Bilt Helmets Reviews – Why Is It A Superb Helmet Brand?

By far, the helmet is one of the most crucial gear that a motorcyclist should have. This is a piece of mandatory equipment, in fact, not wearing it could either expose you to dangers or send you to the bad side of your state laws.

You don’t want to be put in either of these situations because they are no laughing matter. Having a good helmet is crucial. And sometimes, the way we inspect it is through brands. Whether we like it or not, we have our favorite helmet manufacturers.

It is an inherent bias that we can’t just avoid. It is the same thing as liking a particular NBA superstar or shoe brand. Of course, all of you are here because you are either interested or a fan of Bilt.

Bilt is among the known manufacturers of motorcycle helmets. There are several reviews about them that state the quality and finesse of their products. In short, they are worth taking a look at. If you want to have ergonomic design and highly protective helmets, you should be checking Bilt helmets. 

Bilt Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

In hurry? Here are top 7 Best Bilt Motorcycle Helmets on the market today! All DOT and ECE 22.05 approved.

1. Bilt Techno 2.0 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

When it comes to the Bilt Helmet Brand, the Bilt Techno 2.0 is probably the most popular.

It is an extremely functional helmet embedded a myriad of protective capabilities so that its users will feel comfortable and safe while using it.

This particular unit features the SENA DWO-5 Bluetooth technology, which is considered to be one-of-a-kind.

It allows quick sync with various Bluetooth devices so that connectivity will be an issue anymore. You can communicate with anyone safely as long as this helmet is on.

Aside from being a powerful Bilt Bluetooth helmet, the Techno 2.0 also holds excellent features. It has excellent ventilation so that your head will not get sweaty if the weather is hot. The internal liner is removable for cleaning and maintenance.

This particular liner provides a comfortable feel to your head. You will not feel any hint of stiffness while wearing this gear. The drop-down sun shield of this helmet is tinted. While it is great for daylight use, it might hinder your vision when the illumination is low.

Fortunately, you can easily flip this one up so that your visibility will never be compromised. The modular design ensures total protection to your head. The injection-molded polycarbonate shell further guarantees that it can withstand impact and blunt forces. 


  • Highly innovative and powerful Bluetooth technology
  • Intuitive chin-mounted ventilation system
  • Made from an industrial-grade injection molded polycarbonate
  • Comes with an internal sun visor
  • Removable and washable interior


  • Some riders encounter sizing issues with this particular helmet

2. Bilt Power Modular Helmet

Another great helmet from Bilt is the Bilt Power Modular Helmet. I actually tried this one and found it beyond satisfactory.

It is made from high-quality materials and included a myriad of features that are useful for avid riders out there.

One of its simple-yet-functional features is its double D-ring strap closure on its chin.

The latter guarantees that the helmet will remain snugly and fit throughout the course of your ride. There are also a number of vents that are integrated on the body of this helmet. They ensure that even if it gets hot on your road trip, the helmet will not steam your head.

Overall, it can remain cool inside because of these small vents that are strategically placed in the helmet. Needless to say, the interiors have moisture-wicking properties so that it will always be dry inside all the time.

These features alone prove that the Bilt Power is a convenient choice for finicky motorcyclists. Just like the Bilt Techno 2.0, the Bilt Power features injection-molded polycarbonate construction.

It makes things light without compromising its durability and capability to withstand impact. It is a likely choice for riders who prioritize safety over anything else.

Aesthetically, this particular helmet is not subpar with other sportbike helmets. It still looks cool, thanks to its solid paint with matte or lacquer finish. It is extremely a fantastic choice!


  • ​Features rear airflow exhaust system to negate moisture
  • The primary ventilation system can be opened and closed
  • Comes with inner and outer sun shield with an ergonomic lever system
  • Interior padded lining is removable for washing
  • Robust and capable of enduring substantial impacts


3. Bilt Techno Metropolis Helmet

For urban sprawling, this particular Bilt Bluetooth Helmet should be considered at all cost.

The Bilt Techno Metropolis is a riding gear for urban uses. It is stylish but functional enough to keep things under your control.

Contrary to most Bilt helmets, this one has an open-face design, which makes it a great option for riders who don’t want their heads to be fully ensconced inside a helmet.

It has the iconic flat visor that keeps your vision free from distortion. Optimal visibility is expected with this gear. 

The helmet features a fully integrated Bluetooth system. It can create a fast and stable connection to various mobile devices. With this technology, you can listen to music, make important calls, and get voice-operated GPS directions even if you are riding your motorcycle!

The Bluetooth system of the Techno Metropolis is also compatible with other Bilt Bluetooth helmets. You can enjoy seamless conversation with other Bilt helmet users due to this innovative-yet-simple intercom set-up.

Aside from these features, the Bilt Techno Metropolis boasts an aerodynamic construction. It allows faster and more stable glides during fast-paced rides. Of course, it improves the overall smoothness of its performance.

