a strip of LED lights. A single bulb may be too crude and simple for some riders.

If you want a more stylish design, choose an LED light strip. Besides its wonderful design, these LED strips often have many features such as a turn signal and brake lights.

Are Helmet LED ​​​​​Lights Legal?

Helmet lights are legal in many states in the USA, like California. However, they’re not legal in some parts of Canada. Check the laws of your local area before putting an EL or LED kit in your favorite helmet.

Reflective stickers aren’t lights, so they’re basically legal in all states of America. LED lights, on the other hand, have specific laws on the prohibitions of accent lighting in terms of color and type.

In general, LEDs are legal provided that they keep hidden and unlit on roads and don’t flash or include blue or red colors.Since the laws on LEDs may differ for every state, you should first check the unlawful vehicle modification laws of your specific state to avoid potential penalties of adding colorful lights.


The best motorcycle helmet light and reflective sticker is the VFLUO BLACK STANDARD retro- reflective stickers kit. It incorporates 3M Technology, which is the best on the market in terms of reflective capacity.

It’s suitable for any brand and models of motorcycle helmets.Compared to other motorcycle helmet lights in this list, VFLUO provides the longest life of eight years.

It’s easy to put on and set on any helmet surface. Best of all, it’s very subtle at daylight and sufficiently bright at night for your road safety.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.