Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets: Comparison And Reviews [2022]

Riding a motorcycle can be fun when there is no traffic. However, it can also get dangerous once the road starts to get bumpier and more narrow. Therefore, you will need a motorcycle helmet that garners top-tier protection and superior connectivity.

With so many options to choose from, picking one may be hard at first.

But don’t feel overwhelmed because we will feature 10 of the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets to enhance your rider experience. 

10 Best Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth

1. Momentum Sena EVO Smart Motorcycle Helmet 

Sena Full Face Momentum Lite Full Face Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Full Face

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 6.3lbs

Sun-Visor: Pinlock Ready 

Interior: Quick Dry Liner

If a sleek helmet design and black matte finish are your cups of tea, you should go for the Momentum EVO Motorcycle Smart Helmet. [Read the Full Review here.]

Breathability will be the least of your concerns because of its highly efficient 3-way ventilation system, a feature that provides enough breeze and fresh air on each side of your head.

The Momentum EVO Bluetooth helmet also contains Pinlock, a set of anti-fog lenses that prevents fog buildup and maintains top-tier vision on the road.

If you want to keep your eyes protected against the sunlight and smoke, the motorcycle helmet is compatible with a UV-resistant visor and smoke shield.

What separates the Bluetooth-powered helmet from other bike helmets is its Mesh Intercom Technology.

With the push of a button, you can activate Open Mesh, which lets you talk to as many riders as you want, so as long as they are within one mile.

If you want to limit the capacity, you can always opt for a Group Mesh to chat away with a maximum of 24 riders at a 5-mile distance. 


  • Superior 3-way ventilation system
  • Anti-fog lenses improve visibility on the road
  • Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant visor protects your face
  • Mesh Intercom Technology improves communication


  • 6.3-pound weight may be too heavy for some

2. TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth 

Torc TB27 Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Modular

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 5.15lbs

Sun-Visor: Integrated Drop Down

Interior: Cloth

Torc makes another appearance on the list of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets with its T27B1FBK TB27 model. What does it offer to the table?

For one, you get the usual features most motorcycle helmets offer, such as a DOT-certified shell, anti-fog, and anti-scratch shield.

However, unlike its bulkier counterparts, the Torc Bluetooth modular helmet is 20 percent lighter.

With the help of EPS technology, you still get to enjoy the same protection most heavier helmets provide.

Are you worried that it won’t fit your head? Well, there’s no need to fear because it employs an oval head shape, making it compatible with most riders’ heads and faces.

A new and improved Bluetooth 2.0 system allows you to connect your motorcycle helmet to your Android and iOS devices.

The Bluetooth technology, along with noise-canceling headphones, built-in speakers, and a Digital Signal Processors (DSP) filter, expect top-notch audio over the course of your bike ride. [Read the Full Review here.]


  • ​Durable shell (DOT-certified)
  • Lightweight size (5.15 pounds)
  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch shield enhances visibilityBluetooth 2.0 technology provides crisp audio


  • ​​None we could find

3. Sena Outrush Modular Smart Motorcycle Helmet 

Sena Outrush Modular Smart Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet Style: Modular

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 3.8lbs

Sun-Visor: Retractable Sun visor

Interior: Removable/Washable

Sena continues to dominate the list of motorcycle helmets with the Outrush Modular Smart Helmet unit. Indeed, its awesome features and cool functions prove why Sena is a major player in the bike industry.

Putting on the Bluetooth helmet won’t be a problem because of its hassle-free quick-release ratchet strap system.

The strap system, EPS liner, and a DOT-approved ABS shell give your helmet a tight grip for your head. [R]

Similar to most Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, top-tier audio is the Outrush’s calling card.

Besides the usual Bluetooth 3.0 system, the Sena helmet unit comes with Advanced Noise Control technology, which reduces any bit of outside noise coming from intercom transmission.

Therefore, you get to enjoy crisp and great quality audio when listening to music, following the GPS instructions, or simply having conversations with other riders.

Speaking of conversations, you get to enjoy up to 15 hours of talk time. So if you want to fight boredom or talk about life in general, you may want to take advantage of the allotted chatting time. 


  • Durable exterior (DOT-approved ABS shell)
  • Easy-to-wear strap system
  • Adjustable Advanced Noise Control technology


  • It only comes in black or white colors

4. TORC T15B Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Torc T15B Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Full Face

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 5.15lbs

Sun-Visor: Built on Drop Down Visor

Interior: Cool Max Padding

Feast your eyes on the TORC T15B motorcycle helmet. “Why is it the best?” you may ask. Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of a helmet: Comfort!

