The 5 Best Motorcycle Half Helmets On the Market Today

There are many poorly-made half motorcycle helmets out there, so in this article, we’ll help you narrow down your choices. We’ll feature half helmets that have excellent quality and new technologies, as well as discuss weaknesses and price points.

At the end of the article, we’ll provide you with our top pick and make suggestions before you make you make your purchase. We’ll also discuss some commonly-raised issues such as weight, material, and the “mushroom head” look.

It’s always best to try on the helmet to see how well it fits you, but if you’re ordering yours online, make sure that you pay attention to the product’s sizing chart, as well as see reviews of users who have already purchased the product (you’ll most likely find a lot of comments and suggestions regarding sizing in the reviews section). 

Half Helmets: Why Do People Choose It?

Before we start with the list, let’s first take a closer look at the function of half helmets, and why many still prefer it over (or convert from) full-face helmets.

One of the biggest concerns about half helmets is safety. It is definitely less safe than full-face helmets – there’s less coverage, it tends to get noisy, and you will get less protection in the event of a crash.

However, many riders still use these – even those who have bigger bikes like Harleys. Some of the most common reasons include better ventilation, better view, comfort, and occasionally – for personal style. If you’re looking for a half helmet for your motorcycle, read on.

This article will give you some ideas on some of the best products on the market today. While these continue to face debate because of safety concerns, we made sure to feature only the DOT approved models. 

5 Best Half Helmets

1. Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Helmet

Let’s start out strong. Made of lightweight carbon composite shell for comfort, the Bell Pit Boss Open-Face helmet is an excellent choice for street touring and cruising.

This helmet has speaker pockets where you can set up communication devices, as well as a speed dial fit system that prevents slippage and maintains stability while you’re cruising.

It also has an internal sun shield and a removable neck curtain for colder months. One of the best things about the Bell Pit Boss Helmet is the fit. The Innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system is one of the features that continues to make Bell one of the best brands today.

Customers also continue to rave about the lightness and comfort, and its ability to stay stable, even on highway speeds. A common complaint with some users is in regards to the helmet’s inner shield. Some have difficulty switching to a clear shield at night.

There are also mixed reviews on the helmet’s retractable eye shield – some say that their eyeglasses fit perfectly, while others say that the visor has a tendency to hit the glasses. 


  • Very stable
  • Has a speed dial fit system that maintains stability
  • Has an Innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit


  • A rider may have difficulty adjusting the inner shield
  • A cyclist wearing glasses may encounter issues with the eye shield

2. Daytona Helmet Slim Line Skull Cap Half Shell Helmet

You can still get a good brand even if you’re on a budget, and this Daytona half shell helmet is a testament to this.

This helmet continues to receive praise from customers because of the great design and affordable price tag.

It’s DOT-approved, too (It’s actually one of the smallest DOT half shell helmets ever made).

This helmet boasts of the Moisture Wicking Fabric, which makes sure that the rider’s head is kept cool and comfy even at hot temperatures, and has a convenient strap release function that keeps the helmet secure.

It also comes in great colors such as black, white, and a variety of metallic shades.Another great thing about this helmet is the protection it gives. While it does not have the full protection of a full face helmet, many riders swear by its safety.

Some customers who got into accidents have said that this helmet saved their lives. One possible downside of this helmet is the “mushroom head” effect, which some customers are trying to avoid (mainly because it looks funny and awkward).

Other than this, however, this is something that you should consider if you’re looking for a product that passes safety standards, is comfortable, and affordable. 


  • Has the Moisture Wicking Fabric feature for extra comfort
  • Very affordable, and DOT-approved


  • Has a “mushroom head” effect

3. HCI 100 Half Helmet

If lightness is your primary concern, the HCI 100 Half Helmet is the product that you should take a closer look at, as this is one of the lightest ones out there.

This product, which is one of the most inexpensive items on this list, is the perfect helmet for those who are looking for a DOT-approved lightweight model.

At only 2 lbs, you are getting a bang for your buck. A model like this is good for those who have neck problems. Because it’s lightweight, you will not have any difficulty moving your head around when riding.