Such a feature is coupled with double D-ring fastening for a tight and secure fit. Meanwhile, its visor has a quick-release mechanism so that you can flip it on and off whenever necessary. The ventilation system is not shabby, too.


  • Designed with aerodynamic performance
  • Outfitted with innovative Bluetooth technology
  • Padded liner and cheek pads optimize internal airflow
  • Features surface-mounted ventilation system
  • Sleek and ideal for urban uses


4. Bilt Raptor Full Face Helmet

The design of Bilt Raptor is a little aggressive compared to the standard Bilt aesthetics when it comes to their helmets.

‘It makes a good choice for those riders who have powerful and monstrous bikes that are ready to blaze the road.

But of course, it didn’t lose its sleek design, nor the cityscape feel that it has.

The Bilt Raptor is also packed with great features that are usable for every rider out there. It is downright comfortable and protective at the same time. And all of these things will not cause you to rip your pocket.

Just like other Bilt helmets here, the Raptor is using the proprietary injection-molded polycarbonate shell of Bilt. Let me emphasize that the latter has passed the testing of DOT and ECE standards, so it is pretty safe to say that it can keep your head safe upon strong collisions and impacts.

The shell has an obvious aerodynamic shape as well to stabilize its performance on high-speed rides further. There are myriads of surface-mounted vents on this helmet. You can find them on the forehead, chin, and crown of the gear. You can also spot exhaust vents on the rear.

With them around, your head will remain dry and fresh even in humid conditions. Accessibility and security are not a problem to this gear either. It offers a great fit and features D-ring safety fastening for more convenient use. 


  • Engineered to be fully aerodynamic
  • Offers multiple vents
  • Features a separate drop-down tinted sun visor
  • Surprisingly lightweight despite being a sturdy helmet
  • Interior lining is removable and washable


  • No known issues

5. Bilt Techno 2.0 Evolution Helmet

By far, the Techno 2.0 Evolution is the most advanced helmet that has been produced by Bilt. I consider this as their pride and grand opus.

With the exceptional engineering and intricate attention being put to this helmet, it is no wonder that it is slightly sitting on the mid to high-end price value.

It has an upgraded Bluetooth system, which is far better than its predecessor. Specifically, the Sena DWO-5 v3.0 Bluetooth system enables the device to have a seamless intercom capability.

It provides a universal platform so that it can connect different brands and systems. Moreover, the intercom protocol of this helmet has an extensive run-time. It can be used for 8 hours straight for calling and other related purposes.

When it is placed on standby mode, it is operational last up to a week. To put it simply, this one is designed to ensure smooth communication with other motorcycles on the road.

Of course, the durability and ruggedness of this helmet are not to be ignored as well.

It is certified by DOT and ECE, which is already an assurance that it can fully protect your head during instances of crashes. It also comes with fully functional features, such as drop-down sun visor, secure straps, and removable interior linings.


  • Features a fully convenient modular construction
  • Technologically-advanced full-face helmet
  • Protectiveness is unquestionable
  • Integrated with a surface-mounted ventilation system
  • Gives riders a nice fit


  • ​No known issues

6. Bilt Demon Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Among all the Bilt helmets, the Demon Modular is considered to be one of the most cost-friendly. It is not as expensive as its cousins.

In fact, it has a price value that can be regarded as entry-level, which means that anyone who wants to have the Bilt experience can get this without any doubts.

It is pretty amazing that a solid helmet like this is affordable.

The modular design optimizes its versatility. You can use it on various riding styles and not experience any quirkiness or problem. This helmet features an injection-molded polycarbonate shell, which should give you enough reason to get it.

Since it is a DOT-standard motorcycle helmet, it solidifies its toughness and capability to protect your head from fatal injuries. It has a great appearance, too, due to its metallic paint that has been coated with lacquer finish.

It is great for urban rides, but you can also take it on cruising the countryside. Definitely, it will get anyone’s attention.

Ergonomically, this helmet is downright impressive. It comes with double D-ring safety fastening to ensure that it locks your head in place. The single-push button on its chin bar allows its quick and hassle-free release.

The visors have quick-release feature as well, which is pretty useful during night time – where you don’t need the visor anymore. Meanwhile, the vents of this helmet are strategically placed on its forehead and chin. They can make your head cool and comfortable throughout the ride!


  • Comes with a removable and washable airflow padded lining
  • Impressive locking mechanism so that it won’t get out from your head
  • The full-face modular design enables the helmet to become versatile
  • Adequately ventilated design to keep your head cool and dry
  • Noticeably lighter than most of its counterparts


  • The helmet is a little too tight

7. Bilt Fusion Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Well, if you are looking for the cheapest Bilt helmet out there, then you should take a look at the Bilt Fusion.

It is an extremely affordable helmet, which makes it favorable for first-timers.

