7 Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets (All Types)

Motorcycles can make you feel unrestricted. While it is true that four-wheel vehicles have longer mileage than most motorcycles out there, it is still undeniable that these two-wheeled speed demons can still bring an unadulterated form of freedom while travelling. They are suited for long-distance excursions.

But of course, if you want to have a safe and convenient trip with your motorcycle, I recommend that you invest in the best cruiser motorcycle helmet.

Now, let me clarify little things first. You need to get a cruiser helmet when you are cruising. But what is cruising anyway? Well, in contrast to high-octane and full-throttle rides, cruising can be said as a laid back experience. It is enjoyable and relaxing as there’s no need for you to rush at all. You take your time to witness a grandeur of various scenery.

Despite being a serene experience, helmets are still necessary for cruising. Safety is still pivotal, after all. So among all the helmets that I’ve tried, the following helmets are really suited for a fancy time on the road.

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Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets On The Market

In hurry? Here is a quick cruiser helmets comparison chart. All below helmets are FMVSS – 218 Dot Approved.

1. Shoei Solid J-Cruise Touring Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei is considerably one of the best manufacturers of motorcycle helmets nowadays. It already produced a myriad of headgears that can protect every rider, regardless of the type of venture they want to do.

For cruising and touring, their Solid J-Cruise Motorcycle Helmet is definitely an exceptional choice. It has an ergonomic construction that makes it a convenient amenity.

The open-face design ensures maximum visibility while riding. It can be worn effortlessly as well because of its open construction. The CJ-2 eyeshield of this helmet has a proprietary anti-distortion feature. You can get the same peripheral vision even if the shield is on. It is quite different from other helmets that somehow distort your field of view.

Interestingly, there’s an internal sun shield that has been integrated on the helmet. With this component, your eyes are not only protected from the glaring sunlight. You are also shielded against the harmful UV rays. Such a feature is definitely worth taking in.

Of course, ventilation is not a problem for this helmet. There are vents constructed on this item that ensures guaranteed airflow. Furthermore, moisture and sweat are immediately ejected here. The interior has moisture-wicking properties so that you won’t feel swampy and irritated while the helmet is in your head.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, let me highlight that its interior system is removable. Such a feature is significant as it allows you to wash it after a long ride. Isn’t that convenient?


  • Features internal sun shield
  • Guaranteed rugged; DOT-approved helmet
  • Interior system is fully detachable for washing
  • Eyeshield offers a non-distorted view
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • No known issues

2. Shoei Neotec II Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

There’s another Shoei helmet that is suited for cruising. Specifically, that’s the Neotec II.

This helmet has a full construction, which ensures that every part of your head is protected while you are riding on your bike.

It is notably tough and rugged, as highlighted by the combination of the proprietary Multi-Ply Matrix AIM shell and high-grade multi-piece EPS liner.

This setup enabled the helmet to become durable and robust so that it can withstand cracks and dents. It can absorb impacts and shocks as well. The entire shell of this helmet has been tested for aerodynamics. It can ride in high speeds without being too groggy.

Furthermore, it has been integrated with noise-reduction technology. All sound that is caused by the wind is muffled so that you can have a better riding experience. When it comes to fit and size, I can’t find any quirkiness in this unit.

After all, it is available in different sizes. Meanwhile, it owes it guaranteed fit to its micro ratchet padded chin strap with an interlocking mechanism.Just like the J-Cruise helmets, the Neotec features a removable interior.

All the materials are washable so that it will not develop an odor and other irritants over time. For me, it is a crucial feature, considering that it is a cruising helmet. The more you travel, the more your gears are exposed to dirt, sweat, and other elements.

Therefore, they should have a washable feature to keep things clean. Before I forget, this helmet is fully ventilated, despite its seemingly seamless construction. 


  • Includes an internal visor for better eye protection
  • Interlocking chin strap ensures that the helmet won’t wobble
  • The internal system is fully removable and washable
  • Engineered to withstand impacts
  • Lightweight and fully ventilated


  • The internal visor can be obtrusive in the dark; it should be removed

3. Shark RAW Blank Helmet

The aesthetics of this helmet may not suit the taste of every rider out there. However, there’s no denying that for cruising, it can work really work.

The Shark RAW is a full-type helmet. It can clad your head wholly so that the latter can receive the appropriate protection that it needs.

Unlike other helmets, this one is not using the standard internal visor.

Instead, it integrated a pair of goggles with a quick-release mechanism. It gives you the option to drive with or without the eye accessory. Meanwhile, the double-pane front lens of this helmet has a natural defence against fogging.

Even if the weather is cold, wet, or moist, the shield will remain clear and free from any obstructions. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause any visual distortion, which is extremely helpful. The entire helmet is fully aerodynamic. It has the ability to glide on the wind smoothly.

