Bell Recon Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bell Recon Motorcycle Helmet Review

Helmet Type: Half-helmet, Open face 

Shell: 3 Shell/EPS

Weight: 3.7 pounds/ 1.67 kilograms

Ear Covers: Included, Removable Peltor Ear Covers – Built in Speaker Pockets

Certification: DOT Approved

Warranty: 5 Years

Bell Recon Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review—A Stylish Solution for Your Motorcycle Needs

What do you look for in an open-face helmet? When it comes to the Bell Recon, it makes all the right noises – from a comfortable fit to a great appearance. While the sun visor is not included, you do have ear covers to help you ride more – even in windy conditions – comfortably. 

In this Bell Recon Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review, you’ll learn about the clean and practical helmet by Bell. The design—inspired by our troops in the armed forces—is eye-catching yet minimalist. In this review, I’ll tell you about its benefits and specifications in detail. So, hopefully, you’ll be equipped with all the necessary information once you finish reading it.

Reasons to Love the Bell Recon Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The intent of wearing a helmet is to cover and protect your head when riding a two-wheeler. This helmet takes styling cues from our troops, so it is a tough piece of headgear. Its benefits are enlisted below.

Super Chic Appearance

If you aren’t a fan of Open-Face helmets, the Bell Recon helmet is sure to change your perspective. The sleek matte exterior gives the lid a raw look. The moment you put this helmet on, you’ll feel badass (more than usual). If you look at the camo Matte gray version, it’ll blow your mind! 

No other Open-Face helmet comes near this marvel by Bell. Sure, there are hundreds of options in the market and some of them are good, but you can’t deny they make you look like a mushroom. And I don’t know about you but that’s not the look I go for when buying a helmet. So, the Recon comes to the rescue letting you look great while cruising on your motorcycle. 

Noise Protection

The Bell Recon Helmet comes with removable Peltor ear covers to protect you from hearing loss. The ear covers serve their purpose and reduce the noise significantly. With the flaps fastened you can ride safely without worrying about disturbance or wind. This minimalist half lid is great is you love traveling in style and not compromise your hearing.


You’ve read the benefits now let’s talk about the features this helmet has in store for you.

  • Helmet Type: Half-helmet, Open face 
  • Shell: 3 Shell/EPS
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds/ 1.67 kilograms
  • Sun-Visor: Not included
  • Ear Covers: Included, Removable Peltor ear covers 
  • Certification: DOT Approved
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Other Features: Washable interior, Built-in speaker pockets, Plastic goggle strap holder

Is it worth the Investment?

Remember, you’re buying an open-face half-helmet here. You can’t compare it with the full-face alternatives. Personally, the looks, strength, and durability are enough to convince bikers to purchase this good-looking helmet. Nevertheless, there are more important factors that must not be overlooked like a shield and the fit. To help you decide, I have prepared a list including the good and concerning aspects of the helmet.


  • Comfortable and Washable Interior

The Bell Recon helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets in the market right now. The inner liner is extremely soft and allows the helmet to fit snugly on your head. Besides being comfortable, the liner in this helmet is anti-bacterial too. Also, you can simply remove the liner and wash it whenever you want as the material is 100% washable. So, with the Bell Recon helmet, you can say goodbye to smelly liners. The removable liner is not a common sighting in half-face helmets but this helmet by Bell is an exception. 

  • Removable Ear Covers

The minimalist helmet has removable ear covers that are easy to attach and remove. They block out wind noise significantly. Based on the weather you can choose if you want to keep them on or ditch the ear covers if it gets hot. But they are great during winters to keep your ears covered keeping you a little warmer. Also, the helmet comes with a plastic goggle strap holder.

  • Visually Appealing 

For this helmet, Bell took styling tips from our brothers and sisters in the armed forces. The half-helmet looks badass and is almost like the ones worn by the military troops. The only difference is you get to pick from three different colors–Asphalt Matte Black, Asphalt Matte Olive, and Camo Matte Gray. Without a doubt, they are all very attractive but if you want to take things a step further, you can always customize the helmet to suit your style.


  • No Dropdown Inner Screen

Perhaps the biggest drawback (in my opinion) is the absence of a dropdown shield. Granted that it is an “open-face” helmet you should not expect it to protect your eyes from dust or dirt. If that is your primary requirement then this helmet may not be the best fit. With this helmet, you don’t get an attached sun-visor (tinted or clear) which may make riding your vehicle a bit difficult. It compromises your vision in case any foreign particle enters your eye. This may cause major accidents if you are not careful. You get an extended field of vision no doubt, but it is better to get a helmet with a shield to cover your eyes. 

The Bottomline

The Bell Recon Open-Face Motorcycle helmet is a force to be reckoned with and is a good choice if you want an open-face half helmet. It is minimalist but badass just like our friends in the armed forces from whom Bell drew the inspiration for this helmet. Unlike its competitors, the Bell Recon helmet fits a little lower on the head saving you from that mushroom look. With the removable ear covers and interior, you get a helmet suitable for everyday use. 

If you need a low-profile helmet to cover your head while on your motorcycle, then the Bell Recon Open-Face Motorcycle helmet is what you want.

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