The reason for its low price is due to being one of the oldest helmets produced by Bilt.

Therefore, most of the time, it is always on the clearance sale. Don’t take its price as a warning sign that you should avoid it. Right from the get-go, this helmet has fine quality. It offers a construction that can keep you safe and comfortable while on the road.

Bilt Fusion is actually a combination of style and function. The full-face design of this gear is matched with sleekness and classiness that you can’t find on other helmets. The polycarbonate shell appears shiny due to the smooth metallic finish.

It is also compatible with a variety of tinted shields. Of course, you need to purchase these shields separately. Meanwhile, the default shield is suitable for daylight and night conditions. The latter is good, but I had noticed that it suffers from fogging if no external treatment is done.

The ventilation system of this helmet is quite intuitive. Specifically, it flaunts two forehead vents that you can close or open via a sliding mechanism. This mechanism allows the rider to have full control over how the vents work.

Aside from them, there is also a vent on its chin to maximize the airflow in your head. Meanwhile, the locking system of this gear is great. It comes with the standard double D-ring strap that keeps it from wobbling in your head. There is also a breath guard on this helmet that you can attach or remove.


  • Mounted with different types of vents
  • Quick-release face shield comes as a standard
  • The padded interior lining also optimizes the internal airflow of the helmet
  • Offers a reliable retention system
  • Tough but not expensive


  • Doesn’t have sun visors
  • Susceptible to fogging

Are Bilt Motorcycle Helmets Great?

Now, some of you here are interested to know if the helmets and gears made by Bilt are worth taking in. Are their helmets can provide you with the confidence that they can protect your head? How these helmets fare with other helmet brands?

Well, buckle up because I am going to answer these questions.

The first thing that I need to emphasize is that Bilt, compared to other helmet brands, is relatively new. It is for that reason why some people haven’t heard of it before. Some even thought that it is a rip-off or a cheap counterpart that produces run-of-the-mill helmets.

Of course, these negative notions are things that I can understand.

After all, there are several factors that played on its infamy. One of these is the untimely introduction of the brand. Specifically, Bilt has been introduced in an era where there are a lot of popular and high-quality helmet brands.

If you pit it with known helmet manufacturers like Dynastar, Shoei, Alpinestars, Teknic, and Firstgear, it will certainly drown. Furthermore, Bilt has always been seen as an entry-level brand.

Whether you like or not, people don’t have a favorable perception when it comes to items that are sold too cheap. Even if a popular brand is selling a product that comes with an expensive price tag, people will still hoard it.

After all, they are after something that is “appealing” and “familiar” to them. It is one of the reasons why iPhone and Samsung smartphones are beating the competition, even if mid-tier brands produce phones that have similar (or even greater) capabilities.

Bilt has been subjected to these predicaments. They caused the brand to be plunged on the prying eyes of motorcycle gear enthusiasts and hunters. While it is true that Bilt is still on the competition, the stigma that it is a mere entry-value brand is not that easy to remove.

So the pressing question is this: does Bilt deserve this treatment? As a fellow inquisitor, I have to disagree with the prevailing notion. Bilt produced helmets that have decent quality.

If their helmets can surpass DOT or ECE standards, then there’s no questioning of their quality anymore. Sure. You can label that this brand is “basic.” But the “basic” that it offers is more than enough to satisfy motorcycle riders.

Construction-wise, the helmets of Bilt are capable of protecting someone’s head from serious damages. The material used on the shells of the helmets is commonly used in the industry. We are not strange with polycarbonates when it comes to helmet construction, after all.

Bilt also excels in providing the ever-subjective “comfort factor” to their helmets. If we set aside the fogging and sizing issues, one can say that their helmets have ergonomic construction. The interior lining of their helmets are removable, plus they include intuitive ventilation designs to keep things fresh.

Meanwhile, the strapping system integrated on the Bilt helmets is reliable enough for various riding applications. You can see these features being flaunted on the different Bilt motorcycle helmet reviews that I posted here.

It doesn’t actually matter if you have a particular brand preferences to motorcycle helmets. Objectively, no one can dismiss the fact that Bilt is a brand that should be lauded. 

Bottom Line

In here, we can see that Bilt is a great brand to consider whenever choosing motorcycle helmets. Despite being a “basic” route, it is undeniable that some of their helmets have superb construction.

In fact, they have capabilities that can match units that are priced higher than them. They are made to ensure the safety and comfort of their users. Among the Bilt helmets that I featured here, the Bilt Techno 2.0 and Bilt Techno 2.0 Evolution proved to be the best head-turners.

They are engineered to usher the benefits of intercom technology to motorcyclists. They enable hands-free communication and other related services, which are all necessary for modern riders.

While doing so, their rigidity and ergonomics were never compromised. Overall, all the helmets created by this brand should be tested out.

I am pretty sure that these Bilt motorcycle helmet reviews have compelled you to do so!

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.