HJC CS-R3 Spiderman Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC CS-R3 Spiderman Homecoming Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: HJC Helmets | Model: CL-17  

Model: Spiderman Homecoming Helmet

Technology: Polycarbonate shell 

Shield: Anti-scratch face shield

Certification: DOT Approved

HJC CS-R3 Spiderman ‘Homecoming’ Helmet Review: Robust, Bold and Masked

Love Marvel and Spiderman? Now that the swinging superhero is in the Marvel Universe – and thanks to the partnership between HJC and Marvel – you can get your hands on a full-face Spiderman themed helmet you are sure to fall in love with.

It’s the perfect gear for you – a mix of all things Spiderman and a protective gear. 

Here is a detailed review on your favorite character inspired helmet- The HJC Spiderman Homecoming helmet.

Benefits of HJC Spiderman Homecoming Helmet

Apart from the stunning graphics the helmet offers, here are the benefits that these helmet provide,

  • Advanced polycarbonate composite shell

The polycarbonate shell is lightweight and does not put burden on the bikers head. It also provides superior fit and comfort to the rider. During long journey, the helmet might irritate you but because of the polycarbonate shell it gives you greater comfort to help you drive with ease. 

The composite shell is made with the perfect blend of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar hence gaining all the important properties of various materials adding more definition to the shell.

The polycarbonate material makes the shell resistant to impact so that in case of jerks or sudden accidents the helmet protects you.

  • Anti-scratch face shield 

The visor has anti-scratch properties that keep the visor free from scratches. If you are a clumsy person and always end up dropping your helmet, you need not worry about the scratches on your helmet. Scratches can hamper your vision, making it difficult for you to see properly; with the anti-scratch face shield you can enjoy a clearer, scratch free vision.

  • ACS Ventilation system

The HJC Spiderman helmet is equipped with ACS advanced channeling system that regulates the flow of air and provides you with proper exchange of hot and humid air. The ventilation system provides full front to back air flow, then flushes humid and heat air keeping the interiors cool in summers and warm in winters. The ventilation system adjusts the flow of air according to the climatic conditions.

The ACS ventilation has two top vents so that warm air gushes out of the top and help keep the interiors cool. It also has two chins bar front vents and two rear vents. The ACS ventilation system provides maximum circulation of the air so that you don’t get all sweaty wearing the helmet. The chin vents provide air circulation around the chin area whereas the rear vents are used to remove exhaust air. In case of summers in removes hot air out while in winters in removes cool air.

  • Plush, Nylex fabric

The interior of the helmet are made in nylex fabric that adds vibrancy to the helmet. The fabric is expensive and luxurious.


  • Type: Full face
  • Technology: Polycarbonate shell 
  • Brand: HJC helmets
  • Model: Spiderman Homecoming Helmet 
  • Weight: HJC helmets are often lightweight, and at4 pounds, this one stands true to the legacy.
  • Finish: With a Blue and Red finish, this one’s exciting to look at.
  • Shield: Anti-scratch face shield
  • Certification: DOT Approved

Additional Features: Increased air flow, easy to use vents and interchangeable shield

  • DOT approved

A DOT certified helmet sets the minimum standard for helmets to meet the public standards. This helmet can be worn for regular use since it is DOT certified and also can be worn in countries that accept DOT certification.

  • Detailed graphic

The helmet is colored in red and blue. The top surface is covered in red while the bottom in blue. The interesting detail of Spiderman imitated on the helmet is extraordinary. The helmet has web, eyes of the Spiderman on top the shield and many minute details.

  • Interchangeable cheek pads

The helmet has a removable cheek pads so that you can remove and replace your cheek pads easily. It also has additional benefits, the removable cheek pads can be changed according to your size so that the cheek pads don’t end up suffocating your jaws rather than provide them protection. 

  • Multiple optional shield

The manufactures also provide you with variety of shield like, RST mirrored, high definition, smoke & race shields with tear-off posts so that you can change your shield according to your requirements. If it’s too foggy, you can replace the clear shield with an anti-fog one. You even get a dual lens or electric shield that provide you better and clear vision. It also has a breath guard so that small impurities do not enter your respiratory tract.

  • Unisex

This is a unisex helmet so anyone can wear this helmet without hesitation after all Spiderman fans need not be gender specific.

Other important factors 

  • Size doesn’t fit properly

Although this helmet provides the best features, it is recommended that you wear a size down. Wearing the incorrect size helmet has its own disadvantages, for starters it won’t provide the protection you need. The helmet won’t fit you snuggly on your head also it can causes headaches and annoy you while you wear it. 

So, find your perfect size and then wear the helmet. With this HJC helmet, the sizes are larger than the usual. So if you are a use XXL, the company recommends you wear a size down i.e. XL.

  • Too tight cheek pads

Not wearing the right cheek pads can be too tight on the jaw area hence adding discomfort to your ride. The cheek pads sometimes feel too tight around the jaw region and that can be a painful experience.

So make sure you are wearing the right sized cheek pads for maximum comfort. 

The Final Verdict

This HJC unisex helmet has amazing Spiderman graphics all over the shell. This webbed helmet also has some cool specifications and characteristics. The helmet also has variety of shield options that are otherwise unavailable.

It’s amazing interior, lightweight shell and advanced ventilation system makes it stand apart in terms of performance and appearance. 

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