Top 10 Coolest Moto-Kitties in 2018

Moto-Kitty? WTF is a Moto-Kitty you ask? Simply put, a Moto-Kitty is a cross between One-Cool-Biker-Babe and a Crazy-Cat-Lady. You know, Moto-Kitty. 

With all the new Moto-Kitties hitting the streets this year, it was a difficult and challenging task narrowing down to the Top 10. Really, ya'll are awesome and we love all of our amazing customers!

And "Coolest" is such a vague metric. Who get's to say that your cool and someone else is not? Well, only you really know. While I stand my ground that we are all "cool" in our own way, that's just simple impossible to write up a good ol' fashion Top 10 List with.

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Let's get on with it already shall we? 

10. Aileen Keding

aileen keding with Shoei Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet and Pink Ponytail

9. @ThatgirlKenziex

ThatgirlKenziex in White Bell Qualifier Helmet with White Car Ear Helmet Accessory

8. Yessania Pizano

YESSENIA PIZANO in Fly Motorcycle Helmet with Cat Ear Upgrade Accessory

7. @Alecsandra_Fleer

alecsandra_fleer in red Caberg Motorcycle Helmet with spikes gems and Red decals in Cat Ear Helmet Upgrade

6. @Imashotcalla

imashotcalla with SHOEI Motorcycle helmet and Cat Ear Motorcycle Helmet Add on 2

5. @littlepinkgsxr

Icon Alliance Helmet with Cat Ear Accessory by littlepinkgsxr

4. @Leitherogue

AGV Motorcycle Helmet with Cat Ear Accessories installed by leitherogue cat

3. @Garagesweetheart

Garages Sweetheart Keri Newsome with Icon Alliance Motorcycle Helmet and Cat Ears Added on top

2. @Mz_gxsr305

ms gsxr kayla from pinkstroke scorpion sugar skull motorcycle helmet with Cat Ears Accessory 

1. @Oneslwmiss 

Oneslwmiss Monster HJC Mmotorcycle Helmet with Black Cat Ear Addition

If you ride on 2 wheels (or 3) you can ride with me. - Karl S

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