HJC Marvel CL-17 Punisher 2 Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC Marvel CL-17 Punisher 2 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: HJC Helmets | Model: CL-17  

Design: The Punisher Graphic 

Shield: Anti-scratch, Anti-fog Pin lock face shield

Certification: DOT, SNELL Approved

HJC Marvel CL-17 Punisher 2 Motorcycle Helmet Review: Irresistible, Powerful, and Best

Do you love The Punisher- the Marvel anti-hero whose main goal is to avenge the murder of his family? Are you a fan of the MCU universe? 

Want your helmet to be impersonation of your hero? With the Marvel and HJC collaboration, your wishes might just come true. You are going to love this helmet by HJC that has the perfect blend of impressive graphics and advanced technology.

Here’s a review on the HJC’s Punisher Helmet giving you all characteristics of the helmet.

Benefits of the Marvel CL-17 Punisher Helmet

Why should you want to get your hands on this one? Here is a look at what you will love. 

  • Advanced Polycarbonate shell

The shell is made of polycarbonate a tough, lightweight material that would be too heavy on your face. It has high impact resistance, so if you end up in an accident the shell will resist the impact keeping your head safe and secure. It is cheap to manufacture and hence is considered an ideal material for crash helmet.

The helmet provides comfort using the CAD technology. The polycarbonate shell provides superior fit and comfort to the rider, if you have a long ride sport this comfort and graffiti style helmet.

  • Rapid Fire shield replacement system

The shield comes with a replacement system that is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require professional skills to remove or install the helmet. The ratchet system allows simple and secure installation, so it makes the job easy even for beginners. 

  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation System Or the ACV system

While you wear a helmet to protect your skull, a well-ventilated interior will only add more to its comfort. With the ACV system, you get a proper flow of air, and a continuous exchange of hot and humid air.

  • Anti-scratch pin lock face shield

A new 3D deign shield is used in this helmet that provides 95% UV protection to the eyes of the rider. So if the blazing sun hurts your eyes let the shield take of them. The helmet also has a side shield mechanism for ultra-secure shell that keeps your head safe and secure from sudden impacts. 

The shell also has a pin lock insert for additional fog system that provides you with an option to add anti-fog shield when it is freezing cold and the cold impairs your vision temporarily.


  • Type: Full face
  • Technology: Polycarbonate shell with advanced CAD technology
  • Brand: HJC helmets
  • Model: Punisher II 
  • Weight: It weighs just 4 pounds, and for a full face helmet, does offer some good value. 
  • Finish: Matte black 
  • Shield: Anti-scratch, Anti-fog Pin lock face shield
  • Certification: DOT, SNELL Approved
  • Additional Features: Increased air flow, easy to use vents and removable liner.

While a good number of full face helmets today offer features like a removable liner, not all sport the same design as this one, giving it an edge if you are a Marvel fan.

  • DOT and SNELL approved

This helmet is not only DOT approved but also SNELL approved. A DOT certified helmet sets the minimum standard for helmets to meet the public standards. While, the SNELL certification is voluntary, it is vigorous than DOT. 

  • Stunning Graphics 

The helmet has undoubtedly the most stunning graphics you can get your hands on. It has the righteousness and the attitude of the superhero. The helmet has a single all white skull on the top surface, whereas the sides have two black skull that gradually fade away giving a creepy aesthetic to the helmet.

  • Wide size range 

The helmet has a wide size range from XS to 3XL, helping you choose your perfect size helmet. With the different sizes, you need head sizes and shapes.

  • Removable Cheek Pads and liner

The helmet has a removable cheek pads and liner so that you can remove and replace your cheek pads and liner easily. It also has additional benefits, the removable cheek pads can be changed according to your size so that the cheek pads don’t end up suffocating your jaws rather than provide them protection. 

  • Super-cool interior and anti-bacterial fabric

The helmet is equipped with amazing interior and the fabric has moisture wicking properties that easily absorb excess sweat in hot summer days. 

The anti-bacterial fabric is soft on your skin and keeps bacteria away, if you have sensitive skin and wearing helmets gives you rashes then this anti-bacterial fabric is going to be your best friend!

Other Important Factors

We promised an all-inclusive review, and it isn’t complete without taking a look at a few other things to note.

  • Size can be a problem

It is recommended that you first check your actual size and if it doesn’t fit then you can always change the accordingly. For some the actual size will fit perfectly while for others you might have to choose a size bigger than the actual. 

Wearing the incorrect size helmet has its own disadvantages, for starters it won’t provide the protection you need. The helmet won’t fit you snuggly on your head also it can cause headaches, double vision and fatigue.

So, find your perfect size and then wear the helmet. With this HJC helmet, the sizes are larger than the usual. So if you are a use XXL, the company recommends you wear a size down i.e. XL.

The Final Verdict

With the brilliant graphics, the HJC Punisher helmet gives plenty of benefits at an affordable price. The exceptional performance and the most authentic Punisher styling add an edge to full face helmets. 

With increased air flow, easy to use vents and removable liner that adds room for glasses as well, HJC’s Punisher is the next generation full face helmet. Apart the size issues, the helmet provides great graphics and additional features in an affordable price.

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