WWQY German Leather Motorcycle Helmet Review

WWQY Leather German Vintage Half Motorcycle Helmet Review

Type: German Leather Motorcycle Helmet

Brand: WWQY Helmets 

Finish: Leather (Black & Tan)

Certification: DOT Certified 

WWQY Leather Motorcycle Welmet Review: Vintage, Hardcore, Sporty

Looking for a helmet that is sporty and trendy and breaks monotonous look that conventional helmets give you? Want a retro-looking uber-stylish helmet? 

Do you find full-face helmets suffocating and want a protective gear that doesn’t completely cover your vision? Want to add a pair of goggles or sport the new pair of glasses?

The WWQY is hands down the absolute choice for you. With this review on WWQY Leather Motorcycle Helmet, you are about to find out why? 

Benefits of the WWQY German Leather Motorcycle Helmet

While choosing an open helmet wouldn’t you want the best of the best? Here are the benefits of WWQY Leather Motorcycle Helmet,

  1. Well ventilated shell

Long ride and wearing helmet makes you feel uncomfortable? With the WWQY Leather helmet, you are going to enjoy a smooth and sheltered ride. This helmet provides proper flow of air around the aerodynamics of the shell. So that you can enjoy the feel of wind passing and enjoy an unhindered journey! 

Since it is an open helmet, it doesn’t need intake and exhaust vents, you can just feel the wind at its glory. Even with the absence of the vents, this helmet does not fail to give you sufficient airflow. The prime advantage of an open face helmet is the air-flow; hence it keeps you cool on hot days.

  1. Heavily cushioned helmet

One of the key features you must look for while buying a helmet is its protective covering not only on the exterior but also on the interior. In the case of this helmet, it comes with a well-cocooned cushion that keeps your head safe from any injuries in case of damage due to sudden jerks or any fatal accident. 

So the next time you are speeding past a speed breaker the cushions will keep your head safe. 

Wearing a padded, heavily cushioned helmet provides protection even from small sharp pieces that otherwise might pierce into your head in case of an accident.

  1. Washable and Removable ear pads

The main idea behind the ear pads is to keep your ears warm in cooler climatic conditions. These can be removed on hot days hence providing more room for ventilation and also for your glasses.

The ear pads in this particular helmet are easily removable and washable. The next time you find your helmet full of dirt you can now wash them effectively. You can also replace the ear pads if they are damaged. 

If you are someone who finds ear pads annoying and irritating, you can remove them off and then enjoy your journey further. 

  1. Leather exterior 

Love wearing leather and want a leather helmet? Well, you have got it all sorted with this athletic helmet. Wearing this leather helmet is going to grab a few eyeballs for sure! You’re definitely going to stand out in a crowd and earn a few appreciative glares from your mates and who doesn’t like extra attention? 


  • Type: German Leather Motorcycle Helmet
  • Brand: WWQY Helmets 
  • Finish: Leather 
  • Certification: DOT Certified 
  1. DOT certification 

A DOT certified helmet sets the minimum standard for helmets to meet the public standards. So since this helmet comes with DOT certification it means that you can definitely flaunt your helmet while in the streets. 

  1. Breathable and comfortable 

The fabric of the helmet is breathable and gives you extra comfort while you use the helmet for long periods of time. It has a wide opening for air to circulate inside the helmet and helps in keeping you cool in hot climatic conditions. The breathable fabric wicks moisture off easily and keeps your helmet, less stinky! 

  1. Sturdy rides

You can also wear the helmet in numerous races like the ATV races, dirt bike races and motorcross events. The sturdy exterior provides protection in these events and hence keeps your head protected and safe. Also, since it has a heavily cushioned interior it gives extra comfort to your head in races.

  1. Visibility

With open helmets, you get a clear vision of the road. The helmet also allows movement of your head so you can look both ways in case of an intersection or change of lanes. You can even add goggles or wear glasses without worrying about breaking them. 

Other important factors

Looking to buy the leather helmet? Here is a look at some of the other things to note. 

  1. Find the right size for you

You must wear the right size of helmet to enjoy your ride. To choose your correct size, measure the widest part of your head and select the size according to the size chart. If you have a big skull, then go for a larger size. 

Choosing the correct size can be problematic, but finding your apt size is necessary for your protection. 

Opting for a wrong size helmet can prove to be dangerous as well as can harm you.

  1. Are You Looking for Full Coverage?

Since it is a half helmet, it only protects your skull and not the whole face. So while your skull stays protected to any injuries, your face might have to bear a few injuries in case of an accident or mishap. 

Safety-wise, the full-face helmet offers more protection to your face as opposed to the open helmet mainly because they cover your face completely and not partially.

Final Verdict

This german style leather motorcycle helmet is the coolest helmet you can get your hands on. It is smart, sleek and adds an extra edge to your personality. If you love wearing vintage stuff then this helmet is going to be your buddy for life. Apart from partially covering your face, this helmet does create a sturdy exterior around your head and will definitely keep your skull safe. 

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.