Top 5 Cat Ear Helmets in 2018; HJC, AGV, Shoei, or Cookie?

Top 5 Cat Ear Helmets in 2018; HJC, AGV, Shoei, or Cookie?

2018 has been flying by. As a motorcycle rider living in one of the northern states, I know personally just how painful this can be to watch the weeks fly by. Why? Riding season is only about 5 months long here. I know, I know. 

There also have been a LOT of very cool custom Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmets getting made this year. We had no idea what some of our customers would do when we created this new helmet accessory.

We did know that there is a passionate and amazing crowd out there that was wanting to get there hands on this. And they are really just starting to get super creative too! (Follow HelmetUpgrades on Instagram to stay up to date)

#5 - Monster-Kitty HJC Helmet by @Oneslwmiss

Monster HJC Motorcycle Helmet with the new Cat Ear Helmet Accessory added by @oneslwmiss

HJC Helmets have a TON of cool looking graphics and brand deals with some big names. Star Wars and Monster Energy are just a few. The RPHA 11 model helmet is also used by some of the biggest names in the motorcycle racing industry. Mixing the 2 worlds is a simple recepe for an amazingly cool motorcycle helmet.

And then BRITTVNY REIŠ (@oneslwmiss) went ahead and added ears to the top.


#4 - Berserker ICON Kitty Helmet by @LitttlePinkGSXR

littlepinkgsxr Icon Alliance Motorcycle Helmet with Cat Ear Accessory

I was bit bummed the first time I tried to add these cat ears onto an ICON motorcycle helmet. They also have a LOT of sweet looking graphic helmets.

But the Icon "Alliance" model has these tow big air scoops that are running down the top middle portion of the helmet. Obviously, I tried to put them on the top and was immediately disappointed. 

Until Mae (@LittlepinkGSXR) sent in this photo of them slid a bit down the side of the helmet and added to the "sides."

I was shocked. Why didn't I think of that?

#3 - Silly Kitty LS2 by @Luv.lee

LS2 Youth Motorcycle Helmet with Cat Ears and small pink gems and rhinestones

This is the first helmet I saw that had anything else added to it. If you looks closely, there are a bunch of pink rhinestones and gems added to create a truly unique look and a one of a kind masterpiece of a helmet for the happiest little girl on the planet. 

#2 - AGV PINKY by @Ja_MotoGeek

Black AGV Motorcycle Helmet with Cat Ears by ArtofCurly


#1 - The AIR-KAT Cookie G3 by Liz

Liz in a Cookie G3 Helmet skydiving with the Cat Ear Upgrade accessory on at 150mph

Look at that. 

Just look at it,..... you are either adding skydiving to your bucket list right now or starting to get a little sick from feeling like you are that high off the ground and falling.

Or both. No judgement here. I want to do it too. And from the look on Liz's face, she's having a good ol' time out there!

This one was the most surprising to see, an early supporter back when we were just "pre-ordering" this new product to see if there was any demand at all (feels like so long ago now).

The first week we shipped out a bunch of cat ears to those early supporters Liz starting sending in pics of her jumping out of an airplane with them attached to a Cookie G3 Helmet. 

And I keep seeing more out there. She once told me that they bang around a LOT on exit, and the ears hold up to that beating great. 

And they have stayed on since that first jump. 


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