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Skydiving Kitty Liz D. hits 150mph

Skydiving in a Cat Ear Cookie G3 Helmet I've always wanted to go skydiving, but when it comes to getting organized and finding somewhere to do it - I guess that is where the friction starts creeping in.  I've heard that the skydiving experience is one that you will never forget and "change your life." Maybe that is where the appeal comes in. I always dream about things the will be life changing - who doesn't? So when a very early supporter sent me a few pics of her skydiving with the Cat Ear Upgrade on her helmet I was absolutely amazed! This is not something that we figured in when creating the product by a long shot. We knew...

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Cat Ear Helmet Accessory Review and Photoshoot with Ja_Motogeek

Cat Ear Helmet Upgrade Review and Photoshoot with Ja_Motogeek Who is Ja_Motogeek? Jennifer Angelina (aka @Ja_Motogeek) is a motorcycle enthusiast that enjoys travel, fitness, video games, and Pom's. She's been riding moto's for years and has a bit of a wild (and pink) streak! Her black Shoei motorcycle helmet gets the Cat Ear Upgrade installed in this video review and then she heads off for a photoshoot by @artofcurly. Jim P of BadassHelmetStore brought this collab together and also brought his bike along for the photoshoot! (Pics Below) Video Transcription: Hey guys, I'm Jennifer Angelina - also known as Ja Motogeek and thank you for joining me today. Umm, I'm so excited to share with you what I have done.A little hint is I...

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Unboxing the Cat Ear Upgrade with Kayla

This is Kayla M of (also known as @mz_gsxr305 on Instagram) unboxing the Cat Ear Upgrade and installing them on her Scorpion EXO-R420 Sugar Skull Motorcycle Helmet.  "super super cute!" - Kayla She explains how easy it is and shows us that it only takes a few minutes from unboxing to having the Cat Ears ready to install on a helmet. I'd like to mention that the helmet was cleaned before the start of the video. Who really wants to watch someone clean a helmet right? Here are a few pictures she took after getting them installed:      

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