Best German Motorcycle Helmets

Choosing the best German motorcycle helmet might not be the easiest task out there for a rider. However, many are gunning to own one, due to the fact that it is tough, stylish, and timeless.

Originally, these helmets were tailored by the German military during World War II. It has a sturdiness that gave protection to their soldiers.

But even after the war, these helmets are still being manufactured. These helmets are not only meant to keep the head of its users protected; they can also make the rider stand out in the crowd.

In here, I have listed some of the most spectacular German motorcycle helmets available on the market today. Once you try any of them, you’ll realize that they are more than just novelty items. 

The Best German Motorcycle Helmets

1. Daytona Big German Novelty Motorcycle Helmet

The Daytona Big German Novelty Motorcycle Helmet is something that you want to flaunt. It lives up to the vintage appearance of German helmets.

The custom Iron Cross Road Wing on its side gives it a more compelling aesthetics. You can feel comfortable wearing it because it sits low in the head.

If the fit of your head is right, this helmet will not wobble or shake, making it really ergonomics for riders.

The high-gloss construction improves its sleekness. The interior has a fully customed construction. Such a design improves the fit and comfort that you can feel while wearing this.

Furthermore, it comes with a forward position nylon Y-strap, which serves as its retention system. The strap comes with a sliding adjustment mechanism for quick and smooth configurations.

Meanwhile, none of the parts of the helmet does get in the way with your ears. The seams are sewn to the exterior of the helmet. You can find no facial chafing, too. Wearing and taking off this helmet is pretty easy.

The quick-release lock with one-finger release lever ensures that you can attach and detach this helmet with no difficulties. Also, the fabric on the interior of this item has moisture-wicking properties.

Regardless of the weather conditions, your head can remain cool and dry all the time! Of course, let me remind you that this German motorcycle helmet is not DOT-approved.


  • Aesthetically appealing German novelty helmet
  • Provides a custom fit; available in different sizes
  • Interior fabrics can wick moisture and sweat
  • Features a quick-release lock
  • Guaranteed no facial chafing


  • No known issues

2. Chopper Biker Motorcycle German Chrome Novelty Helmet

This low profile German helmet for motorcycles is another option that riders should check out.

It has been engineered to the highest quality so that it can provide ample comfort and protection to its users.

The Chopper Biker Motorcycle German Novelty Helmet has been tailored from a lightweight fiberglass shell. It sits apart from those cheap counterparts that are from plastic.

The fiberglass ensures that the helmet has decent durability and ruggedness.Moreover, the helmet comes with a Y-strap for a tight and secure fit. Just get the right size, and you will be able to wear this item conveniently in your head.

Furthermore, the chin strap has been padded for extra comfort and support. Meanwhile, the ratchet clip is quite strong. It prevents the helmet from being accidentally dislodged away from your head. Even in speed runs, this German helmet can sit tightly. T

he low-profile construction follows the iconic design of the vintage German helmets. While it is true that this helmet is not DOT-approved, it can still provide comfort to its wearer.

The cushions and linings are minimal so that they will not feel too mushy and soft. By the way, this novelty gear is not hot in the head.


  • Made from durable and lightweight fiberglass
  • Guaranteed low-profile construction
  • Remains to be a breathable German helmet
  • Interior features a comfortable liner
  • Straps can be locked tightly


  • Not immune to scratches

3. X4 Low Profile German Style Half Face Helmet Novelty Spikes

If you are looking for an absolute head-turner, you might want to consider the X4 German Motorcycle Helmet.

This one has a daring spiked design that is reminiscent of post-apocalyptic settings that are seen on Mad Max.

With this helmet, you can roam the streets like a tough guy. You can sport it to gatherings and motor shows because of its flashy yet sleek aesthetics. 

The exterior of this helmet has a smooth and sleek finish. It gives off a vintage vibe that should be present in novelty helmets like this. When it comes to ergonomics, this item does not lag at all. It assures the comfort of its users.

The interior has plush-quality padding. It is not too stiff and too soft. Just enough to make your head comfortable. Meanwhile, its low-profile build ensures a better fit and non-obstructed line of vision. 

By the way, this helmet is crafted from polycarbonate shell. It is tough and lightweight, which is quite relieving. Although they look intimidating, the chromed spikes are not that dangerous. They are made to be short to avoid unwanted contact.