A built-in spoiler prevents wind buffeting from taking place, so it ensures you and other riders that the helmet won’t get blown away.

You also won’t have to worry about zero visibility on the road thanks to its scratch-resistant and fog-free face shield.

The race-inspired style helmet design also comes with an additional drop-down sun visor, which shields your eyes from the bright UV rays. [R]

It’s time to focus our attention on the more advanced Bluetooth features.

Communication won’t be a problem because it features 24 hours of talk time, 600 hours of standby time, and a built-in wind noise microphone for crisp sound quality. [Read the Full Review here.]

Both the Bluetooth system and its one-tap technology make all these possible, meaning you won’t need to pull out your phone if you need to attend an emergency call. 


  • Spoiler protects your helmet from wind buffeting
  • Sun visor protects the eyes from dangerous UV rays
  • Bluetooth technology enables non-stop talk time
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • None that we could find

5. Sena SAVAGE Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Sena SAVAGE Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet Style: 3/4 Shell

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 4.29lbs

Sun-Visor: NA

Interior: Cloth

Indeed, the product name speaks for itself. If you want to look like a savage on the road, you will need to get your hands on this particular helmet unit from Sena.

To get things started, it is one of the first half-face helmets that employs the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology, one of the best systems Bluetooth offers.

Indeed, you get maximum connectivity for your devices, which allows you to enjoy music and pay close attention to the GPS instructions from Waze or Siri.

Intercom communication is one of the more sought out features most riders will enjoy. [R] You have the ability to chat with up to 4 riders so as long as you maintain a distance of one mile.

Since we mentioned talking, the Sena Bluetooth motorcycle helmet offers up to 11 hours of talk time. You may call us crazy, but you might enjoy the traffic if you get to talk with your friends for that long.

Keeping the helmet secure on your face will be the least of your concerns because of its D-ring retention system and an additional chin strap. 


  • Bluetooth 4.1 provides excellent connectivity
  • Superior intercom communication Maximum talk time (up to 11 hours)
  • Chin strap keeps the helmet snug on your head


  • Half-face helmet design only
  • Visors and microfiber liner are sold separately

6. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Full Face

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 4.95lbs

Sun-Visor: Integrated Drop Down

Interior: Quick Dry Cloth

Coming in at the number 6 spot, we have the Torch T14B Integrated Mako Bluetooth helmet.

One unique feature that gives other Bluetooth helmets a run for their money is the Smooth Lock drop-down sun visor system.

This gives you an easier time putting on the sun visor because it won’t fall out of place over the course of your trip.

Moreover, the Torc helmet won’t compromise your vision because the face shield prevents the passage of dirt, dust, and other harmful particles on your face. [R]

Do you still need more convincing? The inner liner is removable and can be washed with soap. Therefore, you still get that “brand new” feel even though you have worn it multiple times.

A high-tech Bluetooth Integrated System delivers the best riding experience when it comes to answering phone calls and listening to your favorite music.

What makes this helmet enticing is the person calling you won’t have to deal with choppy wind noise in the background. You can thank the built-in anti-noise microphone for that. [Read the Full Review here.]


  • Easy-to-wear sun visor
  • Face shield ensures maximum protection
  • Easy maintenance; removable and washable liner
  • Top-tier Integrated Bluetooth System


  • It only comes in mostly black colors

7. Sena CAVALRY Bluetooth Half Helmet

Sena CAVALRY Bluetooth Half Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Style: Half Shell

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 3.75lbs

Sun-Visor: NA

Interior: Cloth

As the price suggests, it is no secret that this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet from Sena emerges as the best budget choice among the other motorcycle helmets.

Durability is the name of the game with its composite fiberglass shell. Moreover, the Sena motorcycle helmet satisfies the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. [R]

Still not persuaded to buy it yet? Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides the half-face helmet an intercom range of 900 meters or 0.5 miles. [R] Wireless communication has never been this easy, don’t you think?

If you need to stay focused on the road to avoid any accidents, the Advanced Noise Control, Wind Noise Reduction, and Wide Volume Control let you adjust the volume of the audio coming out of the helmet.

Unfortunately, the only downside to the Sena motorcycle helmet is it’s not a full-face helmet.

The half-face style may give your face breathing room, but in comparison with the other full-face products, it does not give you ample protection against the sun’s UV rays. [Read the Full Review here.]


