Doughboy Novelty Motorcycle Helmet Review

Doughboy Novelty Motorcycle Helmet by Mikesprolids Review

Brand : MikesProLids 

Model: Doughboy

Weight: At around 2.4 pounds

Certification: NA. [Novelty Helmet]

The Doughboy Helmet Review You Need to Read

Are you bored with traditional helmets? Riding your motorcycle should be an exciting experience. Heavy helmets with the same old designs can ruin it for you. If you want to dip your toes into something truly innovative, then you should consider Mikes Pro Lids. The company is looking to revolutionize the way kids and adults view helmets by coming up with unique and effective products with simple designs.

The matte black Doughboy helmet will definitely catch your attention because it does not remotely resemble a regular helmet. Mikes Pro Lids shot to popularity in a very short span of time, and they have truly earned all the praises. If you are intrigued, our review will furnish you with all the necessary information.

Benefits of the Doughboy Helmet

Mike clearly put a lot of thought into making the design for the helmet because it has been executed to perfection. The raw materials used to make the helmet are of impeccable quality. There are a number of advantages to purchasing this helmet for anyone you love.

  1. Unique Design

The helmet has a really unique design that you cannot find anywhere else on the market. It has been shaped like a brimmed hat, but it manages to retain the functionality of a regular helmet. The company has created a model that combines the modernity of a brimmed hat with the protection offered by a helmet. The cutting edge design makes the helmet flexible as well. 

You can wear it forward, but you can also wear it backward with the brimmed part in the back if you want to look cool. The matte black model we chose looks sleek. The minimalistic vibe offered by solid colors is refreshingly modern. 

  1. Flexible Approach

Mikes Pro Lids did a great job of offering flexibility to customers in terms of the fit and design of the helmet. The product is available in several colors, both muted and bright. We chose the matte black model for our review, but you can explore the different options available on the website. The helmet also comes in multiple sizes so that riders can find the perfect fit for themselves. 

Moreover, you can experiment with different colored liners for your helmet, which means that you can pair a matte black helmet with a blue liner effortlessly. You could also opt for crazy patterns and whacky color schemes depending on your tastes.


  • Type: Open-face brimmed hat.
  • Technology: Novelty helmet design.
  • Brand: Mikes Pro Lids
  • Model: Doughboy
  • Weight: At just 2 pounds, it’s lightweight. It will not lay extra pressure on your face, so you can wear it for long periods of time.
  • Finish: Matte or gloss colors, and custom painting available.
  • Certification: None.
  • Additional Features: Removable liner, Open ventilation.

When it comes to the Doughboy helmet, you might wonder if investing in such a new product will give you adequate value for your money. The truth is that what the helmet lacks in terms of advanced technologies, it makes up for in innovation and simplicity of use.

  1. Made to order (colors, wraps, and custom paint)

These helmets are not commercially manufactured in large batches. Often times, products lose their quality when they become a part of this commercial drill. However, the Doughboy helmet has managed to hold on to its exclusivity and uniqueness. Once you place your order, the company will especially make a helmet just for you and ship it. The helmets are made in the United States of America with premium raw materials so that they are durable. 

  1. Open-cell foam protection

This helmet will provide protection to your head in addition to being lightweight. The liner comes with open-cell foam that cushions the head without putting too much pressure. It is comfortable to wear, and you will be able to sport it all day long. The foam will keep the helmet’s hardness from hurting your head. 

  1. Removable liner

The liner that comes with this helmet can be easily removed. Moreover, it is also washable. This means that you will be able to wash the lining and keep the helmet hygienic. You can choose to wash the lining after every ride, or you can wash it every two weeks or so. The lining does not lose its quality when you wash it multiple times. It is durable and will last you as long as the helmet.

Other Important Factors

One of the primary disadvantages of this helmet is that it can take up to four weeks to arrive at your doorstep. While the company does ship internationally and has a wide geographical base, it cannot speed up the shipping process because all the helmets are made to order. If you prioritize fast shipping, then this might be a problem for you. 

Moreover, since the Doughboy is a novelty helmet, it does not have DOT certification. This means that the helmet has not been tested by professionals to see whether it meets basic safety requirements. You shouldn’t really depend on it for every day wear, but can work great for that photoshoot.

The pricing might seem a little expensive, but one has to consider that the company is a start-up. 

The Final Verdict

If you do not like the feel of traditional helmets weighing down your head and suffocating you, you will really enjoy the feel of this product. The superior construction quality makes it durable, and the fit is snug but comfortable. The shape of the helmet is definitely unconventional, and some of the color ways are just awesome – but that is also what allows it to stand out and be worth the price tag. 

We wouldn’t really be recommending this one as an everyday helmet – you will be compromising on your safety a tad bit too much – but one that you could buy if you already own a good/safe helmet for everyday riding at higher speeds. 

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