Top 21 Custom Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

We’ve seen them on the road and scrolling through the gram. Those head-turners, the “whoahs“, and the “that’s cool!‘ comments over on the sidewalk.

There’s just someting awe-inspiring about a unique, one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle helmet.

  • Is it because you truly know that there isn’t another one exactly like it out there?
  • Or is it that you are now just a little bit more biker that than the rest of your friends in the crowd?

Maybe that’s it, you’re never in the crowd.

Let’s take a look at some really awesome custom motorcycle helmets here in 2022.

Custom Motorcycle Helmets List

Source: Rekairbrush

Bandana Motorcycle Helmet Rekairbrush

The red bandana skull helmet design by Rek at Rekairbrush is possibly one of the coolest designs in the airbrushing world.

Often imitaded, never duplicated.

Source: iva_ula

Blue Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet

Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmets are a female bikers weak spot.

Being able to got fast as you want in one? Well that is not so easy. Most of them are huge and have massive wind drag.

Until you custom mold your own design like Iva.

Source: littlebihhh

Bone Hawk Funky Sexy Couture Helmet

The Bone Hawk Moto Helmet turns many heads and has broke the gram once or twice. We lost count.

Paired with the funky boots of littlebihh, a few stunts, stoppies, and tight pleather, we that is what you call a Show Stopper.

Source: mikesprolids

Crown Royal Hat Helmet by Mikesprolids

Mikes been painting every backwards hat lid for years in all the sports, brands, and color combos you can image.

They ain’t DOT, but,…


Source: bekkahbella

Crystal and Spikes Bling Motorcycle Helmets

Gems, crystals, spikes, and bows.

Anything that sparkles really.

Glue it on and get out on 2.

Source: blondebetty711

Majestic Unicorn Crystal Cat Ear Blingin Motorcycle Helmet

The Majestic unicorn helmet combines the love for Sparkle, Unicorns, Mohawks, and Kitty Ears into a single – magical custom helmet.

And she a rockin’ it.

Source: ankabeauty

Custom Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet

This is a one-off custom cat ear motorcycle helmet by ankabeauty that looks to perform better with a much small version of a modeled cat ear.

She rides fast, so it must work?

Source: airgraffix

Custom Painted Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

May the 4th be with you.

And also with Mr Mando and another season coming soon?

*Fingers crossed

Source: BlazeArtworks

Custom Skull Motorcycle Helmets by Blaze

Blaze has been painting some amazing skull motorcycle helmets for quite some time and has amased quite the collection.

Check him out.

*Dont look at the prices, if you do, well – you just can’t afford it.

Source: Etsy

Deathstroke Motorcycle Helmet

Deathstroke on the streets in spooky season?

You got it.

Source: Nitrinous

Fallout Motorcycle Helmet

The Fallout motorcycle helmet by Nitrinous (in Russia) brings over the apoc style with a steampunk twist.

You can probably also weld in the dark and underwater too with it.

Source: MackBrush

Freehand Abstract Art Helmet

Mr Mack, 1 paint brush, and a can of black paint.

Sometimes custom artwork doesnt have to be complicated.

Or does it?

Source: TE Customs

Glory Daze TE Customs Helmet

Winning Trippy helmet contests all over the country, that is TE Customs.

Air-brushing, pinstriping, and rolling-and-twisting their way right to #1.

Green Orc Custom Motorcycle Helmet

Also ready for this Halloween, the customized green orc helmet will have you turning heads and scarying small childeren up and down the block.


Source: Lightmode

NightHawk Motorcycle Helmets

Yes, adding a Motorcycle Helmet Accessories motorcycle helmet accessory to your favorite lid might possibly be the easiest way make it custom.

And the app can take it one step further with light color and mode combinations to suit your mood – day or night.

Passion Purple Simpson Helmet

Passion Purple on a Simpson helmet just screems fast life.

Appropriately, also brought to us by FastLife Garage.

Source: Etsy

Red hood motorcycle helmet

The Red hood but in green is a bit like Taco-Tuesday, but on a Friday.

Still awesome.


Sharpie Motorcycle Helmet Design

This list of Custom Motorcycle helmets wouldn’t be complete without at least one sharpie-doodling helmet design.

So here it is.

Source: Nitrinous

Spartan Hawk Motorcycle Helmet

Sparta! Come on, you know I had to.

The worlds biggest, longest, and most awesomest Mohawk Helmet goes to the raining champ (for 5 years now?)…


Source: Walteriffic

Walteriffic’s Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Motorcycle Helmet

Walteriffic is an OG in the custom lid game (on IG).

So it’s only fitting that this years launch of the Ruroc Moto Helmet has got some Walter-flair added.

To. The. Moon.

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