This doesn’t have the elaborate technologies of most of the helmets on this list. It does pass safety standards but sees to it that you use this for cruising. Some users say that it does not perform well at speeds exceeding 45 mph.

Regarding shape, some say that if your head is small or narrow, it has a tendency to give you the mushroom head look. Despite these, however, the HCI has a very competitive price for its functions. It’s not easy to find a helmet this light that’s DOT approved. 


  • Extremely lightweight (and DOT-approved


  • Tends to have a mushroom head effect
  • thumbs-downDoes not perform well in speeds exceeding 45 mph

4. Crazy Al’s Worlds Smallest Helmet

This helmet is popular for its Sons of Anarchy-inspired style, its lightness/small size, and its comfort.

Some of the great features of this half helmet include adjustable straps that allow easy removal, as well as a reduced mushroom head effect and the sleek look (there is no branding, only a DOT-approved text on the back.

This is one of the main reasons why many riders prefer it – it looks good). It pairs well with goggles, too. The design is also something that owners continue praise – it’s small and lightweight, but it does not appear bulky.

It may look like a novelty helmet, but it’s not. The quick-release chin strap is also easy to use. The best part is that it can actually take on faster speeds and long rides, something that a lot of experienced and long-time riders have expressed satisfaction for.

If you’re looking for the lightest and smallest product that looks like a novelty helmet but has more safety features like a DOT approval, this is something that you should invest in.

This costs around $100 – definitely not the cheapest on the list, but it is a good investment. Note: If you decide to go for this helmet, it is recommended that you get a size smaller than you would wear as a full-face helmet.

This is something that many users will most likely suggest. Also, see the sizing chart and other customer reviews to be sure.


  • No mushroom head effect
  • One of the lightest and smallest half helmets on the market


  • Not cheap

5. Voss 888CF Half Helmet

Last but not least is the Voss 888CF Carbon Bullet Cruiser half helmet, a model that has received a lot of praise from new and experienced riders alike.

This helmet has an antimicrobial fiber liner that riders can easily attach/detach (it’s removable and washable, too).

The Voss Integrated Visor System technology that is also easily removable (and still fits great even if you’re wearing glasses), and the quick-release ratchet system.

Riders who have tried this also loved the drop-down smoke sun lens, as well as the ability of the helmet to stay comfortable even on long rides (and even in higher speeds). One of the things that sets it apart from similar models is the weight.

It is one of the lightest quality half helmets out there at just around 2 lbs. The most important feature of this helmet, however, is safety. Many users swear by its excellent ability to efficiently protect the head, with some saying that it even saved their lives in accidents.

One of the things that may have you thinking twice is the price tag (it is the most expensive helmet on this list). However, you’d like to invest in something that’s very durable, passes safety standards, is made of good material, and has an excellent reputation, this is something that you should definitely consider. 


  • Boasts of the Voss Integrated Visor System technology
  • Lightweight
  • thumbs-upHas an antimicrobial liner


  • Not cheap


It was a close fight between the Bell Pit Boss  and the Voss 888CF because of the high-quality materials, safety features, and new technologies. We, however, have decided to choose the former.

Aside from having excellent feedback on lightness and comfort, the Bell Pit Boss Open-Face Helmet have paid attention to new technologies like the Innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system and the speaker pockets. The price tag also won’t set you back as much.

The quality you’re getting is what you’re paying for, and based on the many positive reviews on different websites, you’re sure that what you’re buying has been tried and tested. There you have it!

Thank you for reading and good luck on your search for a half helmet! Wearing these is clearly not the safest way to ride motorcycles, but many still prefer it because of comfort and a better view.

Whatever your view is, make sure that you’re always mindful of your speed and surroundings and see to it that are not breaking any rules, and because these are half helmets that will leave your face exposed, don’t forget always to apply sunscreen!

Consider all of the factors provided above and do some careful deliberation before you make your purchase. It’s best if you actually try it on so you can see how your head fits, but if you don’t have the time to go to a store and do some fitting, just see to it that you measure your head for the size chart. Best of luck!

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