Surprisingly, the interior does not get hot and uncomfortable even during long rides. Aside from being padded, it has sufficient ventilation to keep things cool. The construction of this helmet proves to be reliable.

While it is true that it is not as rugged as other helmets, the shell of this unit can still provide the necessary protection with your head needs. Specifically, the helmet is made from injected thermoplastic resin.

This material offers sufficient durability without compromising its weight and comfort. Additionally, the aerodynamic construction of the helmet makes it an excellent choice for cruising. 


  • Comes with a D-ring closure for a guaranteed secure fit
  • The external front shield is fog and scratch-resistant
  • Aerodynamic shell design for better air gliding
  • Includes dual vents on its top
  • Offers full-face protection from dust and bugs


  • Doesn’t regulate wind-related noise
  • Limited sizing

4. Simpson GBDLC Ghost Bandit

Engineered with motorcycle riders in mind, the Simpson GBDLC Ghost Bandit is definitely one of your top choices when it comes to the best cruiser motorcycle helmet.

The classic yet sleek Bandit make it an appealing option.

Functionality-speaking, this helmet is as ergonomic as it can get. It provides unrivalled levels of comfort to its user. Aside from cruising, it can handle different types of riding. You can take it in touring, high-speed rides, and leisure adventures.

There’s a guarantee that it will not compromise your safety and your style! The proprietary material used on its shell is downright phenomenal. It is not only tough; it is also lightweight. As a result, it will never be a burden on your part even if you wear it for extended periods.

Moreover, it has been tuned with the appropriate aerodynamics so that it can deliver exceptional levels of convenience in your part. As a full face cruiser helmet, it also provides unhampered ventilation. It can keep you cool even if the sun is up. It is a weather-proof helmet that can beat any atmospheric condition.

Perhaps, the best intuitive feature of this item is the presence of an integrated speaker and microphone pockets. With them around, users are allowed to install their preferred communication devices. It is a useful feature, especially for taking emergency calls.

Meanwhile, its drop-down visor ensures that you have enough visual clarity regardless of the external light conditions. One way or another, it is arguable that this is one of the finest helmets that you can use for cruising. 


  • Exceptional durability; built to last long
  • Integrated with speaker and microphone pockets
  • Engineered to be aerodynamic
  • Fully ventilated construction
  • Front eyeshield and internal system are detachable


  • No known issues

5. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet

For those who are looking for a cruiser half helmet, better check out the HJC Solid IS-Cruise Motorcycle Helmet.

This one features a half helmet design that makes it an ideal choice for leisure type of rides. It is not suitable for high-speed applications, though.

However, there’s a guarantee that it is a DOT-approved helmet. It is durable as it has been crafted from an advanced polycarbonate composite material. Such a construction also made it lightweight and easy to wield.

There are no inconveniences that can be felt as well, even used in long-distance rides.The proprietary CAD technology ensures that the helmet offers superior comfort and fit.

Meanwhile, the use of a D-ring nylon strap retention system guarantees that the helmet will stay in your head, regardless of the wind conditions. Take a look at the interior of this gear, and you will see its plush and moisture-wicking liner.

The latter ensures that the helmet will not emit foul smell even if you are sweating. Of course, there is also an anti-bacterial liner that prevents skin irritation.

Certainly, these liners are removable and washable. You will not worry about your field vision when wearing this helmet. It has a sun shield that deploys quickly from a single flip.

The shield has been smoked as well to prevent distortion and glaring. However, keep in mind that the lens is not resistant to fogging, so you might need to apply some treatment to it.

Overall, the texture and feel that this helmet gives to your head is something that you can appreciate. Despite being a half helmet, this one is inarguably ergonomic.


  • Nice color and overall aesthetics
  • Eyeshield is clear and restricts distortion
  • Comfortable and plush-quality internal padding
  • Ventilation is not a question anymore
  • The strap is comfortable and secured


  • ​May wobble at high-speeds, especially if it is not tightly fitted
  • Eyeshield requires little darkening

6. Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Another helmet that is worth bringing in cruising trips is the DLX MIPS by Bell Qualifier.

This one perfectly emulates the style and design of the Star series of the brand, which makes it a true head-turner.

The Qualifier is more than qualified to serve the needs of every rider out there. It has exceptional engineering that ensures durability and ruggedness.

When there are collisions, this gear can protect your head from fatal impacts. This is due to the presence of the MIPS energy management implemented on the helmet.

Just like the Simpson Ghost Bandit, the Bell Qualifier comes with integrated communication ports. However, there is a limit to the type of stereo speakers that can connect to it.

Specifically, it is only the Cardo or Sena devices. Ventilation is not a problem when it comes to helmet because of the proprietary Velocity Flow. The latter is a liner that allows proper airflow to come through. Its aerodynamic is pretty decent due to the removable padded wind collar.

Aside from these features, the face shield of this gear is far from the ordinary. The NutraFog II face shield has anti-fog and anti-scratch features. These are essential features so that the field of vision of riders are not compromised.