Keep in mind that just like the first two German motorcycle helmets here, this one is not DOT-approved. It is still a novelty gear and not designed for thorough protection.

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  • Highly stylish exceptionally for big bike riders
  • Made from a highly durable polycarbonate shell
  • Middle spikes do not pose any harm to its users
  • Low-profile design ensures a great fit
  • Interior offers a comfortable construction


  • Not everyone is up for German helmets that have intimidating aesthetics

4. XFMT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet

If you are looking for a DOT-approved German motorcycle helmet, you should consider checking this one out.

The XFMT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet features exceptional aesthetics that will never compromise the safety of its wearer.

It has a robust construction that can negate impacts and blunt hits. It is one of the biggest reasons why this helmet is usable on the roads of the United States.

The shell of this helmet is crafted from a composite ABS shell. It is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Furthermore, it has a specialized finish that protects it from the damages caused by the UV rays.

Even if you expose it to the heat of the sun for extended periods, its sleek appearance will never deteriorate. As a result, this helmet is a perfect choice for long tours and distant road expeditions.

Of course, you can always expect comfort to this German helmet. The interior is heavily cushioned so that your head will not feel stiff at all. Despite the presence of the cushions, the interior isn’t that slushy. You can feel the balance between the rigidity of the helmet and its comfort.

Meanwhile, the D-ring strap and chin strap of this gear ensures that it will never escape from your head. They can be adjusted so that you can get a secure fit.


  • Available in different sizes
  • DOT-approved German motorcycle helmet
  • Extremely durable and can negate the effects of UV-rays
  • Straps secure the helmet to your head
  • Comes with a goggle and helmet bag


  • No known issues

5. Fatmingo German Style Half Helmet with Goggles

While it is true that the Fatmingo German Style Half Helmet is not a DOT-approved gear, it is still capable of providing protection to its users.

This helmet is made from a high-grade ABS shell, which exhibits impressive durability and ruggedness.

It also comes with a high-density foam lining so that it can absorb the force of heavy impacts and blows.

With this helmet, the critical parts of your head are downright protected.The comfort that this helmet can provide is unquestionable. The interior has been lined with special fabrics for better breathability and convenience. It is soft and does not cause “hot” and irritating sensations.

It is also capable of wicking sweat and moisture, but not too much. Meanwhile, its buckled strap can be adjusted to provide a perfect and tight fit. There is also a padded chin strap in this helmet, too. The single-touch buckle ensures that you can easily wear and remove this gear from your head.

One of the unique features of the Fatmingo German Motorcycle Helmet is its detachable 4-season ear muffle. Regardless of the time of the year, there’s a guarantee that this helmet remains usable.

Admittedly, the goggles that come with this helmet are just for show. They can really make you look cool and classy! Aside from that, the helmet is available in different graphic prints, which gives it an extra layer of aesthetic beauty!


  • Can protect the head from impacts
  • The helmet shell is tailored from a durable ABS material
  • Features a low-profile and aesthetically appealing design
  • Highly comfortable when worn
  • Locks safely and securely in your head


  • The goggles have no use except for making you look cool

6. TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet

Riders who are looking for a Harley Davidson German helmet should consider this next gear.

Specifically, the TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet can match the appeal of the Harley bike due to its tough and patriotic design.

After all, it comes with a grunge graphics printed on its side.

Furthermore, the low-profile oval shell construction of this gear can help you blaze the road with style. Interestingly, this helmet features an ergonomic drop-down visor.

With this around, there’s no need for you to wear goggles or sunglasses. The visor is enough to shield you from the heat of the sun and other elements.

However, some people noted that the visor could cause slight visual distortions. You need to get used to it. Needless to say, the interiors of this German novelty helmet is quite desirable. The cushions in the inner part of the helmet will give your head a comfortable ride.

It is essential to consider that the interior fabric of this helmet is removable. You can wash it if you feel that it is full of sweat and dirt already. In that way, you can make the helmet less stinky and irritating to the scalp of your head.

Another thing, the locking straps of this item has removable cheek pads. If you want to feel extra comfortable while riding your bike, you should have these pads attached!


  • Integrated with an ergonomic sun visor
  • Can offer decent defense against impacts
  • Provides a myriad of graphic prints for added aesthetics
  • Fabrics and pads are removable and washable
  • The helmet shell is made from specialized polycarbonate


  • Visors causes disruptions in your vision

7. Bell Rogue Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet

German helmets became a thing because of their military-inspired design.

