Bell Moto-3 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bell Moto-3 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Brand: Bell Helmets


Lightweight Fiberglass shell

DOT certification

Bell Moto3 Vintage Style Motorcycle Helmet

Throwback models are often designed by companies in order to bring back some outdated designs. Keeping in mind the construction, helmets have come a long way since the 1970s and, they have also been modified to ensure more protection since. But this is different in case of the Bell Moto 3. The iconic 1970 helmet has earned itself a re-release and has people from all over the world raving about it. It has not only showcased improvements in the design sector but also in the safety enhancement categories. The graphics of this vintage beauty, although it is simple but is striking.

Using the same colour scheme of wood panels on black backgrounds make this helmet equally as impressive as it’s an older edition. The fibreglass composite shell is made of a trio-composed material meaning is very strong but is very lightweight. The build of this helmet is a proper 21st century like. 

The aperture of this helmet is quite wide, allowing the rider to support his motor-cross style goggles providing immaculate aerodynamics. The helmet comes with a duckbill peak, which is impressively sturdy even at excessive speeds. On the inside, there is a plush lining; adding to the comfort is not a common feature in most helmets. 

The cheek pads are removable, and is a plus point when it comes to washing. With the double D-ring fastening system ensures all-round protection and front grill like openings allowing smooth ventilation, these helmets can or are used for serious races or tracks as well.

Benefits of the Bell Moto 3

Wondering what you would like about the Bell Moto 3? Let’s take a look. 

  • Lightweight Fiberglass shell- 

While made of a lightweight fibreglass shell, and weighs less than almost three pounds, the 21st-century craft advancements in modelling, mould, layup techniques make the new age edition to be progressively safer than its forebear. The security that this model ensures that the user is commendable. With three shells and three Eps sizes, this retro vintage helmet is surely winning hearts.

  • Removable interior- 

With the option for removing the interior cheek pads, this helmet gains a point in remaining clean. It helps in making the inside antibacterial as the terry cloth or the micro suede material, which it is made with, is washable.

  • Safety– 

The Bell Moto 3 is not only DOT-certified but also ECE tested and certified meaning that qualifies the test of the mandatory requirement of safety standards.

  • Ventilation– 

Given the fact that the Bell Moto 3 does not have the facility of crown vents, to balance that, the main route, which is the gaping right in front supports massive ventilation. It is the main chamber of ventilation. It is also followed by chin ventilating slots.

  • EPS lined chinbar- 

This design not only looks very appealing but lives up to its hype as it is constructed with an EPS lined chinbar, provides absolute comfort to the user throughout this journey. The ultra-plush liner is so soft that it provides comfort and also helps to keep the rider’s head intact. 

The microfiber interior dries up the sweat swiftly, and they also comprise of cut-outs for com or speakers.

  • Secure five snap visor- 

The peak of this helmet is attached to its shell exterior above with five stud snaps meaning that it prevents flapping around and keeps it in place, added it could be easily detached. They although might look very brittle but are made for absolute endurance.

  • Noise levels- 

The noise level in a Bell Moto 3 is actually surprisingly quiet keeping in consideration the amount of air that flows in the helmet.

  • Sizing– 

The all-around fit of this helmet is categorically a medium oval. The materials used for manufacturing this helmet are the ones that don’t lose their stretch even after long usage. Hence, they ensure safety by keeping your head intact in place.

  • Adequate place for goggles- 

The space of the Bell Moto 3 being huge, serves as an easy accommodation place for any vintage or retro-designed goggle. But, one problem that might intervene is that there is a shortage of the clip to attach the goggle at the back.

  • DOT approved

This iconic piece is DOT approved, meeting the generic standard for helmets and qualifies for FMVSS 218 standards.

Some other important factors:

Although this helmet is well acclaimed for having vents on the chinbar, there are no vents for the scalp. This comes as a drawback in races or long rides as the rider will feel hot as he or she will be deprived of airflow on the scalp.

Secondly, the vintage visor starts to pull air above 60 mph, and after 85, it pulls to such an extent that your vision may be blurry.

Features of the helmet:

  • A full-face helmet, offering optimal protection. 
  • Has a lightweight fibreglass shell which is made with trio composed materials
  • The inner lining is made up of terrycloth, which is removable hence, making the interior antibacterial 
  • There is sufficient place for adding goggles 
  • The chinbar is EPS lined, ensuring adequate ventilation and also keeping the head safe and intact.
  • Has a five snap visor, which is detachable for improved flexibility. 
  • The helmet is DOT approved

 Final verdict:

 Although the price at which this quality piece is marketed isn’t cheap, the history and overall looks it comes with are unmatched. Bell is universally acclaimed for producing high-quality helmets. The Bell moto3 is making a quick return in the vintage helmet market and is a hint that it does not belong to the history books. And it obviously lives up to its hype with this one.

Apart from its mesmerising exterior, the safety and comfort it manages to provide are comprehensive.

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