Whether it is sunny or raining, the face shield provides to be an optimal view to you. By the way, the cheek pads of the helmet are contoured. It ensures a superior fit and comfort. 


  • ​Photochromic face shield offers scratch and fog resistance
  • Offers innovative ventilation system
  • Comes with an impeccable impact and energy transfer mechanism
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Features integrated communication ports


  • Doesn’t have a noise-reducing feature

7. ScorpionExo Covert Helmet

The aggressive design of the ScorpionExo Covert Helmet is one of the reasons why it is an excellent choice for cruisers out there.

It is sleek enough to ensure that you won’t lose your style whenever you are venturing the road.

But of course, it is guaranteed that this helmet is more than just it looks. It has ergonomics that is worth betting upon, especially if you want to uphold your safety and convenience above else.

The shell of this helmet is made from the advanced LG Polycarbonate. Of course, it is extremely tough and rugged. Strong collisions won’t easily crack or dent it.

After all, this material is exclusively developed by Scorpio. It has been rated to disperse impact. At the same time, the material is not heavy.

Actually, I was surprised that the weight of this helmet could be ignored already. With its half-face design, the helmet keeps things cool and convenient for its users.

Another great feature of this helmet is its retractable sun visor. Compared to other helmets, the visor of the ScorpionExo Covert is tinted. Perhaps, this is the very reason as to why it has the word “covert” on its name.

The tint on the visor ensures that your eyes can quickly adapt to varying light conditions. It prevents straining and disturbances in vision. Aside from the tinted visor, there is a clear visor that comes in the package. You can use it for night cruising.


  • The highly durable and robust polycarbonate shell
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Capable of dispersing impacts
  • Tinted visor negates eye strains
  • Comes with a removable front mask


  • You can’t wear glasses with this one
  • Matte finish is a fingerprint magnet

Guidelines In Choosing The Best Motorcycle Cruiser Helmet

While this topic is already a cliche for some, a lot of riders are still oblivious on how to select the right cruiser helmet for them. The task sounds simple, after all. But in reality, it is quite daunting. It is more than the appearance of the helmet.

And of course, it is not something that you can achieve correctly by a random window shopping. But of course, some people would ask: why bother? Aren’t all helmet the same?

The reason is simple. You wouldn’t want to encounter an accident without the appropriate gear. Cruising on extended road trips is indeed a fine idea. But SHTF situations do come like a strike of lightning. Even the most proficient riders out there are not exempted from it.

In these fatal predicaments, the right helmet can serve the border between life and death. If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Regardless, here are some of the essential factors in choosing a helmet for cruising.

DOT Approval

Allow me to emphasize that the main reason why I recommend helmets is to raise awareness about the importance of safe riding. Therefore, the helmets that I introduce (except for novelty helmets) have DOT certification.

Of course, it is easy to spot if the helmet has this kind of rating. You just need to look on its back and see if there’s a DOT sticker or none.

Specifically, the DOT requirement that these helmets should meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. Among the qualifications under this standard are capabilities to disperse high amounts of energy, penetration resistance, and secured fastening mechanism so that the helmet won’t be removed from your head. 

Secure Fit

A helmet is useless if it doesn’t remain in your head. Regardless of the situation, the helmet should stay securely. The moment it gets out from your head, you are already a vulnerable cruiser.

The retention of the helmet has a lot to do with the construction of the straps and buckles. It is one of the reasons why there’s a need for you to check the design and mechanism of the strap of the helmet. Try a simple test. Wear a helmet and fasten its strap.

After that, try rolling the helmet sideways. If the strap is unmoving, then you have a good helmet. If the opposite happens, find another one. And by the way, the retention has nothing to do with the design of the helmet. It doesn’t really matter if the helmet has a full-face or half-face construction. The strap will still be the one that keeps things stable.

Bottom Line

At this point, I deem that the Shoei Solid J-Cruise is the best motorcycle cruiser helmet that you can get. The helmet fits perfectly to the criteria that I’ve just mentioned in the previous section.

It is incredibly protective and possesses a myriad of ergonomic features that will contribute to your overall satisfaction that you can feel while cruising. You will not encounter fitting problems with it either because it comes with different sizes.

Another notable cruiser helmet that you might want to check is the Simpson GBDLC Ghost Bandit. It has the same capabilities with the Shoei Solid J-Cruise, but with more extra features like the integrated communication ports.

Moreover, it is a good pair for Harley Davidson motorcycles because of its tough and sleek aesthetics. If you have a Harley, you might want to get this helmet. Of course, all the helmets that I featured here are great for cruising. You just have to check them out one by one so that you can determine which suits your requirements and preferences.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

I have been riding on two wheels on and off the road for +20 years. Having access to 100's of brands of helmets, gear, and bikes - you could say that I have the dream job of a motorcycle junkie.