  • Durable fiberglass shell
  • Acceptable communication range (900 meters)
  • Adjustable audio settings
  • Affordable price point


  • It only comes in black

8. FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmet

Helmet Style: Full Face

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 3.9lbs

Sun-Visor: Integrated Drop Down

Interior: Cloth Quick Dry Liner

If you’re running on a tight budget, you may want to try out the FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmet.

For starters, you get a sleek matte black finish that gives the full-face helmet a good-looking design most motorcycle riders will enjoy riding.

With the help of a three-dimensional ventilation system, expect maximum airflow and breathability over the course of your road trips. [R] Basically, you still get to enjoy the fresh air of the outside world.

Sound quality is another integral part and strong suit of the FreedConn Bluetooth helmet.

Both an echo cancellation and noise suppression technology enable you to listen to your music, chat with friends over the phone, or use the GPS navigation system without any glitches whatsoever.

Unlike other Bluetooth helmet products, the FreedConn BM12 comes with additional accessories such as a helmet bag, gloves, and a usual manual.

Indeed, the helmet’s features, along with the other items, should be enough to convince you that this product gives you the best value for money. 


  • Superior ventilation system
  • Convenient hands-free Bluetooth technology
  • Noise suppression offers high-quality audio for your music
  • Additional items enhance the riders’ bike experience


  • You need to buy your own adapter for the USB cable

9. BM22 Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet with Dual Visors

BM22 Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet with Dual Visors

Helmet Style: Full Face

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 4.0lbs

Sun-Visor: NA

Interior: Cloth Quick Dry Liner

Let’s move along to the next motorcycle helmet, the FreedConn BM22. It holds its own among the other featured Bluetooth helmets with its wide array of features and qualities.

One of which is the one-touch control feature, which allows you to answer and reject phone calls without pulling out your smartphone.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your phone slipping from your hands and getting lost in the middle of the road.

Another cool feature of the FreedConn Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is its lightweight size of 4 pounds, which reduces neck pressure and back strain a rider may experience.

Other bulkier helmets can’t relate, can they?

In terms of materials, it combines a fiberglass shell and Extender PolyStyrene (EPS) foam to guarantee comfort and durability over the course of your motorcycle ride. [R]

Rounding up the features is a D-ring strap, a vital part that maintains stability for your helmet once you reach the extreme parts of the ride.


  • Lightweight composition (4 pounds)
  • Hassle-free one-touch feature
  • Durable shell and D-ring strap
  • Comfortable EPS foam


  • Long charging time (3 hours)

10. HJC i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet With Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset

HJC i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet With Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset Davan MC5SF Large

Helmet Style: Modular

Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell

Weight: 3.75lbs

Sun-Visor: Integrated Drop Down

Interior: Cloth Quick Dry Liner

Next up, we have the HJC i90 Modular motorcycle helmet. “What exactly does this product have to offer?” you may ask.

When going on a motorcycle ride, every rider must prioritize eye protection. The dark black smoke SunShield provides just that by shielding your eyes from those dangerous rays.

The best part is that it does not compromise your vision because you still get to see the road clearly. [R]

It is also one of the more lightweight models on the list, weighing only 3.75 pounds. As a rider, there is no way you can pass up on a helmet that provides maximum comfort for your head.

Now let’s head to the main feature, the Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset. You heard that right. Sena has collaborated with HJC to give riders the best audio quality while on the road.

In short, you can enjoy listening to music and receiving GPS instructions from any smartphone app, thanks in large part to a Bluetooth 3.0 system and Sena technology. 


  • SunShield visor shields the eyes
  • Lightweight size
  • Excellent Bluetooth system enhances audio 


  • Expensive price tag

What Is a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Simply put, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet still does all the responsibilities a regular helmet would do.

However, because it features Bluetooth technology, this type of helmet serves as an avenue for communication with drivers, riders, and other people involved.

It does not matter if your outside surroundings produce a lot of wind or background noise.

As you can see in all of the helmets we discussed, Bluetooth caters to each bike rider with its superior audio quality.

Usually, customers buy wireless headphones and other related devices that incorporate Bluetooth technology.

Therefore, it may come as a surprise to many that these motorcycle helmets apply such technological advancements.

But hey, our world is constantly evolving and life continues giving us unexpected inventions. That being said, it was only a matter of time before Bluetooth helmets finally made their debut in our area.

Why Should You Buy a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

So why exactly should you pick a helmet powered by Bluetooth technology over the more traditional bike helmet?

Is it worth paying a little bit more when all you really need is protection for your head? In all honestly, these helmets are more than just cool add-ons for your motorcycle rides.

These reasons and advantages will show you why going for the more advanced Bluetooth helmets will benefit you in the long run.

