Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Motorcycle helmets are pricey so it’s only natural that you protect your investment from getting stolen. Before, you need to bring the motorcycle helmet anywhere you go which is a bit inconvenient.

Thanks to innovation, the introduction of the best motorcycle helmet locks can allow you to leave the helmet in your bike without worrying about the thieves.

The options for motorcycle helmet locks are endless but finding the best one may be a bit challenging.

You need to consider the material, price, and the type of helmet you have. Lucky for you, we have them all covered for you.Keep scrolling to know our recommendations, reviews, and buyer’s guide below.

Top 7 Reviews For The Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

The following motorcycle helmet locks are good on their own. Consider any of these locks if you like to prevent your motorcycle helmet from getting stolen when you’re away from your motorcycle. To find the best motorcycle helmet locks, let’s compare each of the product below.

1. Kuryakyn License Plate Helmet Lock 4248 – Editor’s Choice

Kuryakn 4248 offers the best way to keep your motorcycle helmet secure when you’re away. The 4248 is installed in the license plate of your motorcycle so it’s very discreet.

It comes with everything you need for installation, including five torque’s head screws and a license plate mount where the lock attaches to. You might be curious how the 4248 keeps your helmet secure. When you close the locks, the D-ring will prevent anyone from accessing the bolt.

Here are the features that make the 4248 outstanding:

  • The screws have a special torque head that prevents anyone from removing the bolt from your motorcycle. The center of the torque is hollow and the bolt contains a protrusion.
  • The helmet lock is designed with a spring-loaded release mechanism which allows you to remove the key after opening the lock. It includes two sets of keys to make sure that the helmet is safe once locked in your bike.
  • The mounting plate goes behind your current license plate and allows easy access for locking your helmet. It has four mounting holes for easy installation. If you like to wrap the helmet lock around the fender, you can forget this piece and attach the lock itself to either side of the license plate.
  • This helmet lock usually fits for FLAT license plate brackets.

However, this product is a bit pricey. But considering the security you’ll get from this product, the price is reasonable. The manufacturer didn’t disclose the type of metal used in this product but it feels pretty sturdy.


  • The bolts are very secure
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Good quality and sturdy material
  • Virtually unnoticeable


  • A bit expensive

2. Bristol Designs Combination Lock & Cable

The Most Versatile Lock

If you want more than just a helmet to keep safe in your motorcycle, then this combination lock from Bristol Designs might be a good choice.

You can use this lock to secure your bag, jackets, and other things.

You can even use it to immobilize the brake disk of your motorcycle and lock its saddle.

Here are the features that make Bristol Designs a must-buy:

  • The lock comes with a stainless steel cable that extends up to 6 feet and coils itself for easy transportation. It offers anti-cutting protection meaning that it doesn’t break with regular wire cutters.
  • It’s designed with a rubber sleeve to protect your bike and helmets from damage. It would not be good to scratch your bike right?
  • It works with a PIN locking mechanism. No need for keys! Simply enter the 3-digit combination to open the lock. To set the pin, choose from 999 probable combinations.
  • The entire device is 100% waterproof so it won’t rust even when exposed to rain and moisture.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee to ensure the quality and security of the product. If you meet any problem with the product, you can contact them for repair, replacement, or refund.

While the design is really good, the lock combo digits are slightly difficult to see under low light. This isn’t a deal breaker because you can always use a flashlight over the lock to see the digits more clearly.


  • Made of rust-resistant material
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Supports a lifetime guarantee


  • The digits are hard to see

3. Jubapoz Helmet Lock & Cable

Best Small And Lightweight Helmet Lock

The Jubapoz Helmet Lock is a compact and lightweight PIN locking carabiner that comes with a self-coiling cable.

Just like Bristol Designs, Jubapoz can secure anything from your motorcycle helmet to bags and jackets.

It’s compatible for most types of helmets including Scorpion, Matte, and Shark.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of its features:

  • The lock strap is highly elastic as it can extend up to 5 feet long. This is sufficient to accommodate two helmets at the same time. It can also be used to secure other things like baby strollers, garden furniture, and suitcases.
  • This helmet lock is designed with a 3-digit combination locking mechanism. The starting combination is 000. To set your own PIN, choose three numbers by holding the button at the back.
  • It offers two locking options. One, use the cable to secure the helmet to your bike. Two, loop the helmet buckle to the D-lock and secure it to your bike’s mirror or handlebar.
  • The lock is made of zinc alloy, which is durable, rust-proof, and corrosion resistant. It has a protective sleeve to protect your bike and helmets from any damages.
  • Jubapoz offers a 90-day money back guarantee and 2-year warranty. You can ask for a refund or a replacement within this given period.