This relic from a war-torn era still lives today because of its appeal, especially among motorcycle riders.

Well, if you really want a German helmet that has a modern military design, you should see the Bell Rogue.

This one is as it tough as it gets. It is engineered with the use of various composite materials.

The result is a lightweight shell that didn’t sacrifice the safety of its users. In fact, this helmet is a DOT-approved gear!There is a muzzle integrated on the body of this helmet. It protects the lower part of your face from being caught by debris and other unwanted elements.

The muzzle is both durable and adjustable at the same time. Moreover, it features the FidLock magnetic system that allows quick its quick connection and removal from the helmet. Aside from protection, this particular component also imbibes the gear with a modern tactical appearance.

The Bell Rogue has been equipped with speaker pockets. The latter gives you the option to put communication devices in the helmet while you are riding. Meanwhile, the genuine leather interior makes the helmet extra comfortable. The leather is washable, too!


  • DOT-approved German motorcycle helmet
  • Comes with a unique tactical-inspired appearance
  • Communication ready; comes with speaker pockets
  • Integrated with a removable muzzle
  • Strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality


  • Limited sizing options

German Motorcycle Helmet: Is It Illegal?

If you are in the United States, the Department of Transportation has already issued policies that dictate that helmets don’t have DOT accreditation are prohibited from being used on the road.

Of course, these rules are not meant to kill your fun. They are there to protect your head from fatal injuries. Any helmet that is not DOT-approved will shatter the moment they are exposed to strong impacts due to collisions.

Now, most of the best German motorcycle helmet in the market today are not DOT-approved. Therefore, you can’t really use them on the road. You still need to wear quality helmets whenever you want to travel. Otherwise, the cops will be in your tail.

However, the fact that these helmets are not DOT-approved does not automatically make them illegal. If that’s the case, they should not be manufactured in the first place.

They become illegal if you use them in a manner that violates various traffic laws. If you just want these helmets for you to look good during roadshows and motorcycle conventions, then there’s no problem in purchasing them.

Fortunately, there are some German motorcycle helmets out there that are DOT-approved. You should consider acquiring them if you really want this particular helmet to become one of your standard riding gears.

A DOT-approved helmet will never violate any law. Therefore, its nature is not illegal at all. 

Tips To Buy A German Helmet

1. Style

These German motorcycle helmets are more of novelty items rather than functional riding gears. Therefore, it is pretty pointless if you are going to seek for their ergonomics.

However, the thing that you can expect from these helmets is their aesthetics and design. Many riders want these German helmets because of that particular reason alone.

These helmets can help them look good and badass on their bikes. When choosing for the helmet, make sure that you take your preferences into account. Some German helmets feature simple yet sleek appearance while others have spikes and other graphic prints.

None of these designs are bad to the eyes. But of course, you need to go to the helmet that really satisfies your aesthetic inclinations.

2. Durability

You can’t expect that novelty helmets possess the right levels of durability that can protect your head from impacts. Unless they are rated with DOT-approval, these helmets will never be as tough as you thought them to be.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that the German military helmet is flimsy. The use of composite materials, fiberglass, or high-grade PVC can still ensure that these helmets are not fragile.

You still need them to be rugged and durable so that your head is not exposed without protection.

3. Comfort

Another thing that these German novelty helmets should offer its users is convenience. Regardless of how cool-looking a helmet is, if it is not comfortable when worn, it is still useless.

You don’t want to flaunt a helmet that causes irritation and discomforts.The presence of padding or cushion on the interior of the helmet is necessary. Furthermore, the internal fabrics should be able to wick off sweat and moisture.

If not, make sure that the fabrics and paddings are removable. In this way, you can wash them separately from the helmet. Letting the sweat sink in can cause skin irritations and a foul odor due to the presence of bacteria.

Bottom Line

The best German motorcycle helmet is a seemingly essential gear for big bike owners. However, the trend right now gives riders the option to provide these stylish motorcycling gears a try.

When worn, these helmets can make you a guaranteed show-stopper. The options that I featured here are among the top choices you have for a novelty German helmet. It would really be great if you can try them first before any of their counterparts.

Trust me. You’ll never regret checking them at all!

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.