Convinient GPS Navigation

For car drivers, navigating the way won’t be difficult even if the winds begin to pick up. Some cars even have built-in GPS maps in their interfaces, thus making life easier for car users.

The same cannot be said for motorcycle riders because the wind and other background noises will give them a more difficult time navigating the road.

Even if you have a GPS on your phone, you may have trouble hearing the instructions.

The best Bluetooth helmets allow you to receive the necessary instructions directly to your ears. You won’t have to pull out your phone every now and then just to check your current location.

You also don’t need to pull over or ask for directions from neighbors or traffic enforcers.

Hands-Free Communication

The worst nightmare of most motorcycle users is getting into road accidents, resulting in damage and injuries.

Do you want to know why a lot of mishaps happen in the middle of the highway? To be quite frank, most drivers keep their eyes glued to their phones while driving their motorcycles. [R]

Even though it is against the law to look at our phones while driving, we sometimes catch ourselves not focusing on the road.

As seen in most of our product reviews, you can pair up your mobile device with the Bluetooth helmet, thus allowing you to keep tabs on your upcoming calls.

These keep your hands free and eyes focused on other vehicles and road signs that may come your way.

Music to Your Ears (No Pun Intended)

Indeed, no road trip is complete without some music. Heck, life as a whole can get boring if our favorite songs never existed.

If you are old-school, you can opt for the traditional handle bar radio. However, you won’t be able to hear well, plus you have no control of what songs will come next on air.

That won’t be the case with your Bluetooth helmet. One of the reasons this is such is because it has built-in Bluetooth speakers, so expect both the treble and bass to be overpowering.

Just connect your iPod, iPhone, or Android device to your Bluetooth-powered helmet so that vibe to all your Spotify playlist.

Indeed, you can listen to all the K-Pop you want while braving the traffic jam. Make sure not to sing too loud if you don’t want to annoy other motorists.

Interaction With Other Riders

This advantage suits well to those who travel in large packs. Are you planning a road trip with family or close acquaintances?

If yes is your answer, you may want to purchase a motorcycle helmet not only for yourself but for everyone else.

Remember when walkie-talkies were popular back in the early 2000s? [R] Think of your Bluetooth motorcycle helmets as such.

How is this possible? A two-line communication design allows you to talk on your built-in microphone so that nearby riders will hear you clearly.

Do you know what that means? None of you won’t need to pull out your phones if you need to coordinate with one another.

As far as range is concerned, that may vary among helmets. Some Bluetooth helmets are capable of long-distance conversations, while others are not.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Selecting a motorcycle helmet is no easy task, let alone a Bluetooth one. Fortunately, this part of the article acts as a buyer’s guide that should help weigh the pros and cons of each helmet.

Make sure to go through all the categories as thoroughly as possible so that you bring yourself one step closer to buying the best Bluetooth helmet.


Of course, you don’t want your head to feel trapped inside your helmet. Therefore, we highly advise you to go for a design that gives you enough space and ventilation.

Remember, motorcycle rides can go for about 30 minutes to 12 hours, depending on your destination. So purchase a helmet design that is comfortable and easy-to-wear.

Shell Type

You may need to do some extra research on the different shell types each Bluetooth motorcycle helmet uses.

The fiberglass helmet, carbon fiber shell, and composite helmets that use organic fiber are examples of shell types that excel the most. [R]

All three materials possess strong resistance against cracks and abrasion. The choice is still yours regarding which shell you want to for, but do know that you are in good hands with these materials.

Price Point

While we want you to go for the one with optimal features, you need to keep in mind your budget and the affordability of such products.

At the of the day, coming up with a set budget will help you narrow down your choices when it’s time to choose a helmet.

Also, take note that the more expensive products do not necessarily equate to better overall quality. It pays to read the customer reviews so that you know what you are getting with each product.

Extra Features

While these may not be a big deal for some, it wouldn’t hurt to buy motorcycle helmets that possess additional features.

For example, if you happen to be a YouTube vlogger, you may want to invest in a helmet that features an action camera. Doing so will help you take a photo or timelapse of your entire road trip.

Besides the built-in camera, here is a list of extra features that should more than help you in your motorcycle journey.

  • Stainless steel dual D-rings
  • Washable padding/liner
  • Removable padding/liner
  • Retractable sun visor
  • Helmet backpack


We hope you enjoyed our reviews and discussions on some of the top-tier Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that are currently available.

May you select the one that satisfies your needs, fits your budget, and gives you a fantastic time on the road. 

For more questions, inquiries, and information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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