The only con of Jubapoz is the digits. The numbers are difficult to see under poor light. But for its price, it’s a great deal because it works great in securing your helmet in various locations.


  • A great price for its value
  • Can secure a lot of things
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good warranty


  • The combination digits are hard to see

4. Master Lock 719D Cable Lock

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock For The Budget

The 719D cable lock is the cheapest option from all the motorcycle helmets included in the list. The metal lock includes a vinyl-coated steel cable that’s perfect for securing helmets, grills, and even gates.

The package comes with two brass keys to lock and unlock the device.

Here are the complete features of the Master Lock 719D:

  • It includes a braided steel cable for extra strength and versatility. The cable is coated with a protective vinyl to prevent scratching your bike. It measures about three feet long and 5mm in diameter.
  • The lock is designed with a laminated steel body for matchless strength. It measures around 29 mm in width.
  • The 719D features dual locking levers to provide more security.
  • The 4-pin cylinder prevents other people to pick and hammer the lock. It uses movable pins to keep the plug from rotating. A key is the only way to properly raise the pins and rotate the plug to unlock.
  • Master Lock offers a limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind as you use it daily.

The only problem is the device may rust overtime when exposed outdoors. To prevent this from happening, keep your bike under a roof and don’t expose the lock to water. Nonetheless, the lock works great given its size and price.


  • The price is very good
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty
  • Has extra security features
  • Durable and strong


  • May rust over time

5. Wayfind Helmet Lock With Cable

Secures Motorcycle Helmet With Other Gear

If you want to secure your helmet together with your jacket, perhaps, you need the Wayfind Helmet Lock With Cable.

It’s made of a hard steel carabiner and a 6-feet steel cable.

You can mount it anywhere including the bike frame, gear racks, or anything that measures up to 1-1/4-inches in diameter.

Here are the highlighted features of the Wayfind helmet lock:

  • Wayfind is made of aluminum D ring to secure your motorcycle helmet. It’s covered with a green rubber sleeve to protect the gear and the bike from scratches.
  • It comes with a steel cable that can flex up to 6 feet and secure any type of gear. It’s coated with PVC to protect the bike and gear from damages.
  • The device is compact enough to be stored in your pocket, luggage, or trousers.
  • The lock is designed with a 3-digit combination locking mechanism that’s easy to program. You can choose from 1000 possible combinations.
  • The device can be attached to almost anything with a maximum diameter of 1-1/4 inches, like bike frames and gear racks. The locking arm rotates upwards when unlocked.

Like all the other combination locks in this list, Wayfind has numbers that are difficult to see in the dark. It’s not much of a problem because this lock does what it’s supposed to and that is to keep your belongings safe.


  • Well constructed for its price
  • Can secure any gear and attach to anything
  • Easy to program
  • Comes with an elastic cable


  • The numbers are difficult to read in the dark

6. Helmetlok 4101 Rubberized Lock

Attaches To Almost Anything

The Helmetlok 4101 is a carabiner-style lock that features a 4-digit locking mechanism.

It’s different from the traditional carabiners out there on the market because it allows you to attach it to large diameter frames and racks.

Here’s a full list of 4101’s features and specifications:

  • The 4101 is designed with a 4-digit locking mechanism. Choose and set your own code from 10,000 possible combinations.
  • It doesn’t mount permanently so you can attach it anywhere on your motorcycle, like the frames and gear racks. You can also attach it to anything with a large diameter of 1.5 inches because the locking arm rotates outwards.
  • The locking mechanism is constructed from zinc alloy for durability while the carabiner is made of aluminum with a plastic coating for extra protection.
  • It’s compact and lightweight to bring in your pocket and bag.

The only downside for this product is its locking mechanism. Sometimes, the numbers get stuck making it hard to rotate but it’s not a big issue. When this happens, apply some powder on the lock to remove its slippery feel.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be attached anywhere on the bike
  • Feels and looks solid
  • Easy to store


  • The combination lock sometimes get stuck

7. BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

​The Original Carabiner Style Lock

Protect your helmet and other gear with BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock and Cable. It features a 6-feet long steel cable that can secure two helmets at the same time. The carabiner works with a 3-digit combination locking mechanism for a keyless operation.

