Skydiving Kitty Liz D. hits 150mph

Skydiving in a Cat Ear Cookie G3 Helmet

I've always wanted to go skydiving, but when it comes to getting organized and finding somewhere to do it - I guess that is where the friction starts creeping in. 

I've heard that the skydiving experience is one that you will never forget and "change your life." Maybe that is where the appeal comes in.

I always dream about things the will be life changing - who doesn't?

So when a very early supporter sent me a few pics of her skydiving with the Cat Ear Upgrade on her helmet I was absolutely amazed! This is not something that we figured in when creating the product by a long shot. We knew that it needed to withstand high speeds and not create a bunch of drag.

But,... skydiving?!?

Skydiving Kitty Liz Doss with a Cat Ear Upgrade Cookie Helmet

Liz Doss was the first ever Skydiving Kitty! 

There are not that many skydiving helmet accessories available. A few camera mounts and maybe a some stickers or decals is about all that is available in this extreme sport. There is a ton of skydiving gear to choose from, just not a lot of helmet attachments. 

What kind of helmet accessories would be cool to add to your Cookie Helmet?

Back to the story. So when Mr. Doss sent over the video above showing Liz jumping out of an airplane with the Cat Ear Upgrade attached to her Cookie G3 Helmet, well let's just say we wanted to do the same! (and just maybe someday we will) 

Liz Doss with the Cat Ear Upgrade on her Cookie G3 Sky diving helmet

"We bang around a lot on exit and they [Cat Ears] take a beating. They hold up great."

We hope to see this more :) What about you? But before you go, there are a few regs that you will need to check with you local drop zones and find out if you are able to. I'm no expert, far from it. But I'm told that each state and each drop zone has different sets of "rules" they need to adhere to. 

What's on your Bucket List?


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