Here’s a summary of its great features:

  • The lock comes with a self-coiling cable that’s made of steel and covered with an exterior casing for extra protection. It stretches up to 6-feet long to fit your jacket and helmet or two helmets simultaneously.
  • The carabiner is covered with a rubber sleeve to protect your helmet and gear from damage.
  • BigPantha offers a lifetime guarantee to give more confidence to its product. If you meet any problems, you can ask them for a replacement or refund within the given period.
  • The helmet lock and cable suits most vehicle service types, including motorcycle, scooter, and bike.
  • The lock is designed with a 3-digit combination locking mechanism. Choose and program three numbers from 1,000 probable combinations.

In some cases, the combination suddenly stops working. If this happens to you, input the default combination, which is 000. Your lock would be good as new.


  • Offers a lifetime warranty
  • Can keep two helmets safe simultaneously
  • The material feels solid
  • The design is sleek and beautiful


  • The combination stops working sometimes

Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Buying Guide

Buying the best lock is surely a pain if you don’t know what to start. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best lock for your motorcycle helmet. From the benefits of helmet locks to what features to look for, we got them all covered for you.

Benefits Of Using A Helmet Lock

Obviously, the main benefit of attaching a helmet lock on your motorcycle is to protect your investment. Motorcycle helmets are expensive and leaving them carelessly on your bike will attract thieves, especially in large cities.

Parking your vehicle anywhere will be more secure with a helmet lock installed.The best motorcycle helmet lock should be sturdy, easy to use, and simple to install. Most bikers want something more discreet so as not to interfere with the bike’s appearance while others want something more versatile to secure other gear.

There are many types of helmet locks and knowing each one of them is a necessity, which brings us to the next section.

Types Of Helmet Locks

1. License Plate Helmet Locks

This type of helmet lock attaches behind the license plate of your motorcycle. This makes the design very discreet and ideal for those who don’t want an accessory to block the bike’s aesthetics. Since it’s installed at the center, it won’t impact the balance of the vehicle. 

License plate locks are usually sturdy because they’re made of metal. They don’t have a cord which can be cut quickly with a good pair of shears making them more secured. They’re also easy to install.

2. Handlebar Helmet Locks

If you don’t mind the visibility of the handlebar lock, then this type is great for you. This type is usually made of metal that’s either painted or polished to prevent scratching your helmet and motorcycle. Since it would put weight on one side of the handlebar, you need to put another helmet lock on the other side of the handlebar for balance.

3. Cord Helmet Locks

This type of lock generally comes with a cord to secure more than one motorcycle helmet. It’s great for securing other gear like jackets, bags, and even garden furniture. While this offers versatility, it might cause damage to your bike when the cord isn’t smooth as it hangs loosely.

What To Look For

1. Locking Mechanisms

There are many types of locking mechanisms but the most common type for motorcycle helmet locks are the key-based and combination locking mechanisms. Here’s a breakdown of each type:

  • Key-Based: As its name implies, the key-based locks need a key to be opened. This makes it easy to use, but it also makes it easy to break into. The good news is that constant innovations have developed locks with higher grades of security, like the Kuryakyn 4248 which is made of a special torque to prevent anyone from removing the bolt.
  • Combination ( 3 digit or 4-digit): Combination locks need a particular set of numbers to unlock the device. These can be 3-4 digit numbers in perfect order (more numbers means more security). This type of lock is very secure and resistant to picking, but you need to memorize the digits to unlock the device.

2. Material

The durability of the helmet locks sometimes depends on their material. The locks can be made of different materials like steel, aluminum, or zinc alloy. Though the most expensive, steel is the toughest and strongest material.

Steel also fights corrosion and rust making it perfect for outdoors. Some of the best motorcycle helmet locks are made of a steel body or a steel cord.

Zinc alloy is stronger than aluminum, but not as much as steel. Zinc can also resist corrosion and rust. However, it looks less pleasing than stainless steel.Aluminum is usually the cheapest because it’s lightweight and not as strong as the other two materials. When exposed to moisture, this type of metal may corrode quickly.

3. Security

Combination locks are more secure than key-based locks because they’re not prone to picking. However, recent developments have made key-based locks more secure than ever.

Take the Kuryakyn 4248 for example which is made of a special screw that has a hollow torque to prevent anyone from picking the lock.

The Verdict

Every motorcycle helmet lock that we reviewed in this article is actually good enough to keep your belongings safe from thieves. But if we have to choose a winner among the best motorcycle helmet locks in the list, we choose the Kuryakyn 4248.

The 4248 helmet lock is the most durable and provides the best security among the bunch. The torque of the screws are a bit protruded so it will be hard for the thieves to remove the bolts from the license plate of your motorcycle.

There are no numbers to memorize because all you need is a key.Protect your helmet and other gear. Keep safe with a motorcycle helmet lock!

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